By Huda Heidi Kattan

How perfect is your skin? Let me rephrase that, how perfect do you want your skin to be? Is it there? Well, in most cases unless you dry brush, scrub, moisturize, it’s probably not where it should be! But honestly, who has time to do this every single day? I personally try my best, but I don’t always do every single step, sometimes I’ll admit, I don’t do any! So when I find something that is great to use any time of day and seeps right into your skin, I’m game!

The other day I was in the grocery store and I stumbled across some walnut oil. Knowing how much beauty power is packed into each walnut, I thought I struck gold with the oil! After researching online, I found walnut oil is INCREDIBLE for skin! I personally thought it might be great for hair, but it’s actually a quick drying oil, so it’s ideal for skin!


Topically for Skin: Walnut Oil is packed full of ingredients that make it a kick ass moisturizer! It’s non-greasy and quick drying so you can apply it any time of day! It’s combination of antioxidants, vitamins (E, B1, B2, B3, Niacin) and omega-3 make it super powerful against fungal infections, psoriasis, and general dry rough skin. It’s also a main ingredient in many anti-aging eye creams!

Eat for Anti-Aging: Adding a few teaspoons of walnut oil to your salad, can dramatically help with so many conditions, of course the obvious is beauty! When eaten, it helps nourish your skin and fight skin disorders such as eczema and the like, it also really helps fight aging!

Eat for Health: Walnuts do SOOOO many great things, everything from regulate hormones, to detox, and fight cancer, heart disease, etc! It’s honestly one of the great foods that God has given us to make us gorgeously healthy! Replacing your normal salad oil with walnut oil is a great alternative for your health, although for cooking at high heat it is NOT recommended since it can turn bitter! Add just a slight amount to your salad for a deliciously nutty and satisfyingly beautiful taste! Bon’Appetit!