Over or Underrated | Creme De La Mer Really THAT Good?

Mon, 6 Aug 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

One question I seem to always get is about Creme De La Mer. Is it good, amazing or COMPLETELY overrated? With celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez swearing by it, it’s got to be good right?

So I have actually only tried two products from the range, the Creme De La Mer Cream and the Cream De La Mer Moisturizing Lotion. My experiences from them have definitely been memorable, one actually left me in the emergency room.

I first started using Creme De La Mer’s face cream about 9 years ago. I was definitely a bit young for such a rich product, but I heard that Jennifer Lopez would rub the cream all over her body and this was the secret to her super soft skin. Sooo, I thought I MUST get this! I started using it for about 1 week when I noticed small bumps around my eyes. I only used a small amount of the cream so I thought there’s no way this could be from this! The bumps got worse and then really bad. After about 10 days, the bumps didn’t go anywhere and my eye actually started to droop. I FREAKED out and went to ER! They told me although my skin was really dry, the cream had ingredients that could cause serious allergies for some people (me being one of them)! So I kind of gave up on it for a while!

Then this past November I was traveling and in the Duty Free I stopped at one of the La Mer Counters. I told one of the girls my story and she said it was too rich for me and I try the moisturizer lotion. I thought why not! Luckily, this time no bumps, swelling or drooping, but then again, I didn’t really notice anything at all! The moisturizing lotion is actually SERIOUSLY rich, especially for a lotion! The only I noticed after using this was really greasy skin! DEFINITELY not something I would purchase again!

I have heard some amazing things about their serums and will try them, but their creams and lotions I recommend only if you are pushing 50!

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  1. Huma

    Hi Huda. Please don’t use it again or recommnd even the serum. Its just waste of money. I have tried the range and remember my bad experience.

  2. 1 Mary Monroe

    wow that’s a crazy story! I’ve heard so much about this product b/c of celebrities as you’ve mentioned.. surprising to hear, but I guess everyone’s skin reacts differently.

  3. 2 sidney

    Hi huda, I was wondering if someone with naturally very dry skin (growing up with eczema) should use to prevent premature ageing?

  4. 3 Maca

    Oh thnx for this review! I was itching to buy it, but felt it would be way wrong for me.
    Which body wash and lotion would you recommend for someone with troubled skin (double hormonal troubles, hypothyroid and pcos)? My skin is very dry, but has tons of bumps, pimples and is just not gorgeous.
    Dermatologists didnt help, so i’m hoping you will be able :)

  5. Because it’s one of the most expensive products, it can quickly become a ‘status’ item to use. To each their own. I know woman who swear by the least expensive but long-time reputable Oil of Olay. As long as we listen to our own bodies! Currently strung out on the simplest of rose water face tonics I got in Rome at a grocery store! Lol..

  6. 5 loveeee

    I use the gel formula and its alot lighter. Stilll rich though but i find it nice and hydrating for my skin. I have normal to oily t zone skin which is a little dehydrated. Suits me well but i find theres no anti ageing properties to it. Not wowed by it much but does feel nice on skin.

  7. 6 AMAL

    seriously? $300-$500 dollars for face lotion. you will end up dead anyways. so who the hell cares!

  8. 7 Katina

    The second ingredient is mineral oil. That’s right, the exact same thing as baby oil. Pore clogging and not natural. Definitely not worth the price tag.

  9. 8 Lina

    I have been actually using La Mer line for a couple of years now and am quite shocked at your post, I have been using their eye cream, face cream, hydrating infusion, radiant serums and the most amazing of all is the hydrating mask.. Honestly I LOVE La Mer to death and if you know the history behind you will appreciate the brand more.. It was actually created by a NASA scientist who suffered from some scars due to an explosion and he was determined to come up with something to cure those scars. He did many studies and research and finally found out that fishermen had actually the best skin.. WHY? Sea algae.. The ingredients of the cream are active ones u rub it the right way before applying…

    Sorry i said a lot. it is just am a really devoted La mer fan and many people ask me about my skin and compliment it ever since i started using the brand.

  10. 10 Georgina Bell

    Tried and tested as I have many other creams and this is completely overrated. It’s ingredients aren’t even that different to a basic cream. What makes it worse is all the hyped up PR behind it. Less of that and I might forgive!!

