Vitamin HB | One Hit Wonder! Super Healthy Hair with One Ingredient!

Wed, 28 Mar 2012

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I loooove natural remedies, but sometimes making them can be a bit of pain! Personally, I found some of them actually work better than my super expensive treatments, but really, who has the time? That’s why I love ‘one-hit wonders’! Super powerful ingredients straight from nature that give you amazing results! Tomato for amazing skin, strawberries for white teeth, and coconut oil for great hair!

Ok, coconut oil might be processed first, but I love it for so many things! Especially hair! One of my favorite things is to apply a good amount of coconut oil to my hair and wrap it with either saran wrap, a plastic bag, or a plastic shower cap. I leave it for 20-30 minutes then rinse! It leaves my hair super silky, soft and hydrated!! Coconut oil is sooooo hydrating and incredibly nourishing! This is a great tip for anyone who wants healthy, gorgeous hair and doesn’t have time to mix any ingredients together (or may be low on ingredients)!

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  1. love it too!!! thanks Huda

  2. The hubby and I have been using coconut oil straight out of the jar!
    He actually stopped using his usual hair cream and replaced it with the coconut oil. It is funny because he says that he never liked coconuts, but since he started using the oil on his hair he likes coconut anything! lol

  3. Coconut oil is amazing for so many things!

  4. 3 zina

    HI Beautiful,

    I so much love everything you write about. I’m so a big fan of you.

    I have two problems and I wish you can help me
    the first one is that my hair has always ugly ends(broken ends) although i don’t blow dry or color my hair. Please i need something to make it stop. its unbelievable that i have to cut my hair every month to get rid of them:(

    second which is my biggest problem is that i have brown spots on my face because of the sun(now i don’t leave the house without sun block) and I have clear vines showing on my face(i have a very transparent skin), do you advise to do peeling or laser and i would really appreciate if you tell me where to do it in Dubai or Beirut. its really hard to find a good dermatologist in Dubai.

    Thanks Alot


  5. 5 Shay

    i was wondering, what you do to take the oil out because every time i’ve used oil, i’ve had to shampoo like ten times! so i think it’s of no use. i just use one tablespoon and rub it in my hands before smoothing it onto my hair.

  6. 6 rabz

    Do you only rinse out the oil? Or shampoo it out?

    • 7 hudabeauty

      I would shampoo it out if bc Coconut oil tends to be heavy, But if you are not going to blow dry your hair, and just wear it air dried, you can rinse it out, especially if you have curly hair! That would be really great for curly hair!

  7. 8 Ayesha

    zina i know of one good dermatologist in Dubai.. her name is Dr,Pega , she works at Cosmesurge its in Habtoor Tower Dubai Marina..044471777 is their number also u can do a good hydrafacial there against dark spots. hope this helped.

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