By Huda Heidi Kattan

I had really great question today on my formspring (which I am trying to get through right now) about split ends. I hate them more than anyone, but unfortunately they are the ugly truth of neglect and styling over time. Nothing is less attractive than a hair that is split 15+ times (believe me, I’ve seen it all), but there are ways to improve your hair quality as well as lessen the chances of split ends! Of course there is the obvious 8 week trim, but another great way to stop split ends actually starts with your bedding! Silk sheets and pillow covers are much more gentle on your hair than regular cotton sheets, so making the switch can do wonders on your hair. I actually had my own pillow sheets made! Just buy some pure silk fabric and head to your favorite tailor (or if you have an awesome grandma who loves to sew) and create your own 100% silk pillow sheet. You will definitely see the difference over time on your hair!



image credits ladyzona