Get Fancified with the New Sleep-In Rollers!

Wed, 2 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’ve honestly been HOOKED to Sleep In Rollers since I tried them! I’ve definitely modified the way I use them, personally, I only wear a few on the crown area before an important shoot or event, but I have noticed they give my hair SUPA volume, which I love! I know I’ve gotten a lot of emails about trouble finding Sleep In Rollers since they seem to sell out, but they have launched a new very glamorous collection of Sleep in rollers that seriously make you feel fabulous when you wear them!

They also launched some super huge doughnuts, which I love to use for updos (will give you guys more details about that soon)!

Available at Bloomingdales Dubai or online

23 Responses to Get Fancified with the New Sleep-In Rollers!

  1. Happy new year HUda!!! wish u all the happiness in the world..
    have u tried the hot rollers..?which one is better? xx

    • 1 hudabeauty

      I love Hot Rollers, but they seem to give my curl just for a bit, then the everything goes away! I personally like the idea of sleeping with rollers because it’s just a nice lift at the roots, there’s no real curl, just added volume! The hot rollers work well too, but the volume doesn’t last as long in my opinion!

  2. 2 sana

    Hi huda!!!!! I have very bad skin prblm my skin is very del n I have pimple prblm also n dark sports :( plz help me out I’ll b thankfull 2 u plzzz????:(

    • 3 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! Those are the worst! Where are you located? I can recommend a product based on your location. If you are in the Middle East, I recommend Olay White Radiance, if you are in Europe or the states I recommend Ole Henriksons Lemon Peel Treatment!

      Also remember, creating your own at home treatment with milk & oats OR lemon, olive oil & salt/or sugar

  3. 4 Silver

    Is it comfortable ? Ive tried one time done on my hair roller on it was very uncomfortable and sleep trouble !!! Xx

    • 5 hudabeauty

      They are ok, as long as you only stick to the crown area. Sleeping on them is not that comfortable, although they are soft! I now just use them on my crown and the top of my head and I am SUCH a picky sleeper, but they’ve been fine! :)

  4. I’d so love to try this! Anything to give my hair extra volume! I love that extra gold bling touch too haha!

  5. 8 Hanan

    Tutorial please Huda!! I end up in a tangled mess every time I try to put any kind of roller in. How do you get yours to look so pin-up perfect and lounge-y glamourous? xx

  6. 10 Laila

    Hi Dear,
    I am new to your blog and I just like everything you post, but there is that ONE thing that I appreciate and Love in you: Your PROACTIVITY…you’are always answering each and every request any of the readers send you, it’s a tough thing and I really appreciate. Wish you all the best.

    • 11 hudabeauty

      Thank you darling! I definitely miss some questions some days, but I try my best! Thank you darling!! :)))

  7. 12 sana

    Hi huda!! I live in gulf from bahrain:) n thnx 4 ur suggestion n I’m gona try wt Y♡Ʊ said thnx a lot dear:)

  8. 14 BeautyGlam

    Thank you! I’m going to get these!! Love the gold look to them! Very pretty! Xxx

  9. 15 Valentina

    Huda! What do you recommend for lashes?? I love love love yours! What type of mascara do you use? I tried Lilash but it doesn’t seem to work!

    • 16 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I actually only Use Huda Beauty Lashes. I’ve tried soo many, but they are the only ones I use over and over again! They will be launching very soon! Feb 21! :) Will keep you guys posted about where you can get them! :))

  10. I’m from the States and I just found your blog and I’ve been reading each section! What can you recommend for the dark circles under the eyes?! Hopefully you can answer this! Love your website! Where can I buy these rollers in the states? I always feel that my hair is flat more volume would be nice!

  11. 18 Farah Ben

    Huda you look SO CUUUUUUTE with this makeup !

  12. 19 Farah Ben

    And I hope you’ll launch your ” Huda beauty lashes” in Paris too !

  13. 20 Lanna

    You are so beautiful. You are my biggest inspiration ! With love from Denmark <3

  14. 22 Rita

    Hi Beautiful,

    I’m new to your blog since I started following you on Instagram a few weeks ago! I was just wondering do you always use these rollers for your curls? I like thick loose curls and was wondering if this would be good to get them that way. I currently use a hair straightener to curl my hair, but I find that it often falls out at the top of my hair and stays in at the ends (my hair is quite long, upto my lower back almost, so just wondering what the best product is!) Thanks!

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