Vitamin HB | Bring Your Mascara Back to Life!

Tue, 10 Jul 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I LOVE finding beauty secrets that work! It’s almost like having a secret that no one knows about! Of course, I’ve never been good at keeping those types of secrets:) I always seem to have an issue with clumpy mascara! I looooove buying good mascara sometimes drugstore, sometimes from fancy brands, but I HATE when they dry up!

Recently I’ve been trying this SUPER easy tip! All you do is take your mascara and dip it in some regular cola! Let sit for 20-30 seconds, then wipe. Dip again and then just blot and add to your mascara! Believe it or not regular (non-diet) soda has syrup that helps smooth out the consistency in your mascara and brings it back to it’s normal state when you FIRST bought it! Make sure to blot, so you don’t get watery mascara!

My FAVORITE Mascara’s:

BEST Primer: Dior Show Lash Maximizer
For short lashes: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara
For Medium to long Lashes: Armani’s Eyes to Kill Excess
For Super Dark Mascara: L’Oreal’s Volumious in Carbon Black

13 Responses to Vitamin HB | Bring Your Mascara Back to Life!

  1. Huh? Dip the wand? Or the whole mascara fluid?

  2. 1 samara calcano

    what part are you dipping in? the container open or the wand?

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    yay thanks great idea Xo

  4. 4 Ale

    I would LUV a tutoriaL in the makeup u
    Have on for ur profile Pic (the one above)
    Thnx :)

    • 5 Tammyd

      Really cola on my eye lashes?
      Cant try it.
      Castor oil is agreat idea.

  5. I always read beauty secrets. Useful post. Thanks ;) discount cigarettes

  6. 7 Sakia

    I don’t get it just dip the mascara bottle or the mascara wand? Maybe it’s a dumb question

  7. 8 melek

    Hi Huda :)
    I want HudaBeauty Lashes. <3
    How can we buy?
    Thanks Xx

  8. thanks!!!

    follow my beauty blog as well

  9. OMG what a great tip!!! Thanks baby!! Xx <3

  10. 11 laila

    hi huda wanna know which is the best mascara for regular use and even for parties quick bite hehe and will give nice volume and lengthier look and easy to use and plz show the tutorial to use mascara thanku bye

    • 12 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! This really depends on your lashes, are they short or long, sparse or full?

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