By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok so I have sworn by these FOREVER! It’s great to see this actually trending, but super hot mama Hilary Duff posted a picture on twitter of her gorgeous hair extension-free! Her hair did NOT look extension free, but she commented saying “No extensions . . . Feels liberating . . . lol..Thank you prenatal vitamins!”

Do Prenatal Vitamins actually work? YESSS!! They are loaded with incredible vitamins for hair growth including Vitamin A & Biotin, while most of them are recommended to take with Fish Oil, CHA-CHING, literally the best combination for gorgeous thick hair! If you don’t want to take prenatal vitamins because of the excess iron, look for ones without iron or just increase your take of Biotin! This SERIOUSLY works guys, I promise!

When taking vitamins consult with your doctor. Please note, some people do experience breakouts when taking Biotin. If this happens, stop taking them!