Lose Stomach Fat Instantly By Drinking This!

Mon, 24 Dec 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think I can speak for most women when I say stomach fat is the HARDEST to get rid of! I’m constantly looking for ways to lose fat anywhere, but if I can get rid of belly jelly, I am 100% in! My mom is a Dr. Oz fanatic, so she calls me literally every day asking me to watch it when it comes on (she’s really cute)!

Sooo are you ready to know the magic drink that Dr. Oz swears that Whit Tea literally melts away belly fat! It helps metabolize your fat and also helps keep you from storing fat from foods! It’s ability to burn fat is actually so strong that it has been rated one of the most powerful drinks to lose weight! Drinking two cups per day is really all you need and the affects are incredible! Tea Party anyone? I am so trying this NOW!

Hi my Loves! Sorry I didn’t include it above! The effect of blogging while entertaining my daughter! It’s White Tea! :)) PS I love you guys!!

160 Responses to Lose Stomach Fat Instantly By Drinking This!

  1. Ayesha

    What is it?

    • 1 Izzy

      White Tea, you`ll find it at any store and dont put more than 2 tea spoon sugar or dont put sugar better, and drink it 2- 3 times in a day

      • 2 mahnoor21

        hey!! what about White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate (flavored white tea) will it work?

  2. 3 johanna

    what is the name of the tea? you left that out

  3. 4 zoozo

    huda you didnt even say what is it ?:S !!

  4. 5 Najwa

    Drinking two cups of what, Huda? Normal tea with milk or a specific blend? :( You didnt mention it in your post

    • 6 alanna

      She did say it… it is WHITE TEA… it is the immature buds of the green tea plant…. u can buy it in any grocery store, tetley makes one.

  5. 7 Ada

    Is it green tea?? Oolong tea? Macha tea? I loove tea. I’m English and Dr. Oz always recommends a TON of teas, LOVE him, so which one Huds?! Cus I’m on ittt

  6. 8 Rima

    What’s the drink?

  7. 9 stephanie

    soooo what is it??

  8. 10 Dunia

    What is it? You didn’t post the drink’s name or any information on it.. haha.

  9. 11 afifa

    hey huda, what is it ? :S
    and btw i love u soooo much! u inspire me a lot! xox

  10. 13 Shana

    What kind of tea is it? Green or black or.. Etc

  11. 14 Tinka

    you mean cup of tea with no sugar? twice a day ? :) x

  12. 15 Sabrina

    So what is exactly the drink?green tea?black tea?

  13. 17 Cesca

    You didn’t say what the drink is? Lol. Two cups of what???

  14. 18 yasmine

    Could you please define what tea exactly? Thank you <3

  15. 19 Babitha Bobby

    I am sorry sweetie… I am not able to understand anything about the drink you are talking here! What is the drink called or what is it made of? I would love to know :)

  16. And what is this tea which doctor oz is saying?? By the way u are my idol… Really love u hudaaa ❤❤❤

  17. 21 Steph

    What is it.. Doesn’t say the actual drink..

  18. 22 Missy

    What is it?

  19. is it available in Dubai?

  20. Before trying and, even worse, recommending something, it would be beneficial to study medical consequences. Quick diet dehydrates the body which can have lethal effect in worst cases. Different diets leads to different organ failures. Eat healthy, exercise and sleep and you WILL lose weight – your body and brain will get the right of ingredients to function well, your metabolism will increase naturally and you will be losing weight every day. Learn the basics of how different foods get processed in your body and why you body needs proteins and fiber and vitamins and why it doesn’t need lots of fatty foods. I assure you, it will make you think before you eat another piece of fatty food and you will naturally lose weight. That’s all you need to change your eating habits.

    • Excellent point!

    • 26 tro

      I don’t think she was saying to do a quick diet. She was just recommending to incorporate 2 cups of hot white tea each day. Green tea also has natural metabollic accelarators that provide you with antioxidants. Here’s the link to the Dr. Oz show were he explains the benefits of drinking tea. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/best-teas-weight-loss-pt-1

      • She added the name of what she was recommending to drink after my post. I got the impression that it was one of those mixes that people get obsessed with nowadays in search for a quick fix of their lifelong eating disorder. If it’s just white tea, it changes the issue but no tea will still shrink your belly fat. Eating properly and excising will. It’s a good marketing trick though to get this tea selling – same as coca cola being used to treat some deceases…! ))

    • you are absolutely right. In fact ive been doing some search about “white tea” and i found that it has more C affine than green tea, despite its great benefits, which makes me hold back before trying it.

      • 29 mahnoor21

        hey!! what about White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate (flavored white tea) will it work?

  21. 30 Rojda

    Drinking two cups of what ? Am i unable to read or did you forget the point of this hudi? :) you re so cute

  22. 31 Naeema

    What’s the drink??

