By Huda Heidi Kattan

I don’t think anything sucks as bad as stretch marks! Gaining weight from my pregnancy, yeah that was hard, but stretch marks—-the WORST! The hardest part is actually finding something that is safe enough to use (especially while nursing)! I am soooo happy with the results I have had from Mama Mio! I’ve honestly only used the product for about 3 weeks now, but I my stretch marks have faded TREMENDOUSLY! I kind of thought I might be stuck with them, but I’m so happy because it looks like that won’t be a problem! It’s been a celebrity fav in the US and DEF my ultimate stretch mark cream!

The reason why this product is kick ass is because of its potent ingredients! The Registril, Matrixyl 3000, Algisium-C, Emblica, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil combo make for a super powerful mix of stretch mark fighting cream! It’s also AMAZING for pigmentation or sun damage! It’s amazing for repairing skin when broken or damaged in any way and is safe enough to use on face! It kind of feels funny when you use it, it has a cooling effect! After a couple of weeks, you start to notice vivid results! 🙂

Mama Mio is available in the UAE in major department stores, US on, Europe on