Welcome to My New Site!

Mon, 7 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hey Lovers!! So you may notice some changes on my site! Don’t worry, we just wanted to make it easier to find information and also go through the site:) There’s a few more minor changes coming, but I promise I will keep it as easy as possible! We also have an iPhone App coming soon, but for now I hope you guys like these chnages:) I love you guys!! I’ve been working on them forever! <3<3<3<3

11 Responses to Welcome to My New Site!

  1. Sara

    Great work ! Love the new site and love youuuu <3

  2. 2 Melat

    Super excited for the app, would make my life so much easier!
    Love you Huda xoxo ~Melat

  3. 3 Najwa

    Yay yay yaaaaaaay for the new site look. Just one request huda- pls can u do a video on how to apply powder, cream and liquid blush. I know u have to apply on apples of cheeks but somehow the angle- i cannot achieve it. I love how u apply ur blush in pics and have printed out two of ur pics but i still cant do. I know many youtube videos can help me but im requesting my favorite makeup artist whose site i visit almost everyday to pls do a video tutorial. Thank youuuuuuu

  4. 5 Hind

    Way to go gurl! I absolutely love it! Can’t wait for the app! I. Love. You. <3

  5. 6 BeautyGlam

    I LOOOOVE the new site!! Your hard work is definitely paying off! It seriously looks AMAZING!! Sooo happy for you!! Love you babe! Xx

  6. 7 Manoush

    I love it!!!! Can’t wait for the app too!

  7. 8 Tony Lin

    Gorgeous site Hudie!! Miss you sooo much!!! :)

  8. 9 mpa

    Love the new site! It’s so much easier!!!

  9. 10 Mary Monroe

    I like the new change ! It’s diff but interesting :-)

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