The AWESOMEST At-Home Tomato Facial Peel!

Wed, 21 Nov 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Have you ever seen it? That gorgeous skin glow from miles away, perfectly even toned and FLAWLESS?! Yeah, it doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while you see a girl who is just born with insanely beautiful skin! I deal with skin so much with all my clients and one of the issues I ALWAYS have time and time again is how makeup looks on skin–the LAST thing you want is makeup that is obvious! Sooo, I always recommend a mini-peel from a kick ass dermatologist or you can just do it at home (and probably get just as amazing results)!




1/2 medium tomato
1 lime

In a blender, puree the tomato until smooth and squeeze the entire lime into the mix. Apply the mixture on your face in a thin layer and let sit for 15 minutes. Splash with water until clean and follow with your favorite moisturizer. Pop extra mix into fridge and follow use for 3-5 days. If any reaction occurs, stop use right away (reactions are not common, but just in case).

13 Responses to The AWESOMEST At-Home Tomato Facial Peel!

  1. Suman

    This is just what I needed right now, thank you soooo much by the way please show us your beauty room on instgram xxx

  2. I will try it to night very informative!!!!

  3. 2 Lama

    Hi Huda! you are beautiful mashallah and have great skin which is a problem I have had for a few years.. This looks great I can’t wait to try it! My skin is acne prone and I get breakouts a lot there not too bad but I do have acne spots on my forehead and near my lips. I don’t know where to start with products that will help keep my skin clear and healthy and not so prone to breakouts. I would love it if u could give me suggestions! I would really appreciate it keep up the amazing work u do xo

  4. Hi Huda, did you receive my email? I have tried contacting you again but I have not been able to. In case you didn’t, I’d like to know. Thank you.Hi Huda, did you receive my email? I have tried contacting you again but I have not been able to. In case you didn’t, I’d like to know. Thank you.

  5. 4 BeautyGlam

    Thank youuu! Will def be trying this! Xxx

  6. hello huda how long ll keep this mask ? thnxs

  7. 7 prachi

    i loved it..i tried it! its awesum….!!!thank u huda….can u help with dark lips? i have dark lips…i mean the edges are darker wat do i do? i scrub thtz honey n sugar mix..its its nt helping wd the edges!

  8. 8 Diana

    i’ve been doing that mask for months. Results are like photoshop’ed skin but you should apply 50+ sunscreen or avoid lime at all. it gives pigmentation on skin, especially in the Spring sun, and i noticed that. So been using tomato along, which gives great results on its own as well.

    • 9 Sapna

      What happens if a person has rosacea? So ur suggesting use just tomatoe no lime? I did just lime n honey once, and completely broke out with in 15 mins.

      • 10 M

        Do a caster sugar (glycolic acid) peel instead. Make a paste out of caster sugar and water (not too runny, not too dry), smear it all over your face, leave for 15-20 min, then wash off. You’ll get soft, fresh, flake-free skin as the result :)

  9. 11 faizasaeed

    i usually apply just tomato puree but from now onwards will add lime too :)

  10. 12 shafaq

    hy huda plz tel me regarding hair fall & dull hairs to look shiny

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