Woman with bandage on her head

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Most of us don’t really think of ever considering a face lift at any time in our lives, especially since were not at that age yet, but what most women don’t realize is your skin really starts to migrate south in your mid 20’s! By the time you’re in your 30’s you’ll start to see some sagging and gravity starts to really kick in! Of course there are a TON of things you can do to avoid that (facial yoga and taking vitamins like Carnitine, one of my favs), but even if you don’t think it’s something you will need, believe me when you hit your late 30’s or early 40’s you will at least pull your skin back once or twice wondering if it is something to consider!
Of course most of us aren’t to into the idea of going under the knife, I mean what if it ends up looking terrible? Not to mention the price that comes with it! Well for everyone who wants to look younger or young women who want to accentuate their cheek bones there is the Facelift Bungee. Personally I know I laugh at most inventions, but this one is def one to consider. I love the fact that it was created by a woman with a need, (kind of reminds me of Spanx)!
Seems pretty easy to use and the results and instant and it definitely works! The only thing I would fear is that if you consistently pull the area, will it get loose and possibly flabby? What do you guys think? Would you try this or recommend this for your mom?