5 Reasons to LOVE Chanel’s Rouge Allure

Tue, 16 Oct 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This might sound so funny, but when I need a little cheering up, one of my favorite things that brighten my day is finding a new awesome shade of lipstick! Some girls love heels, some love bags, but for me nothing quite says “Happy” like a new kick ass color of lipstick that I haven’t tried before! I just got the latest collection of Rouge Allure from Chanel and they had a few colors that I immediately fell in love with! The colors are gorgeous and even though we’ve seen red, pink and orange before, these shades just have something new and rich to them! I love the texture–it feels sooooo smooth and hydrating! The color surprisingly lasted very long even though it is a bit on the glossy side! I was able to wear this perfectly for about 4 hours with it looking like I just applied it, so that was AWESOME! This is definitely my favorite collection of lipsticks from Chanel and these colors may be some of favs ever created!

90 Pimpante (Peach), 94 Extatique (Pink), 96 Excentrique (Orange), 99 Pirate (Red), 108 Determinee (Mauve)

39 Responses to 5 Reasons to LOVE Chanel’s Rouge Allure

  1. Huda baby! Your kisser is so pwettiie, mashAllah! I’ma check out that lip scrub you posted up before in an instant! Mwaah!

  2. 2 Yese

    you look so gorgeous for any lipstick, but i like the pirate 99! :)

    • 3 hudabeauty

      I loved that color! I didn’t even want to take it off!! Honestly, one of the best reds ever!

  3. 4 Nurhan Abdulaziz

    Every single color suits you, You look absolutely beautiful! I’ve emailed you and your management team so many times to get a makeup appointment but I never get a reply. I’d LOVE to have you do my wedding makeup, please let me know if there is any other way of contacting you. mwa xx

    • 5 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m surprised it didn’t get to me, there was probably a error:( Please email me directly again (huda@hudabeauty.com)! Sometimes I’ll be honest, we get a LOT of emails (sometimes more than other times) and we are slowly adding more people to the team so I can take more time to answer questions from you guys! I’ll do my very best to get back to you as soon as possible! :)

  4. 6 Bungee

    105 inimitable and 98Coromandel LOVE LOOOVE! Try it Hooodie;)

  5. 7 Caroline

    Ohh I have ask the same queston 5 times you dont answer

    Hi I write this comment before but you dont answer on mine comment but everyone else you answer have you always had thick These eye? or have you thinner but Completing them? what do you use for fire and do u use a brush or pencil? would like to know it for my eyebrows look slightly different than each other some space on the left eyebrow

    • 8 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, I’m really very sorry, but I don’t understand what you are asking, what exactly do you want to know sweetheart?

  6. 9 newmom

    I totally agree with you, Chanel lipsticks are really good, very moisturizing and lasts better without drying your lips. And you are gorgeous Huda , all those colors looked good as you are beautiful :)

    • 10 hudabeauty

      Thanks sweets! Yes, I was very impressed with texture and pigment! They honestly felt amazing on!

  7. 11 BeautyGlam

    The colors are gorgeous! Love them! Huda darling, I have a question. You mentioned that you use the Dior face wash, I went to the counter but I was confused. There was a couple diff kinds and milk cleansers too, which one do you use? Thanks hun! Xx

  8. 14 Pamela

    Hi, I was wondering what hair products you use that are really good? Can you tell about something that’s really good for your hair? Hope you will answer

  9. u look amazing in the shade 99 :D

  10. 18 SidEmm

    how much in dhs? :)

  11. 20 Meme

    Nice colors!
    Are your lips Botoxed?

  12. 22 xyz

    Pleeeease tell me where and when i can buy your lashes.. i looooove them and really can’t wait for it :)

    • 23 hudabeauty

      VERY soon! I actually just got the location confirmation yesterday and I’m getting the date confirmed this week, so I’ll be sure to let you know asap:)

  13. 24 Faaria

    Huda I need some serious HELP!!! Can you please tell me the names of a couple of MAC pink nude lipstick shades you use??? I have the same complexion as you and it’s important to know a couple of shades is MAC is the only brand available where I live!!

  14. 25 Faaria

    Huda I need some serious HELP!!! Can you please tell me the names of a couple of MAC pink nude lipstick shades you use??? I have the same complexion as you and it’s important to know a couple of shades as MAC is the only brand available where I live!!

    • 26 hudabeauty

      Darling, I don’t really use MAC that much, but I will try to pass by there and see what colors are good! I did go by there today and pick up a great color called Kinda Sexy, it is like a peach pink nude and it’s similar to what I always wear!

  15. 27 brittany gutierrez

    what contact lenses are you wearing? they look amazing xoxo

    • 28 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, the contacts I purchased from an asian beauty store in the states, unfortunately I threw out all of the packages to the sets and I have no idea what they are called, I’m trying to find out because I will need a new pair very soon, but I don’t know if I get the name or if they have them anymore, so if I can’t find these, I will hopefully at least find something similar!

  16. 29 maria

    Hey huda I’m lokong for a new set of good brushes. Do you reccomend sigma also which kind. I basically need the basic highlighter. Bronzer blush. Brushes. Let me kno thanks!!

    • 30 hudabeauty

      Sigma has it all, honestly! I love their brushes because they are awesome and a great price! My favorite bronzing brush is also my favorite highlighting brush, but obviously you don’t want to use them both together, it is the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter!

  17. 31 Nurhan Abdulaziz


  18. 32 Shamma

    Hudaaa <3 i love love love your eyeshadow here, can you please tell me what brand and name they are! im going to run to sephora and get it <3 YOU look FABULOUS in the pic

  19. 34 Mayra V

    You are so beatiful!!! i am sooo jelous i LOVE your make up.. what kind of foundation do you use? i love the peach colored lipstick!!

  20. 35 Mariam

    All these colours look so great on you and I agree with the excitement of finding a new shade of lip color! But I find that I don’t know where to start =/ meaning, I don’t know which shades suit my skin tone? So how do you go about it – I’d love to hear from an expert ;)

  21. I just love the Pirate Red! Thank you for sharing the review! I have to ask you, what type of facial makeup (coverup) do you use? I am on the hunt for a good one!

    Thank you,

  22. 37 Hind

    Huda u look lovely and i always love your choice of lipsticks i know the lipsticks you post about r gorgeous both in color and texture :) but i have one problem i am dark skinned so the ones u post here mostly doesn’t suit and honestly i am the hopeless at choosing my own color!i always let the sales lady choose for me!which somtimes turns to be a total disaster :) could you please post shades for darker skinned girls? i mean for all post lipsticks eyeshadows foundation i would really appreciate it :)

  23. 38 Raneem

    I just went out and purchased pirate 99 after you raved about it and the color is absolutely stunning. I haven’t really yet found a lipliner that matches the color. Any recommendations?

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