By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty Nails Zoya Gold

I’ve honestly been a little tempted by all of these gold and diamond manicures! As glamorous as they may be, spending hundreds of dollars on a manicure just seems absurd! I’m not sure if you guys know this, but Zoya is hands down one of my favorite nail polishes in the world, sooooo when I saw they launched an 18K Gold Flake Nail Polish I was psyched! Especially since the price is affordable! It sells for 35$ in the states, which means just around 150 AED, and can last at over 20 manicures!

The luxury of the product is amazing, but it looks soooo gorgeous on! I tried it on white and black nails, but also on some colors like red, orange, pink and turquoise and it was GORG!! I’m trying not to over do the gold mani, but this is making it extremely hard! I love these nails!! <3

Available at Dollhouse Dubai (call 800-DOLL) or online

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