Drugstore Product of the Week

Sun, 4 Dec 2011

By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I looooove my department store makeup, nothing makes me feel better than drugstore makeup that feels fabulously luscious! And as much as we believe we are paying for quality, a lot of times I think we know we are only paying for the logo! I actually remember my makeup teacher telling me that a lot of the drugstore makeup we see is manufactured in the same warehouses as our super pricey makeup, NYX was specifically one that was mentioned! If you feel NYX cosmetics, you know it feels reeeally good! Although the price tag is definitely drugstore, the makeup is not! I love their eyeshadow palettes, brow shapers and I die for their lip glosses! The lip glosses last super long, feel amazing on, and smell delicious! Every time I put one on, I get compliments on my lips! Here are a few of my favorite colors!

Pink: Dolly Pink
Peach: Candy Shop
Plum Red: Garnet
Clear Shimmer: Baby Rose
Light Ruby : Sunrise
Red: Perfect Red

NYX is available at Beauty Bay stores in the UAE or online


16 Responses to Drugstore Product of the Week

  1. nooni

    where can i find nyx in dubai?

  2. 2 Attia

    lovelyyyy. i want em all

  3. I love the dolly pink! I think I’ll go buy some :) super cute.

  4. 4 Farhana

    yeah u are right they are fab… also try there lipsticks…

  5. 5 Preitypoonam

    Light Ruby sunrise…. seems perfect, i will surely get me hands on it

  6. 6 khadija

    they taste/smell so bad :(

  7. 7 Dana

    i love the pink one ‘Dolly Pink’ its such a barbie color.

  8. 8 Reem


  9. 10 amna

    Huda everytime you apply lipgloss, it looks heavenly, what do you apply underneath the gloss?

  10. 11 Nisreen

    Dolly pink, perfect red and candy shop amaaaaaazing colors!

  11. 12 LubLub

    i got the dolly pink color and it looks totally different :(

  12. 13 sehar

    you should try the matte lip cremes…they are so amazing and last for a long time!!

  13. Yes!! These are one of my favourite glosses ever! So cheap and so good! My fav colours: Smokey look, Candy Shop and Natural. I need Dolly pink! <3

  14. 15 Joanna

    Dolly Pink is such a gorgeous shade!

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