FINALLY!!! A Stretch Mark Cream that Works!

Mon, 26 Mar 2012

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I don’t think anything sucks as bad as stretch marks! Gaining weight from my pregnancy, yeah that was hard, but stretch marks—-the WORST! The hardest part is actually finding something that is safe enough to use (especially while nursing)! I am soooo happy with the results I have had from Mama Mio! I’ve honestly only used the product for about 3 weeks now, but I my stretch marks have faded TREMENDOUSLY! I kind of thought I might be stuck with them, but I’m so happy because it looks like that won’t be a problem! It’s been a celebrity fav in the US and DEF my ultimate stretch mark cream!

The reason why this product is kick ass is because of its potent ingredients! The Registril, Matrixyl 3000, Algisium-C, Emblica, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil combo make for a super powerful mix of stretch mark fighting cream! It’s also AMAZING for pigmentation or sun damage! It’s amazing for repairing skin when broken or damaged in any way and is safe enough to use on face! It kind of feels funny when you use it, it has a cooling effect! After a couple of weeks, you start to notice vivid results! :)

Mama Mio is available in the UAE in major department stores, US on, Europe on

62 Responses to FINALLY!!! A Stretch Mark Cream that Works!

  1. Doaa

    Hi Huda,

    Where can we find this product?


    • 1 Mamas Heaven

      I got mine from Polished Spa thru blackberry, they delivered to my doorstep! Not sure if I should say, but their bbpin is: 279E4F4F.
      the last time I saw, theyre also selling in destination maternity in dubai,
      Good luck sweety and hope it works for you! For me, mama mio was a complete wonder!

  2. 2 maha

    Wooohoooo Finally *dance* thaaanx a lot Huda for sharing wth us info regarding strech marks

  3. 3 Danicka

    You should post before/after pictures. Does it work on old whitey stretch marks as well??

  4. 4 Sera

    Does this work on white/clear stretch marks too, or just the fresh red stretch marks??

  5. Think I’ll have to try this out, I’m 24 weeks pregnant. No stretch marks yet but I’ve still got a while to go! x

  6. 6 alia

    Hi huda ;*
    In which department store can I find this product?

  7. 7 sonyia

    hey huda! i just tried a new vichy facewash and its causing me to break out! some ppl said its normal for a week because ur skin needs to adjust to the product but is that true?? or is it a reaction!

  8. 9 Samira

    Can u tell me is it available in jeddah ?????

  9. 10 Reema

    Hi Huda
    does this work also on white stretch marks that’ve been setting there for a looong time? that would be truly amazing

    • Honestly I tried it on my new stretch marks, so I don’t personally know about old ones although I believe it said it would work on both. My whole thing about old is that they are really hard to get rid of! One of the best things to do is use the derma roller on it and then use the cream! The derma roller is cool because it makes them pink again, which is crazy, but awesome! :)

      • 12 Supermama

        I have been using Palmers too and they caused rashes on my tummy while I’m pregnant, probably because of the cocoa butter :( Not something I would recommend. However I’ve been using mama mio goodbye stretch marks for 3weeks and I’m loving it :D, doesnt matter if old or new, they go! Got mine delivered from Polished Spa in Sharjah from It took 2days to reach and since then I’m loving it and ordered the rest of the face and body range :D smells yummy! Love you Huda, thanks for sharing! Super-mamas

  10. 13 H

    can i find it in abu dhabi?

  11. 14 cecilia

    Does it work on old stretch marks??

  12. I love when stylish moms like you mention nursing! Thanks for the tip!

    • haha, yes! I am all about it! I know it’s really hard for many women, and I totally agree! It’s very hard! Especially if you work! I’m nearly done, but it’s been tough! :) WORTH IT!!

  13. 17 Saroosh

    where can we find this?

  14. Awesome! I’m definitely going to check this one out. Palmer’s waisted my time, and it stinks! Lol

  15. 20 shooosh

    hii huda where can i find it in dubai?? im coming for the wkend and i would love if u can tell me where to find it?? in dubai mall???
    (plzzzzzzzzz reply)

  16. 21 Muni

    mama mio have quite a few good products, the omega body care is amazing didnt realise they sell it in dubai i buy it in the states.

  17. 22 Huda Assadi

    Heyy Huda,
    I have stretch marks that go back to almost 5 years.. would this product work on them??
    plus im flying to UAE next month, can you tell me please where i can find it exactly??

