By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can say enough how much I LOOOOVE using highlighters! Personally, I believe they are a great way to soften the face, so it’s very rare that I don’t use one! They rank right up there with concealer and mascara for me, which is why I am super picky about my highlighters! I heard about Benefits new launch for a highlighter, but didn’t think anything until a product junkie client of mine said I really needed to try it! I just got it last week and I have to say, I am OBSESSED! It could very well be my favorite highlighter for a few reasons!

First, I love how easy it is for travel! It’s not liquid, it’s kind of like a cream-to-shadow formula, and the stick has everything you need! On one end it’s the highlighter and on the other end, a blender that works well for blending out the edges! The texture is amazing since it goes on super smooth and turns into a gorgeous powder! I also looooove the color! It’s kind of a coldish pink and looks amazing on every skin tone! The only thing I would recommend is that when you use it, you stipple it (which means you kind of pat it against your skin, instead of stroking it along)! Since it turns into a powder, if you don’t blend right away, you could have uneven areas, which means it works best stippled! There really is nothing I would change about this product and it’s definitely an AWESOME highlighter for everyone to use!

You can see how natural it looks! I applied a small amount on my cheek bones, cupid’s bow (upper lip), nose and chin! Looks kind of like a natural dewy glow! GORG!! 🙂