Bio Oil vs. Cocoa Butter, Which One Really Battles Stretch Marks?

Fri, 6 May 2011

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I wish I was one of those people who had amazing skin that no matter how far you pulled it, it just didn’t stretch or leave marks as a result of expansion–yeah, I am sooo not that person! Luckily, I have had a ton of experience with growing too fast (I been nearly the same height since I was 12), that now that I am getting pretty huge from my pregnancy, I am able to really figure out what works and doesn’t work for stretch marks. The things I have found that really helped me significantly have been Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, but which one really does the trick? I mean, one has to be better than the other in the grand scheme of things. While everyone might have a different experience, after giving everything a good chance and being SUUUUPER pickey, here is what I have experienced:

Bio Oil: I found that using Bio Oil every single day at least 2-3 times per day starting at my 3rd month till about now has left me virtually stretch mark free. I also found that when I used it in areas where stretch marks looked they were beginning to form, they almost completely went away–pretty amazing! I also found that my skin looked more even-toned wherever I used the Bio Oil, and it really didn’t give me any breakouts, which is awesome because I always break out! I also liked that the smell was very soft, clean and kind of pretty! Only downfall is the price! When you are pregnant, you go through bottles of this like it’s water! I think I go through about 1 bottle every 2 weeks (I apply it super generously) and at almost $30 a bottle that really adds up throughout your pregnancy, especially when you can’t do without it! Also, it’s kind of hard to find! If you are in Dubai, it is only available at Boots Pharmacies and if you are the states it’s very hard to find! Best place is online! Although in the UK, Boots pharmacies are EVERYWHERE (which I LOVE)!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: Here’s the deal with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, it’s rich and seriously helps keep your skin hydrated so it does aid in the prevention of stretch marks, buuut it also can cause sensitive skin (like mine) to break out! Which if you break out in areas like your chest, that really sucks because it scars super easy there–total bummer! I do like the scent of cocoa butter in general, but Palmer’s is a bit on the natural side, and has ingredients like collagen and elastin which makes is good for your skin. As much as it did help in areas where I did want it to prevent stretch marks, I found it didn’t really help erase newly forming stretch marks, which did make it kind of difficult with dealing with new ones that might form in areas you wouldn’t expect when pregnant or when losing/gaining weight, etc. However, the price tag on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is much better! At around $10 for a good sized bottle, you can apply this generously every night keeping your skin hydrated extremely well.

So what’s the verdict? In my opinion after seeing how much my skin became beautifully one toned and how it helped get rid of new stretch marks, Bio Oil is kind of my hero! I really do love it and I am pretty sure I will use this after my pregnancy as well! I will say, I was using Strivectin for a short time and I noticed it actually seemed to really help with old stretch marks as well. I normally just tanned to make them look invisible, but I found using my derma-roller and Strivectin was amazing together! I wouldn’t recommend using Strivectin if you’re pregnant. It has really strong ingredients that I would leave till after you are done with the pregnancy and breast feeding!

Although this post might seem like it’s geared toward pregnant women, it’s for everyone! Believe me, everyone get’s stretch marks at some time if they are not careful with their skin! You’d be shocked to think that some of the women who contact me get stretch marks, but we all do!! It’s a natural fact! Take care of your skin and this will never be your issue! I hope this helps!! :)


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51 Responses to Bio Oil vs. Cocoa Butter, Which One Really Battles Stretch Marks?

  1. Maryam

    does Strivectin and the derma roller help in removing old stretch marks on the buttocks?

    • Hi darling! I found it helps, but it really does take patience and discipline with all stretch marks, especially old ones! They didn’t go away completely, but they did get better!

  2. 2 Shaikha

    I used Palmer while I was pregnant but didnot helped in preventing strechmark,,

    About the bio oil I like it and it helped alot in improving my old strechmark :)

  3. 3 sarah

    Now there is something called cold laser treatment that is working miracles on stretch marks. It is pricey and you may have to go for a few visits but i have seen the results in person and they are MIRACULOUS. you can barely see anything once treatment is completed.

    • 4 aysha

      where can I find the best cold laser treatment? plz help

    • 5 Noshida

      Hi, can u please tell me where I can get this cold laser treatment done?

  4. 6 roorz

    i have stretch marks on my upper arm its really embarrassing :(
    do u think bio-oil will work?

  5. 7 Nouf

    What do you think of Mederma? Have you tried that too?

  6. 8 Desiree

    Hi HUda,

    How far along are you and how long into the pregnancy have you been using Bio oil? Lasers seem pricey and I always prefer the non invasive stuff first if that can help. I’ve got the ass of a zebra after I had my son and it’s been 8 yrs already and those stretch marks have seemed to combine to become thicker strips instead of fine lines.

