Vitamin HB | SUPER Smooth Leg Soak!

Sun, 12 Aug 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s insane how soft some of the legs that come out of Hollywood look–almost like they are powdered to perfection! Of course there are always ways to make your legs look better, but what about feel better? Nothing is worse than skin that looks and feels stubbly, rough or dry, but let’s face it, we all have it at times! I have it more than I would like, especially since my skin is soooooo dry! If I don’t take my time in the beauty department, it shows!

I have literally found the absolute BEST ways to get soft skin, so soft you will not stop rubbing your legs! :) EVERY GIRL MUST TRY THIS!! It’s relaxing and your skin will love you!



1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup honey
1 tablespoon lavender oil
bunch of lavender flowers

Mix ingredients together slowly whisking the honey to blend. Prepare warm (not hot) bath and add mixture into bath. Relax in bath for at least 30 minutes before patting dry!

33 Responses to Vitamin HB | SUPER Smooth Leg Soak!

  1. Kat

    Where I find lavender oil?! :/

  2. 3 BeautyGlam

    Sounds good! Will try this! Xx

    • 4 BeautyGlam

      Hudie! What’s your favorite foundation brush? Is it the Dolce and Gabbana one? Xxx

      • 5 hudabeauty

        YES! I love it! :) But I also love some of the Sigma Foundation brushes, the kabuki collection is my fav!

  3. 6 BeautyGlam

    Ok thanks babe will try them out! Xox

  4. 7 Seema.A

    Seriously Huda, where do you get these AMAZING home remedies from?!!?!? They are AMAZING!! I tried it out and O….M….G, my legs were super soft and best of all smelt GREAT!
    Thank you for these remedies, they soo totally work!
    Keep up the AWESOME work, Love youu. xxxx.

  5. 8 Mary Monroe

    Can’t wait to try this! I love when I have all the ingredients lol

  6. 9 Steph

    Where do I find lavander flowers?

  7. 11 samira

    Young Living Essential Oils has the pure extract of lavander and you will need only 6 drops for the entire tub. Is amazing!!! order online

  8. 12 Jenn

    Do you have to use the lavender stuff? I hate the scent, so I was wondering if it would work with just the milk and honey.

  9. 13 Shley

    I would not recommend sitting in the bath with any dairy products, like milk. It’s dangerous to your feminine health. So just soaking your legs with your lady business outside of the tub is probably best.

  10. 14 RoseW

    This also works wonders keeping the skin on your arms/elbows soft as well. And.. well… my bf touched the small of my back & he commented on the softness..,, Good stuff.

    (I’ve tried this with rose oil & buds and it works too.)

    • 15 hudabeauty

      Yaay!! That’s what I like to hear!! :)) Rose Oil Sounds AMAZING! :) Great Idea!!

  11. Is there an alternative to lavender? It’s the only thing I’m allergic too. :(

    • 17 hudabeauty

      Sure darling! Someone recommended Rose Oil and that is AMAZING! You can always add Olive Oil if you like:) It’s also amazing for skin!

  12. 19 Lindzey

    I just recently tried this thing called the Baiden Mitten, it’s really amazing! I have issues with my legs always feeling dry and stubbly even after I just saved with a new razor, but this thing made it so smooth! I love it

  13. 20 Mary Monroe

    omg can’t wait to try thissss Love when I have alll the ingredients haha lol :-)!!

  14. 21 Gabriela

    this looks great but i don’t use milk in any way because I’m a vegan. is there any alernative I could use?

  15. 22 Brittany

    I have a sugar scrub that uses vanilla extract, and I was hoping to have the scents match, for lack of a better word. Do you think using vanilla extract and olive oil would have the same effect as the lavender?

  16. 23 aame

    Where is this tutu from?! Need to know asap please <3

  17. Can we use Olive Oil instead of Lavender Oil

    • 25 hudabeauty

      You can darling, it’s not as rich, so I would recommend Almond Oil as an alternative!

  18. Sound like luxury. Maybe I should try.

  19. 27 beauty tips and tricks

    The best anti-aging skin protects you from the harmful effects of exposure to sun’s UV rays. This should not be done because it can end up looking terrible. Knowing how to look after your nails is an imperative part of looking good.

  20. 28 Header

    We need a recipe for having a smooth nails not brittle or tough

  21. 29 rivy

    my favorite way of getting really soft skin is by first doing my hair removal routine then using a coffee scrub then following up with a vitamin c moisturizer and some rosehip seed oil….your skin will literally adore you for this

  22. 30 preet

    Where can i buy a baiden mitten from in Dubai?

  23. 31 Malika

    Are you talking about lavender essential oil, or just any oil with lavender in it?

  24. 32 hira

    Hey huda, I used to have amazing skin on legs once upon a time that when I used to get em waxed I used to adore em literally. Then I shifted to dubai n I started shaving in initial months..n now im back to waxing but when ever I get it done I have large weird pores visible on my legs n they r not even soft anymore. Can u tell me the reason for this? And will the above given treatment help me?

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