Guess Who I’m Collaborating With….

Sun, 16 Dec 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am BEYOND excited about working with the Middle Easts’ number one English online mag I’ve been blessed to come across a lot of opportunities, but most of the times, they are not always what I’m looking for. When SF’s Editor, Haleh Nia, the amazingly focused, talented, fashion-genius called me and asked me to come in and speak to her about becoming a Beauty Editor, I was sooo excited and a bit nervous!

I have so much respect for Haleh, she’s done such an unbelievable job with Savoir Flair and I honestly feel we have the same hopes and dreams for beauty in the region! I was actually feeling kind of nervous about becoming a Beauty Editor, especially since I know Haleh, she’s got incredibly high standards and I could never do anything if I didn’t feel I would be able to give it 100%! When we sat down this weekend and when we discussed our upcoming articles, I got so excited!!

I can’t wait to show you guys all of the posts to come! We just finished our Best in Beauty 2012, which is a list of all the BEST products out there and let me know tell you, it’s looooong! It will be coming out this month and it literally took hundreds (possibly thousands) of products to go through to get to best of the best!

I am psyched about this and more than anything I really am eager to show you guys another side of beauty to me :)

11 Responses to Guess Who I’m Collaborating With….

  1. Merisha

    the best always comes to those who thinks best for others! we are glad for you! cheers! :)

    • 1 hudabeauty

      Awww Thank you lovey!! You’re so sweet and cute! :)

      • 2 Merisha

        :) :) most of us gets hooked on to your posts once we stumble here by sheer chance (ps: my case)! You are an amazon of ideas and lot more, the best part is your bubbling willingness to share all of them to the world who relate with you! SF got lucky just like everyone out here who look up to you!
        You’re inside out a very pretty soul.. sore higher, we will watch out for you! :)

        [A note on behalf of the silent reader’s community who tries to quench up as much from your blog.. so bring it on hudie!]

  2. 3 Mary Monroe

    What an amazing opportunity congratulations love you deserve this Xoxo excited for you can’t wait!

  3. 4 Suman

    I am sooooo happy for u, u will do an amazing job. InshAllah you will succeed in every task and opportunity and may Allah grant you with succession and prosperity. Ameen xxx

  4. Congratulations sweepy! And thank you for always trying to provides us readers with genuine chosen collabs and honest posts / articles. I’ll be keepin up with Savoir Flair from now on! Haleh Nia must’ve been clever thinking to haul in Hudabeauty, hehe!

    Just sending my love love and success (to both of you), mwaah!

  5. 6 sandy

    Congats huda..u deserve all kind of blessing

  6. 7 BeautyGlam

    Congrats beautiful!! You deserve the best! So proud of you! Love you! <3

  7. 8 dina

    Best of Luck Huda, i am sure you will rock it out all the way :)
    cant wait to read it. Congrates.

  8. 9 hadeel

    congrats :)

  9. 10 bebegirl

    Congratulations, very well deserved. You are the only out there that sincerely loves teaching others how to look gorgeous. That’s why I love your site.

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