This is what 5 Layers of Mascara Looks Like!

Sun, 11 Nov 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know my obsession with false lashes is slightly unhealthy, but before I got into false lashes, I looooved wearing layers and layers of mascara! If there were ever an Olympics for Mascara application, I would hands down have won the gold medal because I turned my tiny itty-bitty lashes into giant monster lashes! And while false lashes are not practical every day, how much mascara can a girl wear before it becomes too much?

So, I used to wear something around 3-4 layers when I was in Highschool, but now I keep it simple and wear 2. Of course I had to push it and see how many I could actually pull off before they all stuck together, and boy did it come close! My lashes are shorter, but they really started to look big, long and slightly tarantula-esque, just the way I like them!

What do you guys think and how many layers do you wear?

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  1. Moza O

    I love your blog, and I always check it every once and a while. You look absolutely gorgeous! I got the Vitamin E products from The Body Shop after you recommended them, and I’m loving them! I don’t know what I would do without your blog. xx

  2. 1 Shamma

    HUDAAA CUTE! i need to start doing that !!!! Miss you Gorgeous !

  3. 2 MakeUpNaive

    Its crazy beauty! How are you doing now? <3

  4. 3 Dina

    Oh i wear 3 layers every day, my lashes are not that many and not that long :)

  5. 4 humi

    i wear so many layers untill im not satisfied :)

  6. 5 suman

    i wear loads and loads, prob like 5-6, btw you and your sisters are so beautiful. i love the pictures mona posts on her instgram, she looks beautiful like a doll mashAllah! all 3 of you are. i wanted to request to do a makeup look of monas makeup. she quite often wears red lips and ot looks amazing. but i want you to do a full makeup look of her. pleasee xxxxxxx

  7. 6 hafsah

    Hey Huda, I am really lucky time be blessed with beautiful long curly lashes and people always ask whether I’m watching false lashes or mascara when I’m not….. I’ve realised when I wear mascara at times it can look like spider legs and my lashes literally touch my eyebrow! Don’t u have lashes falling out as u wear too many coats of mascara? Of I use mascara I usually use my Dior primer and loreal million lashes. How can I prevent my lashes from falling out and looking all spidery?

  8. 7 pankhuri sood

    hey! u look amazzziinngggg…. sooo gorg… can u recommend me any other brand for lash primer.. something thats in a cheaper side ???
    thnx in advance:)

  9. 8 Jadebella

    What lipstick are you wearing?! Gorgeous!

  10. 9 Yous

    Honey, you’re beautiful no matter what, but for me 3 were enough xx

  11. 11 Diana

    2 layers looked more than enough. amazed at the primer, i must say. didn’t realize that the effect could be so dramatic. thanks

  12. 12 Amanie

    Amazing ! i am obsessed with your eyebrows they re thick & have the perfect shape ! Waw :)

  13. 13 Princess

    What lip color r u wearing? Im looking for the exact same color…

    • 14 hudabeauty

      Hey boo! I mixed a TON of colors! I don’t know what they were because they were just in my pink palette, but most of those colors are from MAC, I hope that’s helpful. If you check out my favorite pink lips video, there are a few colors there that are super bright!

  14. 15 hadeel

    you crazy Hudda :)

  15. 16 BeautyGlam

    Gorgeous!! I actually love the end result with five coats haha soo pretty!! Xxx

  16. 18 suha

    Hi huda! I loooveeee Dior Primer, I use it with Elizabeth Arden Double density mascara ( best mascara I’ve ever tried!) However I started to notice that my mascara starts to get flakey at some point of the day, so looking at your mascaras that youve got there in yor pics, if you were to choose just ONE of them coupled with the primer, which one would it be? PS: I love my lashes to be thick, long and seperated! :)

  17. 19 Joanna

    How do you take them out. I normally do three and it’s a pain when removing the mascara at the end of the day.

  18. 20 Zareen

    I luv all the mascara! I wear 3 layers?! And I have not tried false lashes. My lashes are pretty thick anyway. You look great Huda:)

  19. 21 Mary Monroe

    Can’t wait to get the dior primer seems to be amazing!

  20. you are a natural beauty, your makeup is just icing on the cake! i like that you promote healthy skin and lifestyle as opposed to spackling on foundation. healthy skin is the best beauty, and i use makeup to accentuate my features, not totally change them. thank you for all of your tutorials and reviews. i even got my boyfriend to do a clay mask!

  21. 23 Sapna

    I don’t know why u wear make up, ur very beautiful, strong features, great skin :)

  22. 24 norah

    can i know what nail polish u r wearing??

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.so beautiful,but isnt that too much for your original lashes.its 5 layers mascara.its strange that you still have lashes.sorry for too much honest.any way its still realy sooooo

    • 27 hudabeauty

      I think it’s def too much, but if you don’t wear it everyday and are gentle when you remove it, it should be ok!

  24. Huda, have u tried using castor oil on your lashes? i read about it and tried, its a miracle that my bottom lashes grew longer!

  25. I love you girl

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