LOVING Rouge Coco Chanel Hydrating Lip Balm

Thu, 9 Aug 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves! I posted my favorite video on some products that I am COMPLETELY obsessed with at the moment, but there were a few things I didn’t get to fully review yet! They definitely deserve more attention so I wanted to show you guys just why I love the Chanel Rouge Coco so much! They are basically lip balms that are suuuuper hydrating and softening, but also have amazing tints to them! I literally always have one in my bag! LOVE THEM!!

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  1. Bungee

    My favorite is not on this list, and it`s chanel rouge coco shine chance 56 and it`s perfection and alwazs in my bag:)

  2. WHAT EYE MAKEUP & BLUSH ARE YOU WEARING? You look so gorgeous!!! <3

    • 4 hudabeauty

      Thank you babe! I am posting the video tutorial for this makeup soon! I did this look with red lips! Going up on Tuesday!! :))

  3. 5 Jawaher

    Can you please please please include a list of makeup you’re wearing on your eyes/face please :(?

    • 6 hudabeauty

      Hey babe! I actually am posting a video on this look soon! But for foundation I used the new Dolce & Gabbana Foundation that is launching soon:) Will do a full review on that very soon!

      • 7 jawaher

        yay a new hudabeauty tutorial that’ll make my day :D

  4. 8 BeautyGlam

    Stunner!! I LOOOVE these! Soo hydrating!

  5. 9 Fatima

    if some people would find this chanel quite price they can go for Revlon’s lip butter, they’re almost the same and more affordable, i tried ‘em both and they’re ain’t much of a difference <3

    • 10 hudabeauty

      I personally have some of the Revlon lip butters and I don’t like them very much :S

      • 11 Fatima

        i used the chanel and my lip kept getting so dry and it felt heavy, but they do look fabulously amazing on you .. the butter ones ain’t heavy and they don’t crack my lips but i never use ‘em alone, i apply a bit of labello 1st then have the lip butter one and it’s nice!! besides everything looks so amazing on u mashallah cuz ur pretty <3

  6. 12 leung

    Never used Chanel lip, will try it. http://www.upunique.com

  7. 13 yasmen

    please download a video for this make up <33

  8. 14 Soosa

    Huda, I LOVE your natural eye colour! So gorg!

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