  11. 11 natalie

    I must say that we all are different and our skin reaction as well. So their are 2 things which are extrimly important :
    chose the cream for your skin type there are 5 creams(the original, soft cream, gel, lotion and oil absorbing lotion).all of them you can try first on the counter plus ask fo sampes. the other thing never ever rub into your skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is the big mistake and thats why ppl end up with beak outs and etc. you NED TO PAT IT!take a very small amount of cream/gel/lotion (1/4 of the la mer spoon), heat it in your heands and after it melt pat it nto your face and neck!this way you will the the magnificent result!this is nothing like anyother creams plus the amount u should use is so small the 2 oz will last for over a year an half.
    PS if sales person will say that you should only heat original cream and the rest can be applied to skin directly dont listen to them!its still written on the box!

  12. 12 Wendy

    I bought my first Le Mer soft cream after receiving a free sample in a high end department store. I LOVE IT!! You don’t even know you’re using it. I have very sensitive skin and have had no bad reaction whatsoever, just the opposite. I bought my second jar duty free and now have just finished that. I went back to Estee Lauder but their cream seems so heavy now. I am now going to buy my third jar. NO..I do not work or have any affiliation with Le Mer company at all. Just an honest reviewer.

    • 13 Thelms

      hi wendy…. where can i find lamer at dutty free? not all shops have la mer….
      i would very much appreciate your help…. need to buy soon

  13. 14 Thelms

    for the past 3 years i spent fortunes in Dermatologists apointments and all the products they prescrived just to keep my skin healthy….i am 25 and have no acne, just very sentitive skin prone to dehydrate, no wrinkles or pores. la mer is the only line that fully satifies my skin needs….. i does not turn red anymore and never dehydrates……. it is worth every single dollar i have paid… been using it for one year and my skin looks amazing…. no need to wear makeup ever…. i use the oil makeup remover, the radiant infusion, the concentrate, the original creme, eye contour and sunblock…….. my skin is very fair and my hair is dark brown…..
    i would suggest that you ask for a product test first before biuying anything and see how it feels for the next 24 hrs… then make your purchase…
    hope it helps

  14. 15 Thelms

    in addition to my previous comment…..
    i once saw a little girl about 6 years old…. she had a terrible accident and got burned to the point that she wears a mask and has no fingers…. she buys the creme because is the only thing that helps her whole body not to feel tight and itchy…. so if it works for her… it must do wonders to the rest of us…. it does for me

  15. 16 Wendy

    I’ve only seen it duty free at Heathrow London. You can buy online, wait til they have special offer, which they do occasionally.

  16. 17 aci

    I started to use creme de lamer since 3 years ago. I was 27yo and had red pimples all over my face, and couldnt find any doctor who can cure it. My last doctor told me that my skin was too irritated so although she changed the formula many times but none of them is suitable for my skin. From my friend’s advice I tried this creme de lamer, after few months taking it (without taking doctor’s formula too) my skin started to relief, then I tried again to see the last doctor and finally she gave me the formula for my pimples but asked me to combine it with my recent cream (lamer). So for me, creme de lamer has saved my skin.

  17. 18 HC

    I had a horrible experience, eye concentrate made my eye lids swell and all eye region turned yellow – like a corpse. Moisturizing creme made my face swollen and red! Returned all of it for a refund!

  18. 19 T

    I have tried many many many creams and lotions of all kinds and every single one cause a problem for me. the oil free ones left me very dry cracked and dehydrated. the heavy creams including CDLM made me break out with bumps too all over uninflammed with gunk inside. Lastly the normal lotions did nothing for me and one actually did a reverse drying and burning my skin.

    I have very dry skin that is acne prone. (imagine that).

    Later,,, I was told to try the “soft cream” and surprisingly it works so well for me! I use a little after I apply the new “treatment lotion” by la mer and now my face feels hydrated, plumped, and moisturized without being angry at me.

    Good luck! we all know how hard it is.

    • 20 Wendy

      I am in my early 50’s and love this cream. I have sensitive skin and have never had a problem use Le Mer Soft Cream. It’s a shame that it’s quite expense though, but if you can afford it, it’s certainly worth it :)

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