    Thanks alot xoxo

  18. 23 AG-30

    Hi All,

    The brand “Destination Maternity” sells the Mama Mio stretch marks cream. They are located in The Dubai Mall on level 2 opposite Hamleys toy store. :)
    I got mine from there :)
    Not sure if it will work on old stretch marks but surely will on new ones.
    For those looking for a neck and boob lift – try the Mama Mio BOOB TUBE! My sister uses it and i can see the difference in less than 4 weeks!

  19. Mama Mio is available in Destination Maternity and Blossoms and Dubai Mall. Mama Mio SPA treatments are available in Polished SPA in Sharjah :)

  20. Always my favs, thanx Huda, hope i can get rid of these stretch marks, i used something called lierac paris but didnt get any changes after four months, hope this works for me.

  21. 26 DubaiMom

    I am totally in love with the revolutionary skincare brand: mama mio!
    I have tried the Skin tight toning serum for slack skin and its working like wonders! I am now 5months pregnant and going to @polished__spa for the mama mio treatments to prevent the stretch marks from occuring. :D

  22. Used Rodial & BioOil, I couldn’t keep up much, I feel so lazy applying the cream every now and then, im not the type that really bother to do this, but I got horrible stretch marks after my pregnancy. How is this better than the rest i’ve just mentioned? The thing is, I really hope for quick results! : (

  23. 28 Erin Mayes

    My stretch marks were 10 months old – and nothing worked! I had used the regular mederma scar cream 4 weeks after delivery and it sort of worked, but smelled awful and could not wear it during the day.

    I bought the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Treatment instead, and this cream is absorbed so much better by the skin, doesn’t smell bad, it actually smells more like a lightly perfumed lotion. I have been using this for four weeks now and my stretch marks are so much better already, I think in 4 more weeks I should be able to get into a bikini (I have marks all across my stomach).

  24. Hi All,

    Good news!! Mama Mio is now available at Saks 5th Ave, Bur Juman, Dubai. And they are selling the full range of face and body products.. Happy shopping xxx

  25. 30 Grace Valentine

    Dear ladies! This is an amazing website. I just came across it today! You are all totally worth it. Pamper yourselves and most of all remember that you are beautiful in every single way & are blessed to be moms. It’s amazing to hear such wonderful feedback! Yes, mama mio products are amazing. We sell them here at Destination Maternity, Dubai Marina Mall.

    We’ve got the following mama mio products:

    LUCKY LEGS (with some shimmer on it and it gives an sensation)
    OMEGA SHOWER CREAM (my fav! It helped get rid of my eczema as i’m so sensitive!!!)
    WONDER-FULL RESCUE BALM (for moms & babies to use on dry patches, rash, burns, dry cuticles etc.)
    SEE NO SCAR SOLUTION (for scars)
    TUMMY RUB STRETCH MARK BUTTER (customers love it too)
    CONGRATULATIONS KIT (perfect for a gift set)
    BOOB TUBE – BUST AND NECK FIRMING CREAM ( i luv it too & i’m not pregnant):)
    BODY BUFF EXFOLIATOR (body scrub to use when in the shower)

    Need i say more? Come visit our store when you have the time. I also want to add that the mama mio shower cream does not have sulphate. It does not dry your skin like other soaps. And the fragrance is very gently and calm. It does not make you feel like you want to throw up. In fact, we even have men and ladies that are not pregnant using these products. I love them. I carry Palmers too. And loads of other maternity products. Tops, trousers, jeans, dresses, leggings, bras, panties, nursing pads, nursing tops, nursing covers, baby sling (boba wrap), PJs, baby pacifiers that close when they drop, baby blankets, kidswear, Mustela & Medela products, maternity swim wear etc.

    We also have a branch in Dubai mall & Mirdif City Centre. Do drop by when you have time. We will do our best to assist you. Have a great day!


    Grace Valentine
    Store Manager
    Store: +97143997311
    Destination Maternity
    (Dubai Marina Mall)

  26. 31 Grace Valentine

    Typo error above. The Lucky Legs cream give an awesome cooling sensation. It helps with water retention and gives comfort to heavy legs. Though meant only for legs, i’ve known some who have applied it on their sore backs or muscle cramps and menstrual cramps and have felt much better after that!

