Drugstore Product of the Week! An AWESOME Dupe!

Sun, 6 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you were stranded on a desert island, and only had the option of only three products, what would they be? Every time I hear this question, concealer & mascara are ALWAYS there! But the truth is,using the wrong concealer can actually hurt you! One of the biggest beauty blunders of all time is concealer–the wrong color, the wrong texture, the wrong technique, yada yada yada, I mean concealer is definitely a MUST, but sooooooo hard to master!

I recently tried the Maybelline FIT foundation and LOOOVED how natural and flawless it made my skin look (read the full review here)! I started using the concealer and I love how easy it is to apply! Ok, there are a TON of reasons why this concealer is AWESOME! Let me break it down:

  • The Texture is amazing and will literally work on any skin type
  • The color range is fantastic and really suits every skin tone to olive, pink, yellow, etc
  • The blendability is perfect! It blends right into skin, leaving a very natural finish!

This product is actually a PERFECT dupe for the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Concealer! It feels exactly the same with the same beautiful coverage at less than half of the price! If you guys want to see the comparison, let me know!

37 Responses to Drugstore Product of the Week! An AWESOME Dupe!

  1. Annika

    Do you have something on your lips in this pic? I really love the color

    • 1 hudabeauty

      Yes! I have a little foundation with MAC Kinda Sexy just rubbed in:_

  2. 2 Josephine

    Would love to see the comparison!!!!

  3. 3 Nihal

    Yes, we definitely do.

  4. Definitely wanna see a comparison! I loooove how maybelline have been stepping up their game with new releases lately! I used to swear by high end products till i started using maybelline’s new products namely their dream lumi concealer, one by one mascara and eyestudio gel liner and eyeshadow quads! And i happen to think that a few of their quads are identical in texture/blendability to lancome’s eyeshadows! One word: phenomenal!

  5. 5 Ada

    Fantastic!!! Grreat to know! Do you possibly know any other dupes like lipsticks?? Or glosses? Thank you! Also, is that really your pinterest linked to your website?

  6. Yes comparison video please!

  7. This is my favorite concealer! The foundation is another favorite of mine. I heard the powder is really good too. Maybelline really has a hit with this line

  8. 10 Sumaiyah

    Love you HUDA!

  9. 11 Seenz

    Yes! Comparison plz, Hudaa :)

  10. 12 mitsa

    I have this and love it. I have the Buff and the Beige. I found that the Beige was a little too dark and so i switched up to the Buff and it looks really nice. andyour right it does blend and feels really nice. in fact i love the Maybelline Fit foundations also. I have the 210 and 220 shades and i do mix those two colors sometimes to get really nice combo. I cannot say enough about this products, I am in love

  11. 13 Dina

    Hi Huda, Need your Help Darling :s

    I need to buy me a new foundation, I would love to try FIT, as for the concealer I’m not sure, my under eyes area is oily and I have serious case of bags and a bit of dark circles. Will it work on me? Will it last most of the day or just few hours?
    My friend has been recommending Makeup forever concealer, but her under eyes is NOTHING like mine. I need a foundation and a concealer for an everyday use and not expensive. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Help.

  12. wohoooo I love your dupe posts! so getting this :) have a lovely day, Huda :)

  13. 15 Dina Fouad

    Hi Huda, thanks for this! Which shade are you using here from the collection?

  14. 16 Mary Monroe

    Yes please do a comparison, maybe you could show us the proper way to apply concealer also.. I actually need a great concealer dry/oily skin but can’t find the proper one.

  15. 17 Najwa

    Remember Huda when I said plsss stop reviewing stop so I can stop buying…this product just made it to my list- buying it this weekend :D Also, dont ever stop reviewing- I LOVE your reviews and I love youuuuuuu (I met you at your Million Hits party and all I could think of was how pretty you are and completely completely down to earth!).

  16. 18 Lunin' It

    absolutely Huda.. i love your blog and think u r awesome!!!! i have a question which is the best moistuizer and primer to use for a combination skin i have this trouble with my skin when it goes extremely dry b/w months and no conclear or foundation sets in properly which gives me a very flaky look.. i am currently usign mac primer and loccitaine creame. PLEASE HELP.. thx luv xx

  17. 19 Marzy

    Huda I love this post!!! Which color did u chose for ur skin? :) thanks doll

  18. I’ve been using a L’Oreal concealer that I like ok but will try this one. I LOVE your site, I’ve gotten so much useful info here. You’re an awesome writer/reviewer/expert and it’s always fun and inspiring to find out what’s new in the world of beauty through your eyes! A fan, always,

  19. need to try this, thanks for advice!

  20. 22 BeautyGlam

    Which shade of the concealer you have on? Looks amazing on you! Xxx

  21. HUda, I LOVE your LASHES, please tell me which ones they are, i’m a lash girl and looking for something like the ones you are wearing!! amazing… please respond :)

    • 24 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, I am wearing the Huda Beauty Giselle Lashes launching Feb 21 darling:)

  22. 25 Ivi K

    Hi Huda,
    I think you’re a beauuuty. I love your reviews and tutorials,especially because finally I’ve found someone who shares my INSANITYYYY for makeup and beauty stuff :D
    I’m just starting as a makeup artist,and would love to have your advise on how to build a pro makeup kit:)
    You’re such a good inspiration! It would be great if you would do a makeup room tour,I would love to see your collection


  23. Thank you for responding!! mwa… i cant wait to get my hands on these lashes, hopefully i can get them in Australia???

  24. 28 etch

    u look gorgeous! can u do a review on fit me face powder as well ?

  25. 30 nicky


    Your blog is fab! what blush have you got on in the pic above?

  26. 31 BeautyGlam

    Darling what shade are you in this?

  27. How did you find this foundation with your oily skin? I’ve had people tell me that it transfers very quickly and its extremely light with no coverage??

    • 34 hudabeauty

      It is very light, but there is coverage! It’s light-to-medium, but very natural looking! It lasts if you set it with a powder! I wear mine for a good 5-8 hours with it looking pretty perfect:) BUT of course it depends on everyone’s skin type! If they have oily skin, it might not last as long! :) I would def give it a try! Xxx

  28. 35 sana

    yup need to see the comparisen

  29. 36 arsh

    Hey Huda, what concealer shade are you wearing?

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