  7. 9 vuska

    i have tried clarins stretch mark cream during my pregnancy, it did help a lot as well

  8. 10 karen

    I have 2 kids and i used Palmers cocoa butter combined with almond oil for both of my pregnancy and i’m stretch marks free. I know almond oil is very good at preventing stretch marks and making your skin more elastic. I used to put it twice a day, generally after the shower,leaving the skin a little wet before applying it. Huda, you should try it,it works wonders! great post and i love you blogging about your pregnancy. LUV you!

  9. 11 Patima

    Love the Bio oil!!! I use it all the time and it really helps!!! Huda , Love your Blog.Keep up–you are the best!!!xoxox

  10. How is Bio Oil on old stretch marks? I’ve got some Bio Oil that I use on acne scars but I rarely put it on my stretch marks. I’ve heard it only works on fresh stretch marks and some of mine go back to when I was going through puberty.

  11. 13 Kathleen

    I’m pretty sure I saw an equate version of bio oil at walmart which is about half the price. Not sure of the quality, but could be worth a try.

  12. Verryyyyyyy useful!!!! Thanks alotttttt!!
    I have been using palmers cocoa butter and I agree, its great for prevention since it hydrates pretty well, but the old strechmarks are still there with no change
    However, I will be trying bio oil, I hope it works for me

  13. Bio oil really rocks when it comes to treat stretch marks. They penetrate deep inside skin and keep it hydrated and at the same time forms a protecting layer on the skin. It certainly works.

  14. Um, I think it all depends. .Palmer’s cocoa butter, almond oil, bio oil, clarins stretch mark cream, virgin stretch mark cream. .They are all good. .They don’t work for every skin. .One may work for you and the other not. .You just need to keep tryin’. .Check out for more info on this stuff. .

  15. 17

    Does Bio oil work on old stretch marks on thighs and buttocks? I have had these since puberty

    • 18 hudabeauty

      Honestly, not really! Bio Oil works best on new scars and stretch marks. For older stretch marks, try the derma roller I did actually notice slight differences from using that! It made them pink again, which meant I was able to treat them with products that fight stretch marks. Bio Oil works best to prevent them, so I wouldn’t use it once you already have them. For that I would recommend Mama Mio Good Bye Stretch Marks or Strivectin

  16. 19 Helen

    well Im arabic and soon going to get married and I have stretch marks on my chest and upper arms and thighs and lower legs and my back,etc so on they are so embarrassing I know you don’t want to know where I have them but I need help…… Some her like faded white or something and others are pink.. so does bio-oil really work will it work for me.????

  17. About the Bio-Oil, I have been using it for about 3 years now, and I always get it from Wal-Greens. They also have their store brand of Bio-Oil and the ingredients are identical. Also, my stretchmarks had turned white, and there is nothing you can do, short of surgery to get rid of them, no minimize their appearance. But it does even the skin tone around the stretch marks, and old scars.

  18. 21 vanessa kabaso

    i dont know realy .trying to find out ,coz am realy desparant to know which one works well

  19. 22 grace

    I’m 13 and have had stretch marks for a year, they are whitish-pinkish-brownish. Will bio-oil get rid of these cus they’re not that old?

  20. how do I have to useBio Oil in pregnancy… on wet or dry skin? Thx xo

    • 25 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! Use it when you get out of the shower and your skin is damp! Then try adding it as much as possible through the day on dry skin! You should also try Mama Mio! It’s amazing!

  21. 26 Cassie

    Did you ever have an issue with Bio oil staining your clothes? I love using it but I’m afraid it will stain my shirts, I have some acne scars on my upper back that I’m trying to fade out.

  22. 27 33Kayla

    i have bought bio oil, and it seems like no matter what I do the stretch marks wont go. Before I got pregnant I had tiny ones on my side not all that much now I have them on my stomach and a lot on my sides and on my legs.. its so hard to put it on everything even though I will do what’s possible. I’m 33 weeks, I will be 34 weeks in 2 days and I heard from a friend to put my hair up then put bio oil in the bath and just relax, she’s 35 weeks nearly 36 and she has not one stretch mark! any other suggestions? I know that they say it all depends on your skin but I need suggestions, thanks everyone:)

    • 28 31klatt

      Did it work for you though…. i am really young and i have stretch marks all oner the place!!!

  23. 29 Eldah

    please tell me more about this cold laser treatment because i have been using bio oil for 2 years now and there is no changes at all.

  24. 30 roro

    Thanks a lot,this was very helpful. I’ve been using bio oil since I began my second trimester. but I was wondering if it was really working :)
    so far my belly looks strech-mark free to me and I’m hoping it will stay thay way. thank you once again!

  25. 31 Sara

    where do i buy the bio oil?

