Why I LOOOVE My ghd Glamour!

Sat, 10 Sep 2011

By Huda Heidi Kattan

When it comes to flat irons, I have tried (and bought) them all, seriously! From the Chi, Babyliss, the ones you see in the middle of the mall, random ones created by different electronic companies, and yes I’ve even tried ironing my hair with an actual iron (when I was 12). There have been some good ones, bad ones and even some great ones. However, nothing in the world compares to the ghd Glamour, seriously. I got it recently and I can’t believe how easy it is to use to not only straighten hair, but also create GORGEOUS curls! I have always struggled with creating curls and flat irons, but this made it so easy! I even did my sister Mona’s hair yesterday and she was like “OMG, you have to write about this!” It heats up literally in 5 seconds and is ready to go for stunningly beautiful hair! A MUST!!!! I am totally obsessed with this product!

Huda’s Tip: I especially love it for your bangs and any areas that have a lot of baby hairs that can be hard to tame! Simply run your ghd through the area and spray a little hair spray on your hand, then lightly rub it over your hair to keep hair in place and still very soft.

Yesterday Mona came by some quick hair and makeup and ofcourse to borrow a jacket:)
I used it on Mona to create gorgeous beach waves, she said she never got so many compliments!

27 Responses to Why I LOOOVE My ghd Glamour!

  1. zuhra

    wow Huda!!! u r so sexy on this pic! and very beatiful makeup.

  2. 2 Noha

    what is the highest temperature it can reach ?

  3. 3 Monica

    Hi Huda love your hair !!! Do you know where can I buy the ghd glamour in Dubai? I am in need of a new flat iron you published this just in time for me :) thanks !!!

  4. 4 sumaya

    i also struggled to buy good hair straightners. i have so many but i found a nicky clarke hair straightner, and it is amazing how quick it heats up and straightens hair. they also use it in many uk salons.

  5. Huda can you do a tutorial on how you did Mona’s hair?

  6. 7 Nowrin

    Please do more hair tutorials! I love how you do hair! <3

  7. 8 Mary Monroe

    I like ittt I’ve always wanted to know how to use a flat iron to make waves i can never get it right.. hopefully you do a tutorial :-)

  8. 10 lily

    huda please ask your sister from where she got the necklace ?

  9. I’ve been using my GHD over 2 years now and it’s the best flat iron I’ve ever used

  10. 13 Dona Az

    I own it and i love it !!! every single word you said its totally true about it and it does heat up in literally 5 seconds !! i got mine from Germany with amazing packing box and a blow drayer !!

  11. 14 Alya

    You girls look gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3 Huda you're the best at make-up, beauty, hair, everything!! Thanks for making me look so much better!!!

  12. 15 Liz

    I own a GHD but have heard the Sultra is better. Have you tried it?

  13. 17 rere

    TUTORIAL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Is this flat iron better than the Braun satin ionic, that you posted about awhile back?

    • Great Question!! I absolutely love the Braun Satin Ionic, but it is completely different! The price point is not the biggest difference (although they really are far in price), but the way they work is really unique!

      Personally, I have replaced blowdrying with the Braun, especially since I have no time anymore. I love it because it doesn’t flatten my hair and makes it ridiculously shiny (plus I can still use a curling iron afterwards). However, it doesn’t get it pin straight, unless you go over it a few times, mostly because it doesn’t get that hot. You also cannot create curls the same way you can using the ghd, so they really are great in their own ways. It depends on what you are looking for. For a flat iron that will give your hair a super sleek look extremely fast and that you can also create gorgeous curls with the ghd is the way to go! For a cheaper alternative that won’t give you the same results per say, but give you amazing shine, I would choose the Braun Satin Ionic.

      Hope this helps darling!! Xxx

  15. 20 kweenaya

    i had mine since 2004 .. amazing … ive got mixed race curly hair and its done wonders to my hair…. absolutely LOVE IT!!! cant go anywhere with out it ;)

  16. 21 maria

    Which Ghd do you have? It looks like there are quite a few with different prices?

    • I have the glamour and it costs 1,150 AED. You can buy it at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Iconic and Areej boutiques. It’s also available at select salons including Cleopatra’s Spa in Wafi and Sister’s salon!

      • 23 kweenaya

        thanks hun … woz wondering where to get it here …!!!

  17. loveeee my ghd!

  18. 25 Daisha

    Hi Huda have you ever tried the KQC or FHI? Will you please do a Makeup tutorial on the featured look?

  19. 26 Vida

    Huda, where can u buy ghd in dubai? beein looking for sometime now. ur gorgeous.

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