  23. 32 Amna

    what is the drink? you didn’t mention

  24. 33 sara

    heey Huda
    whats the drink? how do we make it?

  25. 34 Sarah

    Whats Its called?

  26. 35 Jennifer

    Im assuming the drink is tea? Did Dr. Oz say what type of tea?

  27. Huda what is the drink ?

  28. 37 dana

    You didn’t tell us what kind of tea!

  29. 38 suz

    you didnt say what is it! -_-???????

  30. 39 Rania

    ??? What is it

  31. 40 sofie

    whats the drink recipe?

  32. 41 hudas#1fan

    Hi Huda,

    I absolutely love your blog. Could you please give your readers the name of this “magic drink”?It seems you accidentally left the name off your blurb.

  33. 42 Iraqi Angel

    What’s the drink ?

  34. 43 Amna

    and the drink is?

  35. 44 Hannah

    regular red tea?

  36. which tea?

  37. 46 Maitha AL M.

    Drink What???

  38. 47 JEEJ

    What kind of tea Hoodie ? Green ?

  39. Hello Huda,

    Thank you for working so hard to provide us with your daily beauty updates, we all love them so much! :)
    Just one question, I’m sorry but I didn’t get what kind of tea are you talking about here? :D

    Thanks a lot!


  40. 49 zara

    Which kind of tea is it?

  41. 50 Mira

    you didn’t mention what the drink is…?

  42. 51 Lilly

    Is tea the magic drink?

  43. Hi Huda :) You are amazing and so gorgeous inside and out :) What sort of tea are you talking about?

  44. 53 samira

    hi huda i didnt get it so is it just normal tea?

  45. 54 reemz

    you didnt say what to drink? i think you left that out

  46. 55 aiysha

    which tea??

  47. 56 SS

    You never mentioned what it is :)?

  48. 57 Noor

    What is the drink? Two cups of what? I think u forgot to say what it is hehe

  49. 58 iffs

    Any side effects! Is it saffe huda dear?

  50. 59 FatmaAli

    Whats the magic drink?

  51. 60 Akasha

    Hey Huda u ok? I don’t know if its me but I missed the name of this tea… What is it? X

  52. 61 Kami

    Two cups of what, Huda? pleeeeease, I’m dying to know!!!

  53. 62 Tala

    Is it green tea???

  54. 63 sara

    Drink what?

  55. 64 naz

    hi Huda, can you plz tell wich tea we need to drink if i want to lose belly fat?

  56. green tea ?

  57. 66 Talia

    hey huda, i read this a couple of times trying to think if you mentioned what the magic drink was bas you didnt :p

  58. 67 hilal

    what tea is that?

  59. 68 -A

    What is it? :)

  60. 69 Bungee

    Drink what??

  61. I had to read this twice looking for the answer, so it’s tea. Green I assume…

  62. 71 Sandy

    Hey :) thank you for the information but you didn’t tell us what is it?:) which kind of tea?:)

  63. 72 Batul Fazal

    What is the drink ?:)

  64. 73 Jannat

    what is the product? you gave a a good explanation but i dont even know what the product is! :)

  65. 74 zena

    White tea is the drink guys its written there in the article

  66. 75 Yusra

    Which tea is it? Plz tell …

  67. 76 connie

    While tea and coffee are diaretics, they will not dehydrate you if you drink a normal amount of water and other liquids per day. White tea and green tea will help you lose weight. You don’t need a specific brand.

    Good tip Huda!

  68. 77 sharon

    In desperate need of this!!!!!!! So where can I purchase this I live in Texas.

    • 78 sunita

      Whit Tea is Tea with milk.
      Avoid using Green Tea with Milk, preferably English Breakfast

  69. 79 Suman

    I love u lots and lots, I’m loving your keeks and I’m loving monas
    Keeks too. You really inspire me and you are a life saver when it comes to beauty. This is honestly the best beauty blog and beauty blogger I have ever come across. I love u, bless you!!! Xxxx

  70. 80 Ada

    So apparently it’s Whit tea!!! Or white probably (sp). I think she rewrote it :-)

  71. 81 Newmom

    Oh it looks like everyone is trying to loose the jelly belly , that makes me feel good , I’m not alone . Huda, give us the name plz ?

  72. 82 Camila

    HEY GIRLS.. AND GUYS: SHE EDITED IT ITS WHITE TEA!!! :) I was super confused too. Lol.

  73. 83 Dina

    huda please upload photo of the product as you usually do,
    thank you dear so much

  74. 84 Sana'

    Guys, she has mentioned the drink…its White Tea!! Looks like most of you did not read her post carefully. Google White Tea, and you will know the benefits.