  26. 32 Lauren

    I used palmers cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks with my first pregnancy in 05. I still ended up covered like a zebra with red marks all over my belly and thighs. I bought strivectin 5 months after the birth and i had to stop using it coz it irritated my skin and gave me a red rash. That was a pity considering how expensive strivectin is. When I was pregnant with no 2 I used bio oil in the pregnancy and found it helped with the redness of the marks but the deep ridges remained. With number 3 I gave up hope and used nothing. However I just had my 4th child 6 weeks ago and ended up getting new stretch marks with this pregnancy as she was a whopping 10 pound baby. Really stretched me out.
    Anyhoo when i was 8 months pregnant I was desperately googling online for stretch mark treatments that work and I came across an australian website in the sponsored links for a cream called Striae-Eraze at . I decided to wait till after i had the baby as the cream contains vitamin a. I’ve been using it now for 4 weeks and i can honestly say i can see the difference. Not only has the redness diminished but my skin’s more tone and smoother and the ridges aren’t that deep. And at $99.95 it’s definately cheaper than strivectin and isn’t harsh on the skin either. I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

  27. OMG you’re having a baby, Huda! Congrats! I hope you will be posting lots of baby bump pics! How exciting!

  28. 34 Cynthia

    This was a great help, thanks!

  29. 35 Eddie

    I have just started using it myself, my skin feels different, tingly even. I hope it works I have had some of these stretchmarks since puberty and I AM 22. :( But I think its better to combine bio oil woth another cream like cocoa butter maybe. Will see how it goes, the struggle that is stretchmarks.

  30. 36 nasha

    You can find Bio Oil at Babies R Us

  31. 37 Catherine Anne

    I have heard the Bio oil should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding because it has an ingredient that is harmful to baby. I’m using the palmers cocoa butter oil and so far no stretch marks :)

    • 38 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, which ingredients are you talking about? Bio oil has fewer ingredients so I’d be curious as to which ingredients you heard that about

      • 39 Catherine Anne

        The one I’ve heard to avoid is Retinyl Palmitate, I know a lot of women who use it and are 100% fine though. I think I’m just too much of a worrier about these things…

  32. 40 Momma Berry

    Im about to have #3 and at age 25 ive read over many sites. And ive tried both palmers and bio oil. My stretch marks are embarrasing but ive tried many different things including stri-vectin, maderma, and none worked for me. This time around im trying cocoa butter body butter from the body shop and vitamin e body butter. Its $20 per tub, but its a good size and lasts about a month. So far so good. We’ll see in November when the baby comes out.

  33. 41 Joan Pirone

    I have a scar on my upper lip, which was caused by a fall in the bathroom) I should have gotten stitches but didn’t want them on my face.. Now I gave this noticeable scar.. Will bio-oil help???

  34. 42 emma

    I am using bio oil and palmers cocoa butter formula (the oil) at the moment, I have not been using palmers cocoa butter, as it says on the bottle it helps with reducing stretch marks that are already formed, it does not say it prevents stretch marks. So I would say stick with the bio oil and just keep moisturising your tummy with creams. It has worked for me so far, not that im an expert ;)

  35. 43 Anonymous

    Use Derma-Rollers. Their little needles that pin point the second layer of your skin. The skin then heals over the stretch marks making them invisible. Ive used it after having a baby and it works.

  36. 44 Elizabeth, 17

    Thank you so much ! I’m young and definitely not pregnant , but I’ve just started to get my first stretch marks and am really not excited about them. I’ve has bio-oil for awhile but never really used it because I never needed it, but I’ll for sure be using generously now! I own both products and was torn which would get rid of these marks.
    Thanks so much for this article, it was extremely useful and comforting as well . :)

  37. Vitamin C and Bone Broth (bones cooked in soup over a long time with veg and lemon or vinegar 2 tbsp) help prevent new stretch marks especially during pregnancy take a HIGH amount .

  38. 46 mayora

    I used cocoa butter which did absolutely nothing to prevent stretch marks for me. I came out of my 2nd pregnancy with awful stretch marks on my stomach so thought I would Made from Earth’s Aloe & Jojoba Therapy a try as recommended by my Dr. I have noticed that some of my stretch marks have faded quite a bit but I’m not sure if I should credit Made from Earth products for that or if the marks have faded on their own due simply to some time going by. I’m going to continue to use Made from Earth’s Aloe & Jojoba Therapy in hopes that maybe they will fade even more

  39. 47 fali

    What about trying carboxy therapy for stretch marks? Have you heard anything about it? (congrats on the new baby btw!) xxxxx

    • 48 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, yes I have done carboxy therapy for my stretch marks and it has def. helped, it just takes several sessions and is very painful. <3

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  41. What’s the simple method to actually reduce stretchmarks? does maynese work?

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