By Huda Heidi Kattan

I rarely excited about new mascaras! Ever since I was fourteen, I’ve been obsessed with trying new mascaras and, well let’s be completely honest, most of them are not as awesome as they claim to be! And we all know that the ads are full of fake lashes that are undoubtedly some of the most extreme costume-drag-queen-lashes ever invented! So of course the only way to know if a mascara works is to try it and if you’re like me then you try it a million times and under maaaaaaaany circumstances before you decide whether or not it hits your trash or stash.

Ok, here’s the deal with the YSL Shocking Mascara: personally, I know YSL has had some pretty kick ass mascaras in the past, and some that I have loved very much! The YSL Shocking applies mascara exactly like the name says, shockingly dramatic! It’s one of those mascaras that when you apply it, it quickly builds and creates super bold lashes. This mascara is perfect and ideal for gals with super long lashes that want a little drama and super thickness! I don’t however, recommend this for girls with shorter lashes, unless you wear false lashes (which I love the way it builds on false lashes), since it could create lashes that are too thick for the length. I really love this mascara, especially when I pair it with a primer or lengthening mascara, but of course I just stick to false lashes! πŸ™‚

In the photo I am wearing Shade #1 with only the mascara (no primer or additional mascaras). I also used this on top of my false lashes and it gave them much more drama! I tried this in shades 1 and 2 and I love 1! It’s not too dark, so it does look slightly more natural, but still gorgeous!