Will This Give You Perfect Skin Head-to-Toe?

Thu, 3 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know it seems like I love every product, but let me assure you, I go through sooooo many before I find a gem! I was so happy when I tried the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads! The way they just gently exfoliated my skin and left me with a soft, natural and healthy glow is by far the best treatment I have ever used! When I came across this Body Alpha Beta Pads, I literally squealed–PERFECT SKIN HEAD-TO-TOE, YES PLEASE!!

I started using the wipes, mainly on my decolletage to help fight any wrinkles or uneven tone! After a couple weeks, my skin started to really glow! The blend of green tea, Vitamin A, C, and E is one of the best combinations for skin! My skin became really even and just beautiful! I will be honest, I definitely would have liked if the were stronger! I love the Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Pads and would have loved to use something that strong all over! Of course if you want to use the face pads head-to-toe, it’s fine, but they are not as big as the body pads! This is PERFECT before a wedding or important event and can be used on arms, legs, decolletage, anywhere!

Available at the Dollhouse Dubai (800-DOLL) or online

20 Responses to Will This Give You Perfect Skin Head-to-Toe?

  1. BeautyGlam

    I also looove the face pads! So I’m definitely going to purchase this body peel!! Can’t wait! Thank you beautiful!!

  2. OMG Huda!!!! i need your help .. i broke out after using the maybelline FIT ME foundation that you reviewed.. i was so excited coz i dont use a lot of makeup usually my skin is quite nice Hamdulilah…So i was just looking for something light with a natural glowy finish..and now i wana cry !! lol..
    Did u have any bad feedback on this product lately or am i the only one?..
    let me know please and tell me what u think about my fiasco haha xx

    • 2 hudabeauty

      Ahhh!! NOO!! Ok, stop using it right away! I’m so sad to hear this, it’s the first breakout I’ve heard from this, but it does happen!

      Try using a toner that can clear your skin, I like the Clinique #2 toner, but use with CAUTION! I would recommend trying it first if possible! Keep me posted!

  3. 3 Amiira

    so where can i get it from? and is it only a face creame??

    • 4 hudabeauty

      Check out Dollhouse Dubai in Dubai Ladies Club darling! :)

      • 5 Amiira

        i live i KSA jeddah? sooo do u have any idea where can i find it?! i’d appriciated alot sweety!! :)

      • 6 hudabeauty

        I’m not sure darling, is there a SensAisa there?

  4. 7 jh

    what bronzer do you recommend?

  5. 9 mai

    Thanx Huda you are really very good blogger ,,,,I trust you and I really had tried so many things from your blog ,,,and it really works ,,and save a lot of money

  6. can i use it on under arms? the face one o got after u told us about BUT it gave me one or two pimple after every use so i gave it to mom ….she loved it

  7. I love those pads too, used them a few years ago during the summer & the results were great just short-lived & given how expensive they are, I didn’t bother repurchasing.

  8. 12 reem

    where exactly doll house locate and how much itis

  9. 14 reem

    for ur sister mona right ??? i heard theres many tretmeant for skin their its locate in mall or ??

  10. 16 reem

    huda my skin is color brown and i order wonder tan from citruss do u think will look good on me
    and ur sooooooo swaaaag i love ur style and make up

  11. Hi Huda Heidi Kattan, I like your post. I want to try your skin care product.

  12. 19 katrina

    hey huda!! i have a question.i just started using the alpha beta extra strenght and i cant figure out how to care for my skin after i use it.i follow the steps as directed but then what should i put on my face? yesterday i used it for the firt time and i used my hyaluronic acid serum afterwards.also can u put a hydrating mask afterwards n follow with a moisturiser? i’d appreciate it if you were helping me.
    thank you! luv u!

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