How Adriana Lima Got Her Body Back, 8 Weeks after Baby

Thu, 6 Dec 2012

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By Huda Heidi Kattan

Is it me, or does it seems like celebrities take magic peels to look insanely perfect?

Last night, I was so impressed with the Boss Nuit event (it was really incredible) and seeing Gwenyth Paltrow in the flesh was refreshing! She looked EXACTLY how she does on TV. More than anything, her super toned body was STUNNING and I honestly couldn’t believe it when she said she eats everything just works out like crazy! This morning, I read this article from Vogue about Adriana Lima and how she got back into shape JUST 8 WEEKS after giving birth by eating chocolate mouse, hamburgers and pretty much everything that would give most of us muffin tops and thunder thighs (No Thank You)! Here’s the deal breaker, she works out 4-6 hours a day 7 days a week—WHAT?!! Is that even humanly possibly!

After you give birth your metabolism starts to slow down significantly and your whole body mass changes. Where you gain weight, if you ever had cellulite, EVERYTHING! It’s almost like you have a completely new body! I never really had issues with weight gain until after I had a baby, now I struggle losing the weight and although people think I lost it, I just hide it well (thank you SPANX)!

What do you guys think about this? Do you have tips that you swear by for losing weight? Grapefruits are little secret, I swear by them!

39 Responses to How Adriana Lima Got Her Body Back, 8 Weeks after Baby

  1. I have had 3 kids and each time Weight watchers worked for me, you can eat everything just stick to the points….I wish Dubai had weight watchers, but I still have my book and follow it daily, so if anyone interested lemme know….:))

    • 1 Vanilla

      any possibility to borrow ?danx feefee :)

    • I’m interested! I was going to join weight watchers but dont really have the time atm, and not sure if its worth the money? what do you think?

  2. 4 sandy

    Its really hard to loose especially after delivery..i gained 20kilos.. i lost 10 with the help of VLCC …struggling to loose again..bcome impossible…i tried everything b4 i went to VLCC ,like dieting, gym, aerobics…i am nt stayg in UAE anymore so couldnt continue in VLCC

  3. 5 Rad

    I love Adriana Limas dedication and focus! she did work out four to seven hours a day but that was for a very few limited weeks in time for the show. She is clearly an athlete in her mind. it is possible to work out for these many hours but your mental focus has to be razor sharp. I have recently moved from modelling into group exercise fitness instruction and to be faced with the necessity of having an exceptionally conditioned fitness regimen was humbling. But one has to step up to these challenges.
    Unfortunately there are many people out there who are dissing Adriana and calling her an irresponsible mother for leaving her little ones at home to exercise for so long. But what most fail to see is the big picture. This woman’s work requires her to be exceptionally fit and in time for the most important show of her career which will keep her in business. sacrificing six hours a day for your work so that you can spend the rest of the year having a priviledged lifestyle where you get to spend more time with your kids than the average working mother is perfectly fine. In fact if I had a similar job that allowed me to define my time, I would do the same. Most women who work and have babies get barely any time after their maternity leave! They work an average of eight to nine hours a day and to see comments from so many such women criticising Adriana for her six hour a day prep for the VS show is disturbing.
    by the way Huda, slowly start incorporating intense high intensity interval trainings….u can do them at home…u look gorgeous either way but if weight loss is ur concern, then start with these. they work wonders ….keep up the gorgeousness,!! Xxooxoxxo

  4. 6 Diana

    Eat healthy (fiber, protein, veg, little fat) and it’ll shed 80% of fat. exercising is a minor accompaniment to weight loss. By the way, who of your readers won the guest ticket to the Boss Nuit VIP party?

  5. 7 Rad

    Oh and one more thing….she didn’t eat all the naughty stuff during those few intense weeks…the article actually says that normally she does eat them but for is intense program, to maximise the results, she stuck to clean foods….and is works….I’ve done this for the past three weeks and even the cellulite is nearly gone! If u train hard…intense short workouts even…and keep the diet clean, u will see results before u know it :D

  6. 8 Diana

    and when Gwyneth says she eats everything, she doesn’t eat any of the processed food – which most of the weight gainers eat. She eats home made cooked stuff which is hard to gain weight from.

  7. 9 Newmom

    My son is 6 months now, I barely lost 4 pounds that with dieting . I went from size 2 to size 8 n now I m size 6 . I feel like I have a body of a different woman . It s a struggle to loose weight esp when u don t have time to go to the gym regularly , I mean a normal mom can t go to the gym for 6 hours a day. Only celebs can I guess. But at the end when u see you baby getting happy when he sees you ,or between your arms you just forget about all those pounds :).

