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Sat, 5 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my Loves!!! It’s 2013 and I have soooo many things I want to share with all of you guys! I can’t believe it’s right around the corner, but our lashes are finally launching on Feb 21! I will give you guys more details soon, but check out the lash box on top, what do you guys think? I am soooo thrilled to share then with you guys! I’ve always felt more beautiful with them on, and I hope you guys will feel and look the same! :) Here are the rest of my photos for the week, but get ready to see a TON of Huda Beauty Lashes!! :))

23 Responses to Instagram of the Week!

  1. You are stunning! Happy 2013! <3

  2. 1 Joanna

    In love with your lashes. Can’t wait till they’re launch!

  3. 2 MakeUpNaive

    OMG i was speechless when i saw Burj Khalif’s fireworks last New Year, definetly worth the wait and sweat! Congrats for another feather in your cap, the HudaBeautyLash box is well crafted. Im soo happy for your upcoming launch, details, details, details (can i come?) ;)

  4. 3 Aisha A S

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!

  5. 4 Aisha A S

    I can’t wait!!

  6. 5 carmal

    where will it be?

  7. 6 hend


  8. 7 Mai

    I’ve never seen a box like that, it’s fierce

  9. 8 Sara Al S

    Huda, I’ve been waiting for this for literally months. This is really exciting. Any idea where you will be launching? Do we need to preorder?

  10. 9 suman

    yaaaaayy!!! finally i cant wait to get my hands on them! will they be available worldwide? love you hoodie

  11. 10 BeautyGlam

    Aaaaaahhhh!! I’m sooooo excited you have no idea!!! The lash box looks AHHMAZING! It’s perfect really!! Love you beautiful! Xxxx

  12. 11 Mary Monroe

    Yayy omg can’t wait! The lash box packaging is beautiful LOVE it!

  13. 12 Tamara

    So pretty Huda I can’t wait to stock up…lol

  14. 13 Humi

    Gorgous! You made the perfect decision to make the box like that! It look stunning! It will definately stand out on the shelf and look unique

  15. Omg Huda! I’m sooo excited for your lashes!! I think they will be my first fake lashes EVER! (yes, I’m a beauty blogger and yet I’ve never bought any lashes)


  16. Fabulous! Will they be available for purchase in the United States? Thanks Doll!

  17. 17 Leah

    Hi there beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your videoblog on Youtube! you have helped me alot, and given me so much tips! Sorry if i’m writing something wrong, not so good in english! looking forward to see what’s coming next :D

    Best regards Leah from norway :D ( I don’t know if i said this right haha ) embarrassing!

  18. I love your lashes!! Please tell me they will be available to buy in the UK??

  19. 21 Heather

    I’m kinda a newbie to lashes are they a one time use thing or can you reuse lashes? Thanks!

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