Check Me Out on Keek for Serious Beauty!!

Sat, 22 Dec 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves!! Sooo you guys know how much I love Social Media so much! I was with some gorgeous clients today and they kept telling me about Keek! As soon as I got home, my sister was telling me about how much she loved it, so I had to get on it and try it! It’s kind of like an Instagram with Videos, but the videos have to be around 30 seconds! I think it’s such an amazing idea and I love it for beauty! Sooooo, I posted one video on how to organize makeup, and I plan on posting a ton of videos about How To’s, Favorite Products, Outfits of the day, and other fun things! I posted 3 videos tonight, but will be posting sooo many more soon! :)


9 Responses to Check Me Out on Keek for Serious Beauty!!

  1. suman

    i made it for you, and im glad i did

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    Fun! can’t wait to watch

  3. 3 Mpa

    Love this new idea, HUDA! Just plain lovely…

  4. 4 Mpa

    What is the website again? I don’t seem to find it!

    • 5 hudabeauty

      It’s an app, called Keek! You can downlaod it for free in the App store for iPhone or Android! :)

  5. 7 BeautyGlam

    Looove this hudie!! And Nour is just beyond! Too cute for words! <3<3<3

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