    • 85 sara

      She added that later.

    • 86 patima

      I think most of you are not reading this post carefully;) it is mentioned ‘WHITE TEA”.You can get it at any grocery store( Spinneys ,one of them.

  75. 87 A

    I think she means White Tea, She just missed the E !

  76. 88 Babitha Bobby

    I see that she edited it to “WHITE TEA” Is it available in UAE? If yes, then, where is it available? and what brand is it?

  77. LOL I really don’t believe that you guys aren’t really READING!!!

  78. It’s white Tea …WHITE TEA

  79. 91 Akasha

    Thanks for editing x

  80. 92 Bungee

    Hahaha, all that misunderstanding sooooo funny;)))))))

  81. 93 mitsa

    People can you guys read… She has posted it that in big bold black lettering its WHITE Tea!!! first try to read the entire post and then run and write comments and ask the same question over and over and over and over again… come on. people Once again its drink two cups of WHITE TEA what ever brand does not matter but its WHITE Tea every day got it.

    • 94 hudas#1fan

      @Mitsa, I actually took the effort of re-reading the blog several times and Huda definitely neglected to write the name of the drink in her blurb the first time around, not to mention she misspelled “white.” Did it occur to you that she may have gone back and added the name after she saw all our comments asking what drink she was referring to?

      • 95 hudabeauty

        I did! I’m so sorry guys! I added later! If anyone missed it, it was my fault!

      • 96 Ada

        It’s all good Huda!! We all make mistakes ;-). Everyone is clamoring for that tea haha!

      • 97 hudabeauty

        OMG! Me too:)) I am literally buying a box tomorrow!

  82. 98 Janine Smith

    I have had weight problems until my dietitian recommended I use Fat loss factor and I am really impressed with the results. I recommend this reading this review http://fatlossfactorhelp.com/

  83. 99 BeautyGlam

    Can’t wait to buy some!! Xxx

  84. 100 Hanan

    The commotion over the name is hilarious! See Huda how eager everyone is for your tips! Much love xxx

  85. 101 Babitha Bobby

    Huda sweetie can you please tell us where this white tea is available? I checked with the lulu hypermarket and I see that they don’t well it there! It would be much appreciated if you can mention the place that this is available! Thanks :)

  86. 102 ann

    white tea!!

  87. 103 ann

    white tea in bold print!!! Although she left of the “e”

  88. 104 Hadil

    Guys it’s only called white tea same as u call green tea green tea,you can find it almost everywhere.. try the CLIPPER tea company(available in most super markets or HOLLAND & BARRETT where I got mine from) it’s organic & they do all sort of tea blends..I live in the UK so I am not sure what is on the U.A.E market..hope that helped !

  89. 105 Shiz

    Where can I find it?

  90. 106 nadha fathima

    Hai huda,
    How can i make a” white tea”?
    why don’t u give us the idea about that?
    please we need that…….

    • 107 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, just grab some white tea bags and add some hot water! That’s the easiest way! If you want to use the tea leafs, just make sure you use a filter!

  91. 108 nara

    Thanks Huda, I tried it before and it worked great, but sURELY exercising is important. and White tea is not available in all countries. So, it can be replaced by green tea because its antioxidants help burn fat too.

  92. 109 Kinza

    i got white tea from carrefour in Abu Dhabi… there were a couple of flavours available too.. i suppose all the carrefours in uae should have it :/

  93. 110 asdasd


  94. 111 Rai

    Hey huda!
    I got introduced to your blog recently and I’m hooked!!!
    I’m from India!
    Where can I find this tea and the Japanese nose pincher??

    • 112 hudabeauty

      Try Amazon for the nose pincher:) and also white tea you can get at most organic foods stores or grocers

  95. 113 huda

    where can i find,white tea in dubai?

  96. 114 Anu

    hey Huda… is Whit tea, the same as White tea??

  97. 115 yomna

    there is Lipton white tea or Ahmed white tea its a kind of tea thats all and girls you can google it and here is a link that may help

  98. 116 luma

    Hi Huda, This can be found any where right? im not a tea drinker but would love to try! xx

  99. 117 Ayoo

    hey, u didnt mention where can we get it from?

    • 118 Ada

      She usually answers in the comments :-). However, it’s like green tea, you can get it in most places where they have tea. Like grocers, markets, or organic food stores.

      • 119 hudabeauty

        Hi darling! YES! I found mine at the Organic Foods cafe in Dubai, but most grocers should have it! :)

  100. 120 san

    Hi guys, I bought my white tea from the organic/health food store in mirdif city centre. I think its called clipper tea- its organic and you get 25 tea bags. its around 10 dhs. The store is next to office mart I think in mcc

  101. 121 Ila Said

    HI HUDA!

