Tried & Tested | Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil

Wed, 16 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


I may LOOOVE shimmer, but nothing is attractive about a shiny face! Personally, my biggest issue is my super shiny T-Zone, and if I don’t control it, it gets so shiny you could see it from Mars! Sometimes it gets so bad, my pores start to show, my makeup looks greasy, it’s just a bad situation! I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding an oil-controling powder and I was really excited about trying the Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil, but I did have mixed feelings about it!

I really loooved the super light texture, and you can tell that even though it’s a pressed powder, it’s sooooo finely milled that it goes on like silk! I was impressed that my skin stayed completely matte for about 4 hours or so, but I did have to touch it up after that! The casing makes touch ups easy since you can fit it into literally any makeup bag! The only thing I didn’t like was the color and smell! The one I bought was Translucent, but it really gave my skin a slight chalky appearance. It wasn’t too bad, but you could kind of see it, which means I probably wouldn’t use it again! I also wasn’t crazy about the smell, it wasn’t bad, but it was soo strong! It kind of burned my nostrils, so I didn’t really fancy that!

They do have it available in a Tinted shade, so if you have darker skin, this would definitely be a better option! Comparing it to the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder, I DEFINITELY prefer that one over this!

Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil available at Sephora

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16 Responses to Tried & Tested | Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil

  1. Amna

    I love your make up here you look gorgeous!
    what are you using here can you break it down for me? and those contacts looks so natural what brand are they?

  2. 1 Saher

    Hey huda whr will I get the eye lashes in dxb pls lemmmme knw . Muaaaaah

  3. 2 Jenny

    Huda what lipstick are you wearing in that photo?

  4. 3 Mariam

    Huda, what are you wearing on your lips? =)

  5. 4 Sou

    Hi huda I was thinking can you please do review on more organic products and anything on how to remove facial hair it’s terrible…Thaanks Soo much love your bloggg:))

  6. 5 BeautyGlam

    Babe! You look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! <3<3<3 I have that Urban Decay De-slick one and I like it, so I might just stick with it then! Xx

  7. 6 Manoush

    Hi huda u r such a beauty!! can you please tell us what lipstick you used ? thks kisses from paris

  8. 8 nikki

    what lipstick and blush r u wearing huda plssssssssssss????

  9. 10 Sadaf

    Huda u luk reali pretty in this pictures, i luv ur make up, please do a tutorial, which lashes r u wearing and lipstik?

    • 11 hudabeauty

      Hi darling!! I am wearing MAC Kinda Sexy and Huda Beauty Lashes Coco Jo and Monique

  10. 12 Alyea

    Hey Huda, i was wondering if you had any tips on how to reduce pore size without make-up, as we all know make up over time can worsen pores. So is there anything to combat the issue straight at the core??

  11. 13 Mira

    Huda try the translucent finishing powder from No.7 available in boots

  12. 14 Kamilla

    Hi Huda, what do you think about their foundation & eye shadows? Worth the hype?
    P.S. I meant Bare Minerals products

  13. 15 diana

    You should watch Gossmakeupartist’s review on this. he HATED IT

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