Tutorial | The BEST Way to Do Ombre Nails!

Thu, 6 Sep 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves!! Soooo I know I typically do makeup tutorials, but I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite trends, Ombre Nails! It was actually REALLY simple to do, so I was so happy! I tried a few methods, and to me, this was the easiest–it’s honestly fool-proof!



16 Responses to Tutorial | The BEST Way to Do Ombre Nails!

  1. hind

    waaw this is amazing,, can we use any sponge?

  2. 1 Tamara

    I’m so glad you did this!! This looks so cool and I love the colors!! I can’t wait to try this!!

  3. 2 Sara

    love this big time HB

  4. 3 Najwa

    I dnt mean to sound like a stalker but while the video was playing, i didnt pay attention on how to do ombre nails. I just gawked at how gorgeous you and your makeup is :)

  5. 4 BeautyGlam

    Omgosh this is sooo cool! Looove it!!! I can’t wait to try this out!! Thanks hudie!! You are seriously AWESOME! Xxx

  6. 5 Jasmine

    Hi huda, I’m just wondering if you could do an under 20$ makeup tutorial…. Lots of other makeup artists on youtube do it and i would love to see you do it as you are one of the VERY best-if not the best, in the makeup and beauty department. That would be awesome for some of the chicas here with a tight budget… Like me :)

    Thanks for being talented and awesome!

  7. 7 mitsa

    Thanks Huda this looks so easy will try it tonight to see how good of a teacher you are ahah LOL. Anyways @Jasmine she has in the past posted drugstore fined that are almost always under $20.00. For example the NYX makeup line its almost all under $20.00 and any Max factor, L’Orele make up products are all under $20.00 so you can purchase a Maybellne eyeliner for like $6.00 and Nyx eyeshadows for like $7.00 and a Lip gloss or lipstick for like 5.99 and that is for $20.00

  8. 8 Bouchra

    Huda pleas tell me wich makeup you used in this video. It’s really gorgeous and i think many others are wondering wich makeup you used to achieve this beautiee look! Really hope that you will reply dear! Shokran!!

  9. 9 H&M

    Hi Huda,
    As well as our skin and hands, our feet needs love too. :)
    Can you share some DIY tips for feet?
    For example, feet bath or creams you use
    Loves <3

  10. 10 Mary Monroe

    Love your eye makeup and LASHES !!! Awesome nails

  11. 11 Medina

    I agree with Bouchra! I was admiring your foundation and hilighting Please show us how you achieved this look and what have you used to hilight the inner eye corner? love the lashes.What are they?

  12. Huda can you please make a make up tutorial for this look ?!

  13. 13 yuri sung

    Hi huda, it’s an amazing and creative way. I will try it.

  14. 14 neda

    perfect !!!

  15. 15 Sumaiyah

    Hi Huda! What lip color are you wearing!!??????? It’s beautiful!

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