    There are different kind of WHITE TEAS available in the market.
    I’ve been to a tea store and they presented me some many kind of white tea, some with and some without flavour. And now I am lost which one to take. Is there a special brand of WHITE TEA you can recommed please??? THANK YOUUUUUUUU

  102. 122 hina

    love you a lots…………………

  103. it might be good for weight loss but it causes sudden death and the mechanism is unknown :|

  104. 124 Mina

    It says WHITE TEA everyone!!! WHITE TEA!!! Can’t believe all you missed that!!! 8-/

    • 125 Patima

      @MIna: me neither ,I don’t know how these all above people didn’t get that she mentioned White Tea as a magic drink..

  105. 127 Litpa

    Where can I buy the white tea.? Thanks

  106. You can also drink Ginger tea. It burns ALOT! WORTH IT TRULY.

    I lost 4-5kg’s within 1 week due to drinking Ginger tea x better try it out :)

  107. Wonderful article! That is the kind of information that
    should be shared across the web. Disgrace on Google
    for now not positioning this post higher! Come on over and seek advice from my web site .

    Thank you =)

  108. OMG everyone is so funny, she said it WHITE TEA, any grocery store will have it! LOL

    • White tea is very good,and green tea and the water the best but I think you can eat anything but so healthy and not fast foods and oily food,,,and with high in take of water daily..necessary 7-8 hours sleeping and reduce the stress and exercise for like half an hour daily or just walking you can have very wonderful body and glow skin and very good life…lifestyle is so important………but in the other way you can try some things..my sister tried LPG (lipomassage) with California clinic after delivered her bby bcz she got very bad lax skin and very stretch mark but really was effective for her to loss the weight an to take back her fitness and her style.,it’s good to try it,

  109. I think white tea is very good and the green tea..and the best one water,,,with just take of water daily like 7 glasses,,..necessary 7-8 hours and reduce the stress and have exercise daily you can baleens your body and have a good style …my sis after delivered her bby got very lax skin with stretch marks..she tried LPG (lipomassage) with California skin care in Kuwait…really was so effective for her she lose the weight very good and her style became very amazing without any cellulite…I can recommend it to try it.

  110. 133 Shandra Grace

    Green tea is amazing too!!

  111. 135 Fazila

    Where can i get white tea in Saudi Arabia and what brand has this because i searched in Danube and was not able to find it. Please help

  112. 136 karla

    did you mean white tea, Huda??? Otherwise i have to say that I dont know that tea.

  113. 137 Khunsa

    White tea…???

  114. 138 Amrita Chakravarti

    Huda where can i get White tea in Doha?

    • 139 hudabeauty

      Hi darling try an organic foods store, if they don’t have it you can always request it!

      • 140 Aleena Khalid

        Dear Huda . Can you please post a picture of that WHITE TEA, the exactly the one you are using… thankyouuu soo much lovely :*

  115. 141 ILHAM


  116. whats the name of the brand that produce the white tea u talking about hudabeauty

  117. 143 sophia

    What is whit tea? Where to get it from?

  118. 144 Mouna Kiera

    I tried white tea but i couldn`t recognise any difference with my body.. I tried Twinings white tea

  119. 145 Tuba

    Thanks Huda! You are really a good help. And im 100% agreeing with you here. White tea really reduces fats and helps lose weight instantly!
    Love you huda! :)

  120. 146 Tuba

    Guys who are looking for this tea; Lipton and Ahmed brands have it and its available at big hyper stores.

  121. 147 Mireille Philippe

    Wat’s a whit tea is??

  122. I love you Huda and would like to thank you for all the amazing tips you give us daily. I pray for your health, success and happiness (InshAllah) and keep guiding us in the right path of beauty .

  123. hello huda how r u ,huda u r a funtastic makeup artist i lovvveeeeee u soooo much

  124. 150 mahnoor21

    what about White Tea with Blueberry Pomegranate? will this work?

  125. 151 mahnoor21

    hey!! what about White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate (flavored white tea) will it work?

  126. 152 mahnoor21

    hey!! what about White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate (flavored white tea) will it work? huda please reply

  127. 153 sandy

    White tea guys

  128. 154 Jagee John

    Yes… I am A HUGE fan of White Tea ….. And I LOVE how it tastes :-)

  129. 155 atyiya

    Hi huda beauty ,my name is attiya please can you let me know how to prepare white tea.thank you so much.

  130. 156 atyiya

    Hi the email which i gave is wrong the correct one is attiya.sajid@hotmail.co.uk

  131. 157 Ayesha

    Huda where shall I get this from ???

  132. 158 Roda

    Where can I find white tea in Dubai
    Waiting ur reply email me plzzzzz

  133. thank you for this tip! defiantely going to try and find it hehe xxx Love your blog and videos

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