My…Can’t Live Without Vol I

Sat, 5 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As many product as I try and review, there are a few that I can’t live without! So I really thought I should share with you guys my obsession over the weeks! This week I have been really trying to focus on smooth skin! I’ve kind of made it a priority for in 2013, to make sure my skin is as healthy as possible! For me this means a lot of work! I have very dry skin, and I like products that keep my skin hydrated for hours! I love the Kiehl’s Creme De Corps because my skin is literally super soft the day after I apply it, even after I shower! Packed with Cocoa Butter, Beta-Carotene and Sesame Oil, this body lotion is AhhMAZING! If you haven’t tried this or the butter yet, you MUST!!

9 Responses to My…Can’t Live Without Vol I

  1. Where can I find this and many other beauty products?

  2. It kind of looks cool. I guess I’ll give it a try when I can :)


  3. 2 Humi

    I will definately try it then, khiels products are amazing!! My priority is also to maintain amazing soft and completely CLEAR skin. I need to grab my hands on this product!

  4. 3 mitsa

    Salaam Huda,

    What do you recommend is a really really good moisturizer to use during the winter . I have a combo skin oil/ in the t-zone and then dry the rest of the places. But since its been really cold winter lately i want to know what do your recommend.

    • 4 hudabeauty

      It depends where you live! Where are you love and tell me about your skin! The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer Cream and Lotions have always been favorites of mine as well! I do also like Shiseido and Guerlain, but price wise the Kiehl’s is a bit friendlier! :)

  5. 5 Melly

    Where can you get this from? I am in Sydney Australia!

  6. 6 Jasmine

    Hi Huda! I literally just discovered your blog 10 mins ago, I’ve been flicking through the posts with a crazy obsession since! I was wondering: I always see people from the Middle East have suchhh beautiful eyebrows. They are strong but neat and have the most beautiful shape! How would I go about shaping mine to look “arabic”? (my ultimate favourite ones: Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel of Arabia :D ). I have thick eyebrows already, just need to shape them. I’d appreciate any help! kisses from Liechtenstein xoxo

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    great product

  8. 8 BeautyGlam

    Love this moisturizer!! Xx

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