My Blush 101 on Keek!

Mon, 7 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty Instagram

Hi my loves! I have been getting so many questions about blush, that I wanted to show you guys on Keek how to do it!

It’s really easy, but soooo important! The location is EEEEVERYTHING! I use to apply blush in the wrong place and my face looked so long and kind of weird! It makes such a difference where you apply it! Here’s a quick keek and the second is just a bit more info, check them out! Unfortunately I had less than 40 seconds, so I tried to fit as much as I could in that time:)

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13 Responses to My Blush 101 on Keek!

  1. BeautyGlam

    Thank you!! I looove blush sometimes I get heavy-handed when it comes to blush haha! Xxx

  2. 2 Najwa

    Omg!!! I commented just yesterday about asking how to get the blush right and today you posted the video :-O!!! Im soooooo happy Huda that you considered my request (and other girls requests too). Thank youuuuu soooooo much. I used to do the mistake of applying blush in hollow’s of my cheeks too but i wont anymore!! And im so happy ur sister (mona or Alya?) asked you the blending question bec while watching the first video I had the same question in mind. Im really grateful Huda for the 2 videos. Just one more question abt blush (i wont annoy u with more questions)- what if i dont contiur or use bronzer? Do i just apply the blush on the apples of cheeks and take it a little upwards? Thank you again. If i ever see you in person, im definitely going to run to you and give you a bear hug. Im so happy right now. <3

  3. 3 Sou

    Lovely advice ..thanks keep it up up.CAn you do a video about facial hair it’s a monster….

  4. 4 Ada

    Awww baby Nour wants blush!! So precious! Is this for every facial shape?? I have a long, kind of heart-shaped face. Does this lengthen your face or widen it? Thanks Huda! BTW SOOOOOOOO GORG WITH THE CURLY HAIR!!!!!!!!

    • 5 hudabeauty

      Hi baby! I love heart-shaped faces! No, it’s actually the perfect guideline for most face shapes, so it will work beautiful for yours! :)

      • 6 Ada

        Looove you Hudsy thank you!!! I’m going to be you when I grow up ;-), even though I am grown up haha.

      • 7 hudabeauty

        OMG! You’re too cute!! :))) Your comment seriously made my night!! :))

  5. 8 shar

    i thought u weren’t supposed to smile and put it on the apples of the cheek because when you stop smiling the blush will end up lower make sense?

    • 9 hudabeauty

      Oh no! You put it on the lower part of the apples of your cheeks! This is the best way, however, sometimes with certain face shapes this does not work, but this is the best way for most people!

  6. 10 Dina

    Huda sorry to say this but the new font used for headlines in your website hurts the eye… Please use the normal front not italic … Thank you so much

  7. 11 lala karim

    omggg huda! you loooooook amazing with your hair like that! ijust came across this, you look flawless -jawdrops- hehe! love you x

  8. 12 Jasmine

    Hi Huda!!! I absolutely love your make up in this video. I would love it if you did a tutorial on your look in this video.

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