By Huda Heidi Kattan

Here’s the deal with translucent powder as well as concealer, it has ingredients that make it reflect light SUPER well! So when the lights start to flash,  you end up looking like your cheeks, nose (in Nicole Kidman’s case), and any other area is glowing! It says “look at me”, but definitely not in a good way you! The best thing to do to make sure this makeup blunder does NOT happen to you is to mix your translucent powder with your face powder before applying it. If you feel worried it might show and you know you will be taking photos, try taking one or two at home with your flash settings on! Also, keep in mind tilting your face upwards always seems to show concealer even when it’s not obvious (case in point: Natalie Portman), so try to tilt your face down slightly and pose your butt off!


image credits
zimbio, huffpo