    -Grace Valentine

  27. 33 john

    pls i am a guy and i have stretch marks on my body, i need your solution about it, send me your contact number on my personal email, . thanks happy to hear from you

  28. 34 Grace Valentine

    Yes Len, we have a branch now in Abu Dhabi at Al Wahda Mall. And John, yes it works for men too. Feel free to drop by any of our stores or you may call our store at 04-3997311. Mama Mio is amazing. And we are now having 25% off the entire store here at marina mall, DUbai. Do drop by everyone. 25 % discount on every single item in the store.

  29. can i get it in nigeria

  30. 36 Sam ENG

    I was given a jar of the Lady Soma Skin Nail Treatment from my nutritionist. Well, that was a fit for me, I had a couple wrinkles I would love to see vanish, and after having a child, I was left with a few stretch marks.

    It says within 2 to 8 weeks you will see wrinkles and stretch marks less visible. I thought it was just for nails, but you can use it on your skin as well!

    This is what my nutricionist recommended:

    I applied the Lady Soma Skin Nail Treatment on my stretch marks, and a couple wrinkles I had. This went on for about 2 days. I do have to say that I have really noticed a difference in the 3 wrinkles I had on my forehead, they seem to fade more everyday.

  31. 38 Amal

    Hey honey…….. I have old stretch marks n I wanna just try to see maybe they will help the only problem is I live in NY America where should I get it exactly or can I Order it only ???

  32. 39 thelma

    can u find it in nigeria ,abuja

    • 40 hudabeauty

      I am not sure darling, do you have a shop and ship account from Aramex?

  33. 41 Tee

    Pls Can I get this In product Turkey

  34. 42 Tee

    Pls can I get this Product In Istanbul Turkey

  35. Robiulalam3223

    @yahoo.comim in Dubai
    where I find this cream

  36. Robiulalam3223

    where I find this cream

  37. 45 rahaf

    Hi huda,

    What do you mean major department stores in uae ??


  38. 46 nagwan

    I used to have stretch marks cream always from shop throw BBM they delivered it to my home by Fedex, I have taken all my cosmetices from them ,its work for my old whitey stretch marks 80%..i will try this one soon from mama mio

  39. 47 nagwan

    The shop BBM is PIN:2B35AAC3

  40. 48 nagwan

    Where can I get it in Riyadh

  41. 49 SAM

    Does it only work on post-pregnancy bellies? or generally all over the body?

  42. huda.. did u use them on the silvery type of stretch marks or the fresh purple ones? there’s a difference!! purple ones will always eventually fade no matter what products you use. silvery stretch marks are old stretch marks and are most resistant to any products b/c they’ve already healed and scarred! im looking for a product to minimize the silvery ones.

  43. 51 Minney

    Hey huda!!can u plz email me about this product wr i can find it in Australia cz i live in Melbourne or any way i can buy it online. Plz email me. Thank u

  44. 52 Jessica

    I just had my baby and I got 2 stretch marks on my love handles! I hope this works. Thanks for the tip!

  45. 53 Elow

    HI Beautidul Huda! How can I get it in A-D? Thanxx :*

  46. 54 Aldina

    This was awful for me. My first pregnancy I used simple almond oil and cheap drugstore lotion and had no stretch marks at all.
    Second time around, I didnt get as big as first time around, used mama mio cream and oil and ended up with stretch marks.
    I didnt like it at all.

  47. 55 rana

    from which department stores in UAE?

  48. 56 Hiba

    Is it available at boots ?

  49. 57 nadz

    Do you have branch herenin jeddah ksa thanks

  50. 58 Chi Shi

    I’ve been using MamaMio for a while – its OK. . .but for the last 11 weeks+ after finding out I was pregnant, I started using the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Treatment cause its organic and doesnt have any harmful chemicals. I can honestly say that this Somaluxe Treatment has been fantastic at preventing stretch marks during my pregnancy and has kept my growing belly moisturized and well loved throughout the process.

    I am at 37 weeks today and have not a sign of stretch marks even though my skin is definitely getting stretched to the limit with munchkin inside.

  51. hey Huda,
    you may know who i am we went to school together. I’m Ryan Pavao and i wanted to ask you more about this product, if you can get it at any store instead of online. please write me back on here or you can look me up on Facebook i would really appreciate it thank you- Ry

  52. 61 Sheena

    I purchsed mine at Destination Maternity Al Wahda mall :)

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