Seriously Kick Ass Dark Spot Remover!

Mon, 12 Nov 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am SERIOUSLY impressed to say the least! I honestly didn’t expect much when I first opened the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Remover Serum. I mean I loooove Kiehl’s, but typically it takes WEEKS before you see any results with spot removers! This product is INSANE! Literally a few days after I used this on a scar, it began lightening right away! After 10 days, there is a HUGE difference in the appearance of my scar and I’m amazed! Come to find out, it’s actually won numerous awards and the study behind the women who’ve seen results with not only acne scars, but other scars as well, is pretty amazing!

Now of course, everyone’s results will be different and the newer the scar the better. If you have scars from deep injuries, it may be more difficult if it is possible, but it definitely does work as a super strong skin lightener!

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  1. hamna

    you must be pretty rich to have the BEST and pricy products. you have like everything. urban decay, tom ford everything. its amazing

  2. 2 Diana

    i have been using tomato juice application for dark spots removal and it works 3 times better. i normally get rid of spots like yours after 4 applications (used with 1 day gap). it removes the stain completely. and costs pennies.

    • 3 zuhra

      Hi Diana. will it work on face pigmentation? i used many brands (strivectin, guerlain, channel etc), but nothing works really well.

      • 4 Jenny

        I got a small tub from a gf. The tub was $70 maybe 2 oz of this yellowish cream. The writing on the tub is in some asian or arabic language. Anyway, desperate that my spots were so ugly and right in the middle of my cheeks (AND having seen my friends dark spots did go away in a month!) I dished out the money and took it home. I did the allergy test on my elbow – I’m very allergic to almost everything! To make a long story short, my horrible spots are gone! gone! yes gone! I cannot believe it. I have asked my friend where she got and she says she gets from someone at work. Regardless I’m willing to have a second one in case they ever come back. I don’t know what was in the cream – I trusted someone had used it before me and it worked and now I can say it does. I’ve tried to find it online so I can share it with other women that suffer from ugly dark spots. If I do, I will share the info.

    • 5 elsy

      fresh tomato juice? and how much of it? also how would you rate your dark spots? i have pretty bad ones! :/

    • 6 Michelle


  3. 7 sandy

    Thank u sooooo much..where can i get in australia..pls let me face is full of dark spots..sooooo nice of u

    • 8 Zahraa

      You can fins kiehls in Myer stores and maybe David Jones as well. But I’ve bought kiehls from Myer myself

  4. 9 Ada

    Oh wow!! I really want to try it because nothing has worked on the acne scars I’ve had for 2 years :-(

  5. 10 BeautyGlam

    This is pretty amazing!!

  6. 11 Enas

    How do u use tomato juice application?! @Diana

  7. 14 anna

    is this product safe to use on the face?

  8. 15 Joanna

    The end results looks amazing. Going to check out the tomato remedy :)

  9. 16 sheena

    Hi huda can you make a video with a blue smokey eye


  10. 17 princess

    thanx for tiz super info huda… plz share wat is the best way to remove blackheads , especially around the nose area…any home remedies or counter products..plz help…its annoying. thnx

  11. 18 Santan

    Hi Huda,
    I found your tomato juice video really helpful but I am interested to know how to remove scar marks from face and neck. Can u suggest.

  12. 19 reem

    where can i find this in dubai ?

  13. Hi Huda! I just purchased this product in order to correct some acne scaring. It says to apply all over the entire face. I was thinking that I’d apply it directly to the scars only. What would you suggest?

    • 21 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I used it only on spots and it gave me great results! I would start out only using it on spots and see how it works as you start to spread it around! Test it ou!

      • 22 lala karim

        hey hud a! it would be great if you could reply to me, would product would be good for red spots and to keep them at bay!? im only 19.. i want something to clear my face, i have a couple spots that come and go on my face on my skin and forehead. could you recommend somethng that would clear it up, please. keep up the amazing work! such a fan of yours

  14. 23 naz

    where can i find it in dubai?..

  15. Definitely my newest Holy Grail!

  16. 26 anju

    does this product,, can work on dark spots because of pimiples?

  17. 28 sarah

    Does it work on brown spots on the face?

  18. 29 prince

    Does it avilable on chemist shop in delhi?

  19. 30 kate

    @Jenny , the yellow cream is probably called “kelly” & I think it’s from Indonesia.

  20. Does work for dark spot in face I tray so many products and nothing

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