Do You Like Rihanna’s New Hair?

Tue, 8 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


I’m sure RiRi will find some way to make this look hot, but right now I am NOT feeling it! She has waaaay too many trends from 2012 going on and it honestly looks a little sloppy! She has the over done 2012 hair color–ombre and the not-so-popular-but-very-bad-ass-half-shaven-head. Obviously the hair is just an extension since Rihanna did have super short hair just a few days before, but with the half shaved it kind of looks like they just ran out of extensions! I’m not sure if she’s just going through a phase, and even though this actually looks nice on her, it was just waaaay too overdone last year that it’s just not working! What do you guys think?






5 Responses to Do You Like Rihanna’s New Hair?

  1. Mary Monroe

    I’m really not that into this hair cut and the ombre it’s been going on for awhile now.

  2. 1 Swapna


  3. 2 Maha

    like it ,, more feminine and still edgy for her

  4. 3 Thajba

    I love it. Way hotter than her previous mushroom-cut hair! At least this is feminine, lol. Rihanna can honestly pull off any hairstyle!

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