By Huda Heidi Kattan

This might sound so funny, but when I need a little cheering up, one of my favorite things that brighten my day is finding a new awesome shade of lipstick! Some girls love heels, some love bags, but for me nothing quite says “Happy” like a new kick ass color of lipstick that I haven’t tried before! I just got the latest collection of Rouge Allure from Chanel and they had a few colors that I immediately fell in love with! The colors are gorgeous and even though we’ve seen red, pink and orange before, these shades just have something new and rich to them! I love the texture–it feels sooooo smooth and hydrating! The color surprisingly lasted very long even though it is a bit on the glossy side! I was able to wear this perfectly for about 4 hours with it looking like I just applied it, so that was AWESOME! This is definitely my favorite collection of lipsticks from Chanel and these colors may be some of favs ever created!

90 Pimpante (Peach), 94 Extatique (Pink), 96 Excentrique (Orange), 99 Pirate (Red), 108 Determinee (Mauve)