    • 10 despoina

      Your healthy baby is what matters and do not worry about your body,takes a year to recover from birth,forget the celebrities and what they say to interviews,my best friend and my sister just tried to work out a little bit,while they were at home,they did not make it till the gym with a new born at home,,but they succeed-There are plenty of easy works out in you tube.Many kisses from Greece!

      • 11 Newmom

        i totally agree with you, i don t really keep up with what celebrities do and how they lost weight after a month , as they have babysitters , chefs that cook for them and, and…i d rather bond with my son and spend 7 hours taking care of him , i mean i work out when i can , and try yo eat healthy, i m not happy about my body but at the end , i m so happy and blessed to have my son in my life and that what matters at the end :)
        and i think moms that gained weight need to stop looking at these pictures as what they do is just make you feel ugly. Enjoy being a mom and enjoy your little one as you ll miss every day and every moment as they grow fastttttt.

  8. 12 Sadaf

    I eat Everything in moderation, little but often and lots of green tea, as it also contributes to ur water intake! Run for 30mins 3 times a week, Keeps me totally trim n feeling fabulous, every1 tells me i have a victorias secret figure! I dont agree tho lol!

  9. 13 Badra Al Mohammed

    I think something is weird around her belly button, What did you do to lose the weight after having the baby also Dana Wolley from Wayed Vintage lost so much weight please share with us how you both did it.

  10. 14 Ibimini

    I had my two babies in two years with the second being premature and even though I’m back to the pre preg weight my body has completely changed!!! So now Im wanting to lose 14lbs because I feel it will help me look my best. My youngest is 10 months now but I still don’t have time to go to the gym. For me low carbs diets work and I don’t gain the weight after I start eating again also not eating after 6-7 helps as we do struggle with our middle sections after having babies…

  11. 15 Suzann

    As gorgeous as she is, she should just keep her mouth shut. It’s unrealistic to work out that much each day and the effects on the body may cause harm in the future. I lost 57 pounds out of the 65 gained during pregnancy so far and barely work out. If I do it’s no more than 1 hour a week. Myfitnesspal was the way to go for me along with watching carbs.

  12. 16 Ada

    This makes me a bit sad. I am in the psychology field and although this doesn’t affect me much it does affect many other women/girls who look up to these celebs or who have body image issues. I absolutely get what you were trying to do by posting this article and saying that you can eat what you like and look great. However, often times these celebs IF they want to talk about how they lost weight, keep fit, or lost baby weight they need to be completely truthful. While most of us cannot spend 6-7 hours a day in the gym everyday (and I NEVER would ahh I’d go crazy), I understand that it is their ‘job’ requirement and I respect that. But Gwyneth Paltrow for instance who sets the world ablaze with her obsession with gluten and eating only organic made-up foods (a bit exaggerated), most people are not eating that. So if she wants to talk about eating everything she should be clear and stress the importance of eating raw foods (perhaps leaving out her opinions of gluten, etc). Plus many celebs smoke. I feel they may look good but may not necessarily be as healthy as you or I. And you are healthy and radiant Huds :-). Thumbs up to Rad too!

  13. 18 mitsa

    I thinks she is full of crap…. I mean who can have a new born baby and be out in the gym or even in the gym in there home for 4-6 hours with a new born…. Does she never see her new born baby? I am getting so sick of Celeb coming out and saying that they got there body back in so many months and days after giving birth… that is not normal at all. Normal women do not have a living in nanny possibly two, a person who can come and cook all of your meals, or even be able to get the best trainers to work out with or even a surgeon.

    I honestly would never want to miss out the time I have with my new born baby just so i can be in the gym for 4-6 hours a day 7 days a week. I would want to enjoy my baby and bond with him or her and then slowly work out. THis is unhealthy and so Hollywood thing to do.

    Not sure why these celebs have babies… they never spend time with them, they dont take care of them, only time you see them holding a baby is when its a photo op time.

  14. 20 Bungee

    And what about breastfeeding? How did she do that? Or didn`t at all?!?

  15. 21 Mary Monroe

    Crazy! but she looks amazing.. it’s her job after all :-)

  16. i went back to my original weight in 30 day after giving birth, I just controlled my meals, started a healthy diet,
    i swear by breast feeding, it sucks ur tummy back to shape,
    also movement, i never excersied but used to moer around and be active !!

