By Huda Heidi Kattan

When it comes to tanning, I think I have made it clear I hate the sun! Not that I mind a casual dose of Vitamin D, but constant sun exposure is something I retired loooong ago! Why? I am still paying for all the countless hours of tanning I did when I was 18! I honestly never had wrinkles, I spent two years sun bathing quite a bit, and I got wrinkles so fast, and a lot of them! I was only 19 and I had wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes! So take it from me, spending too much time in the sun WILL damage your skin!

Now that I am done with that, I wanted to share with you guys a really great way to get a natural glow without over tanning! You don’t need to apply tones of bronzers etc, this is kind of DIY way of getting your own natural and healthy glow! Simply squeeze out your favorite SPF and mix in a small amount of your favorite mineral bronzer! I like to use Kiehl’s SPF and Bare Minerals Bronzer in Faux Tan and it is the best way to add a quick glow on the go! Plus it’s GOOD for your skin!