Should You Switch to Natural Soaps?

Mon, 7 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

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I’m sure most of us have no problem lathering ourselves with most standard soap bars, but what if we knew that some of the ingredients in these products were actually used in dead people and cause breast cancer? Ingredients like formaldehyde, PEG-6, artificial fragrance, sulfates, and other toxic chemicals can be found in your standard soap bar—YIKES!! Since I’ve really found such a huge difference in my hair, skin, and body using natural products I decided I wanted to try using some natural soaps! So I went to Lush and also the organic foods store and bought a ton of natural soaps from them!  I find most natural soaps are hand made and use FAAAR less ingredients and they leave out any of the harmful chemicals that most products have!

The experience has been AhhhhMAZING!! My skin has become so soft and clear and really silky–like obscenely silky! I have been sooo happy, that I’ve actually shared them with my sisters and literally when I felt their arms, they had never been softer!

So far I have been using a natural olive oil soap, rose soap, and The Snow Globe from Lush as well as Honey I Washed this Kids! Those are my fav and I swear by them! Have any of you tried natural soaps?

Huda Beauty Natural Soap

20 Responses to Should You Switch to Natural Soaps?

  1. Asieńka

    Have you tried soap made using soapwort root? I have very dry skin so that it is dry even after using shower emollient prescribed by my doctor. I recently bought soapwort root online and found a recepie for making a natural shower gel using just that root, glycerine and coconut oil. I can’t wait to see if that helps.

    • Hummmm, Glycerine is a humectant which pulls moisture from the air to the skin & in pure form feels like a grease/silicone. Coconut oil as you know is a oil & it will be a bit greasy when applied to the skin. Fractionated coconut oil however is a dry oil but doesnt really help moisturize. Ive never heard of soap wart before…. Unless it creates a cleansing action of some sort Id say that the gel recipe you have been given is more like a bath oil & something you should use after soap. It is also EXTREMELY slick. I work woth glycerine & coconut oil myself. Be sure you stand on a rubber bath mat if still in the shower when you apply or are out of the shower on a rug so you do not accidentally slip!!!!

  2. 2 Alya

    Lush actually isn’t all that natural, they still use sulfates and other chemicals in their products

  3. 3 Sabrina

    I love using all natural soaps. I have very dry skin :( Recently I discovered 100% natural soaps in Bahrain. I was at an exhibition there and came across them. They are awesome! They have this natural sea salt scrub which is amazeballs! It’s a home business, but I’m guessing the do deliver to Dubai or elsewhere. I ordered more products with my friends who live in Bahrain. Here’s their FB page:

  4. I make all natural soap myself :0 ) & yes it is much better for your body than the commercial soaps which are pretty much just chemicals period. Even the ones that claim natural compnents jusually just have a spec of the natual ingrdient & all tooboften we find that some companies who supposedly have all natural products have fudged a little bit on the truth… But you can check out some beautiful handcrafted soaps here at this link & within the rest of the etsy website as well. Many true craftsman & women sale their workmanship through this site. Its a great place for anything from makeup, to skincare, to jewelry, there are even petsons who make custom highend nail polishes!

  5. 5 Angela

    I’ve been using natural soaps for a while – my husband has bad eczema on his hands and regular soaps containing sulphates seem to aggravate it! (BTW love the new look!)

  6. 6 Ada

    How do you do it everytime?! Churn out top-notch articles!! Looove this! Because I am into natural stuff. I have the driest skin known to man and I get sick a lot. I bought these natural soaps years ago but still use drugstore body wash. Would you say these soaps are as moisturising? I realllly need something like that.

  7. It’s always a good idea to read the label before ordering on line or if in the store. If you can’t see all of the ingredients than that should tell you something! Yes all natural ingredients is the best for your skin, Great article Huda!!!

  8. 9 Melly

    I personally don’t like using cake soap as it makes the shower hard to clean leaving soap scum. However I had the same experience with body washes. There are so many to choose from and all with amazing fragrances but I would find them extremely drying to the skin and some leaving your skin feeling slimy and unclean even after thorough rinsing. But I came across a luxury natural brand – 1Skin Solution and their Lime Thyme Body wash a few years ago and haven’t looked back. It leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh and is non drying to the skin. Its extremely refreshing to use in the morning with zingy lime and earthy thyme … My husband and I have a bottle each and I buy it 6 bottles at a time and recommend it to everyone!xxMelly

  9. I do use the organic shop soaps also, in rose and olive scents, they are quite good, atleast I feel safe using it !!

  10. I’ve always been a big fan of Dove, i find it very gentle on my skin but i’ll give some of these soaps a try :)

  11. 12 komal

    I use neem soap and it’s amazing! It really helps with acne and clearing skin tone! You should def try it huda!

  12. 14 ayouna

    I love St Ives triple butter body wash, as it’s parabens free. I received a LUSH body wash and was very surprise to see it was full of chemicals, and I ended up having an allergic rash, it had put me off from using their products.

  13. 15 ralmula

    Hello Huda, LUSH has a very interesting and fun collection of soaps, but it is not all natural, they use SLS which is a detergent very bad for troubled skin, there are better handmade soaps out there in Dubai, try 202, Gardenia Rd. its a Dubai based soap arts brand, founded by a local lady, i swear by them.

  14. I loveee all lush products , they are amazinggg!!!

  15. 17 pro organic

    Like Lush and Body Shop even many so called “natural” handmade soaps are using chemicals too. Read the labels carefully because being made by hand does not always mean its natural.

  16. 18 Layla

    What about make up products ? Dont they have harmful ingrediants?

  17. I have already switched to natural skin care. Natural soaps are great for people with skin sensitivities e.g. eczema, dermatitis, allergies etc.

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