Kim’s Wedding Makeup!

Sun, 28 Aug 2011

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can’t believe how many requests I got for this look! Here is my take on the Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup! Enjoy!! Xx


10 Responses to Kim’s Wedding Makeup!

  1. Mary Monroe

    Well done Huda! I miss your videos hope to see more :-)

  2. Lovely make up Huda :-) Where did you get the headband from?? I love it!!! <3

  3. 2 mira

    awesome as always! werz da headband from? also which lashes did u put on? been wantin to know that pleaseeeeee! thankuuu mwah!

  4. wow ! you look so like her :)


  5. 4 M

    Heyyy !!! Awesome loved the tutorial … What lashes did you use ?? And where do they sell Stila Eyeshadows in the UAE ??

  6. 5 EzE

    great video !! 2 Qs : where’d u get the headband ?? and where do you get your eyebrows done ? plz do share <3 <3

  7. 6 aysha

    hey how r u? Love the tutorial an cn u plz plz make more tutorial.xx

  8. You’re amazing baby!!! Loved it!!

  9. 8 Maha

    Thank you Huda amazing tutorial as always! Could you plz make a tutorial on ” No-makeup make up” ? i’d love to see it ;)

  10. Hey! I’m recreating this for my wedding by can’t find the Stila shadow you’ve used as a highlighter in Starlet. There’s one called Starlight that looks similar – have they changed the name?

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