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Sat, 19 Jan 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Heeeey Boos! Such a hectic week for me, I literally have fallen asleep on my laptop almost every night! Between Nour and Chrissy Poo and EEEEEVERYTHING else, it’s been complete madness!! I have been getting a lot of questions about the lashes, and we will give you guys more info soon! The questions are great, since they really let us know what you guys want:) I really hope we can get them to all of you everywhere:))))

Here are my Instagram photos for the week, with a TON of Huda Beauty Lashes!

How Hilarious does Chris look with the lash box as eyes?

10 Responses to Instagram of the Week!

  1. ale

    Luv the makeup on the Dior Noir pic! Tutorial please

  2. 1 Parvathy

    Hi huda. Happy to know that you are launching huda lashes soon, my question is that will they come in all size ? my eyes are small . Thanks

    • 2 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I made sure that these lashes can be worn by anyone and anytime! They will be VERY beautifying lashes! For smaller eyes the best ones to wear are the Coco Jo or Alyssa, you can even get away with the Monique, but make sure they are pressed nicely along your lash line, if you have them sitting up, they will look too fake! I hope you can come to our launch in Feb so we can help you learn how to wear them! :))

      • 3 Parvathy

        Aww, thankyou huda. I am from Kuwait and I really hope to meet you one day when I visit Dubai .

  3. 4 noor

    beautiful lady mashala, i am more than proud to say that you are my role model! love youu <3

  4. 6 Mary Monroe

    I wish i could be at the launch I’m so excited for you<333

  5. 7 robbe

    Love the sparkly shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 8 BeautyGlam

    Hudieeee! I can’t wait for your launch!! Loove all your pics! Xxx

  7. 9 Dalal

    Hii i’m coming to dubai on 22th of Feb to 27th of Feb where can find ur products and ur lashes ?. And from where i can buy real technique brushes and essie 3D nail stickers ??

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