  17. 23 Angela

    It’s so dangerous seeing all these celebrities/ models coming back and flaunting their “post baby bodies”. Certainly, if we were paid thousands of dollars a day we would hire nannies to take care of/ raise our children and then we’d be able to focus on our careers (which in her case revolves around her appearance). How devastating it is to be a mom of 2 (and no swimsuit model body, though I was fit before having kids) and be constantly exposed to those images! And I’m over 30, with a well established career and family life with plenty of support. How about a teenager with an unplanned pregnancy? These manufactured post-baby bodies should not be idolized as they are. It would be interesting to see what a day in the life of these new parents is like. Perhaps the rest of us are all doing it wrong, LOL!! I know after 8 weeks I was still post-partem, confused for being pregnant after my second child (ouch), and a complete zombie thanks to a baby who woke up every 2 hours around the clock. If these celebrities know the secret, I’m all ears!!

  18. 24 Melissa

    You dont answer here when you get a question.. so I wonder how I can contact you? Would be greatful for an answer! Love

  19. 26 BeautyGlam

    Hudie darling! So I know this is waaaaay off-topic but I was hoping you can help me. The MAC glitter brilliants you used in your bday makeup, what color is it? I’m obsessed with it and I’m trying to find it. Pleeease help! Xxx

  20. I have posted a REAL weight loss story here. This is my experience after having a baby and my journey of love of food, motivation and self acceptance along the way.

  21. 28 Dina

    Dear could you please do tutorial for adriana makeup … thank you gorgeous

  22. 29 shoosh

    breast feeding does magic , number 1 for losing weight

  23. 30 nihad

    I wasnt over weight during my pregnancy, i actually gained a lot of weight 2 months after i had my baby. i ate like crazy and watch my intake in any way and of course zero excercize. i regret that so much now because im depressed and stuck with all this fat and dont know what to do. i reached a point were i dont want to look at myself in the mirror! but everything changed when i travelled and saw healthy happy women who look and feel great even after having babies. it inspired me so much i started watching what i eat and got new workout outfits and will start going to the local gym this week :) as for celebrities and how their bodies return to how they were before pregnancy is because they follow a healthy diet and excercize throughout their pregnancies as well.. which is so admirable.. and huda sweety, with that face, trust me noone will notice the “weight” your talking about! your gorgoeus mashAllah :)

  24. 31 Um Ward

    I am 37 years old and have two kids, work full time and I beleive maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key. I am only three kilos heavier than before having my kids.
    I eat alot (5-6 meals a day), but mostly fruits, veggies, white meat proteins,whole grains, nuts, dark chocolate and avoid anything fried, bought cakes and cookies, no store bought juices and sodas. Though, I do have my rice during the weekends and do indulge in home made desserts.
    One important aspect that helps is that I plan out my meals and there is always a healthy meal ready so I di not eat junk ;)
    I work out 3-4 times a week, I do cardio but include lots of weights to burn more calories even when I am not working out.
    Everyone is different, what matters is that your healthy, fit, have self acceptance and confidence and happy. One should enjoy life, stop comparing themselves to others, everyone is unique and beautiful in thier own way xx

  25. 33 ayesha

    We must keep in mind that is is Adriana’s JOB to look like this! If we were paid millions im sure we would be motivated to hit the gym alot more haha. And most importantly though – the VS models represent a tinyyyy fraction of the general population of women! Us mere mortals are beautiful enough ya know! (huda prime example ;p) if we had millions im pretty sure we would look alot more like celebrities lol.
    Being a Mother is the most amazing privilege in the world! stretchmarks, baby weight such a small price to pay for the honor of being able to bring a child into this world :) xxxx

  26. 34 alhashemi.sara

    I have 4 children, and i keep a very tight routin after birth! breast feeding only! private sessions at home (not all activities are useful) and one little secret i learned from a very good friend….a cup of hot water after every meal! it will help you so much…..and healthy food off course…

  27. I think her body shape has slightly changed since having the baby. She isn’t AS slim as she was before. Hell, the way she looks now is obviously PERFECT! But when I see her before pictures, she isn’t as CURVY as she is now. Her hips seem a lot bigger too. And there’s nothing wrong with it at all! If anything, I prefer it! I wish I had all the time in the world to solely focus on working out and eating well 24/7.

  28. 36 ei

    I have to ask; how do you get physical in the gym every day with tender boobs from all the breastfeeding/ pumping?

  29. Here is a kicker: I gained 45 kg with each pregnancies and unable to lose weight!!! I’ve been a raw vegan for 6 months and did P90X – gained 5 kg!!! I started getting acupuncture 4 weeks ago and the dr. put me on a different diet (no raw veg, no salads, no dairy, everything has to be cooked, I eat fish, and an egg every day now) and it’s slowly coming off finally

  30. 38 Lucy Lou

    I watch awesome shows with women that look amazing like sex in the city, and while its on I do bouts of planks, squats and lunges sit ups and push ups, or a bit of yoga :) visual stimulation haha xxx

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