By Huda Heidi Kattan

I wish I was one of those people who had amazing skin that no matter how far you pulled it, it just didn’t stretch or leave marks as a result of expansion–yeah, I am sooo not that person! Luckily, I have had a ton of experience with growing too fast (I been nearly the same height since I was 12), that now that I am getting pretty huge from my pregnancy, I am able to really figure out what works and doesn’t work for stretch marks. The things I have found that really helped me significantly have been Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, but which one really does the trick? I mean, one has to be better than the other in the grand scheme of things. While everyone might have a different experience, after giving everything a good chance and being SUUUUPER pickey, here is what I have experienced:

Bio Oil: I found that using Bio Oil every single day at least 2-3 times per day starting at my 3rd month till about now has left me virtually stretch mark free. I also found that when I used it in areas where stretch marks looked they were beginning to form, they almost completely went away–pretty amazing! I also found that my skin looked more even-toned wherever I used the Bio Oil, and it really didn’t give me any breakouts, which is awesome because I always break out! I also liked that the smell was very soft, clean and kind of pretty! Only downfall is the price! When you are pregnant, you go through bottles of this like it’s water! I think I go through about 1 bottle every 2 weeks (I apply it super generously) and at almost $30 a bottle that really adds up throughout your pregnancy, especially when you can’t do without it! Also, it’s kind of hard to find! If you are in Dubai, it is only available at Boots Pharmacies and if you are the states it’s very hard to find! Best place is online! Although in the UK, Boots pharmacies are EVERYWHERE (which I LOVE)!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: Here’s the deal with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, it’s rich and seriously helps keep your skin hydrated so it does aid in the prevention of stretch marks, buuut it also can cause sensitive skin (like mine) to break out! Which if you break out in areas like your chest, that really sucks because it scars super easy there–total bummer! I do like the scent of cocoa butter in general, but Palmer’s is a bit on the natural side, and has ingredients like collagen and elastin which makes is good for your skin. As much as it did help in areas where I did want it to prevent stretch marks, I found it didn’t really help erase newly forming stretch marks, which did make it kind of difficult with dealing with new ones that might form in areas you wouldn’t expect when pregnant or when losing/gaining weight, etc. However, the price tag on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is much better! At around $10 for a good sized bottle, you can apply this generously every night keeping your skin hydrated extremely well.

So what’s the verdict? In my opinion after seeing how much my skin became beautifully one toned and how it helped get rid of new stretch marks, Bio Oil is kind of my hero! I really do love it and I am pretty sure I will use this after my pregnancy as well! I will say, I was using Strivectin for a short time and I noticed it actually seemed to really help with old stretch marks as well. I normally just tanned to make them look invisible, but I found using my derma-roller and Strivectin was amazing together! I wouldn’t recommend using Strivectin if you’re pregnant. It has really strong ingredients that I would leave till after you are done with the pregnancy and breast feeding!

Although this post might seem like it’s geared toward pregnant women, it’s for everyone! Believe me, everyone get’s stretch marks at some time if they are not careful with their skin! You’d be shocked to think that some of the women who contact me get stretch marks, but we all do!! It’s a natural fact! Take care of your skin and this will never be your issue! I hope this helps!! 🙂


image credits hubpages