By Huda Heidi Kattan


We’ve seen allll kind of ways to fight cellulite–everything from detoxifying drinks, to some pretty weird machines that supposedly zap away cellulite! This may definitely be the craziest and slightly grossest way to approach cellulite!

Wrangler Jeans has to create the most multitasking pants every known to man! They have released a new pair of pants called the Denim Spa, which are lined with Aloe Vera & Olive Extract, which they promise reduces cellulite over time! The inside lasts up to 15 days, and there are refills available, but can you wash them?

This just sounds like sitting dead skin to me, and that is gross! I wouldn’t mind a leg wrap like this, but it would have to be a new leg wrap, EVERY TIME! Not some lotion soaked jeans! I just wonder if they would be comfortable, or if they would smell! It just kind of grosses me out! What do you guys think? Genius or Gross!