Can Honey Make Your Brown Eyes Green, FOR REAL?

Sun, 17 Feb 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Ok guys, so since we have been discussing eyes lately with the lash launch, I thought I would talk about a beauty secret I have been SOOO curious about–honey eye lightener! Here’s the thing, I am not really the girl that feels comfortable trying something like this, but I have seen so much proof with women doing photos of their progress, that I have considered it as a beauty experiment! I would say it definitely does not make your brown eyes green, but it does turn them into a honey-ish hazel-ish brown! I personally wear color contacts for medical reasons, and I looove them (I don’t care what anyone says, I always have loved the way they look), but if someone did want to make their eyes slightly lighter this could be an option! To me, this sounds crazy, but has anyone tried it?

Definitely talk to your doctor first, do not put anything in your eyes (or on your body) without consulting a doctor! But a lot of studies have proven the antibacterial qualities of honey can actually cure some common infections that may happen in the eye!

The process: Apply a drop of organic 100% pure honey to your eyes twice a day. After 30 days you should see results

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  1. I think it’s so scaring putting something sticky like honey in your eyes! Ouch! Grab a pair of eye contacts if you want to change your eye color! Omg it sounds crazy!!!

    • 1 Yeung

      I tried but it did not work out for me, my eyes are like brown and they stay brown through the method. It sting and clear your eye that is all I can say. But, if anyone want to try then go ahead and c for yourself. Oh, it does not blind u so that is a good thing. Hey, but if it does not workout then stop before something can occur beyond what we cannot c.

  2. 2 Lisa

    hummmm…. is there any more research on before and after testimonials that show this works? Side affects or anything odd that has happened as a result of this? I wonder if the effects are permanent or temporary.
    Also, can you add the drops, then put your contacts on? I wear prescription contacts so I wouldn’t be able to try this unless I could put my lens on right after. Thanks for posting this! Fascinating! :)

    • 3 ronnie

      I am trying it now in just one eye to see if there is any difference. So far I did notice my left eye is becoming lighter around the iris. I can even see flexs of green. my eye is now an yellowish amber color with green flex. The other eye is medium brown. I am going to finish it for a month. Then I will start the other eye to match it. I have no side effects, it stings a bit, but then goes away. I got some of the mixture on my eyelashes and skin below my eye. it made my eyelashes look thicker and longer, and it made my skin softer and younger!!!! It seems to be safe to use, unless you are allergic to honey.

      • 4 Shaikha

        what brand of honey you’re using please share! sounds intersting to try this! Thanks :)

      • 5 Zoya

        Wow it really worked for you! Did you add water to the mixture or just pure honey? Sure honey does clean the eyes.

      • Are you serious? Please don’t kid as I have dark brown eyes and really want the sort of brown-ish green eyes T-T the eyes in the picture above are gorgeous!! I want them….. And also when you say mixture, to you mean honey with water? Or is there something else added? Thanks xxxxxx

      • 7 Realz

        What did you use woman!!! I’m seriously willing to try this. I mean I bet you look gorgeous with such a change! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help! :)
        But you don’t go blind, do you? Super afraid. :(

    • 8 dezzy

      there are no side effects. I dont think it can harm anyone if its even a cure for pink eye..

  3. 9 Andrea

    Huda, what brand of color contacts do you wear? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. I have used honey inside my eyes before (years back)…not sure whether it helps with the eye colour or not but I used it cause it is Sunnah. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) use to use honey and apply it as kohl is applied..but would definitely re-try again and for a month then give my feedback :)

  5. 15 isra

    how would we put it into our eyes wouldn’t it be sticky ?

    • 16 Yeung

      I add honey with water. I never try it without water because it scare me. Honey itself into the eye make me think that my eyes won’t ever open again. So it’s better with water. Yo! I think it’s gonna sting like hell if just using honey itself-u could be blind.

    • 17 erini sands


  6. 18 fatema

    this is soo insane !!….. i would do this if someone gave me a 110% guarantee of its effectiveness !! :P :D

  7. Hmmm I don’t think I would put honey on my eyes, stickiness would be horrible!

  8. 21 Sumayah

    Omg I’ve always wanted to change my eye colour! rather than wear contacts.. I’ve always wondered if you can actually do it. Thanks Huda for sharing this! I’m going to do some more research on this xoxo

  9. 22 Ada

    Well please tell us if anyone tries this out and writes back to you! Sounds very interesting. I don’t think I will do it tho, haha, I wear contacts and CANNOT handle any extra situation in my eyes lol.

  10. Can Honey “Makes” Your Brown Eyes Green.. FOR REAL, Huda?!

  11. 25 Nina

    Really it’s sunnah? Is there hadith?

  12. 27 Hanan

    My grandfather used to do this to my dad when he was younger, and i don’t know if its the honey, but my dad has beautiful (honey colored!) eyes. Now is it because of the honey, I don’t know. I wasn’t around when he was a kid, obviously. But all of us 6 kids have dark eyes; none got dad’s color. To keep with tradition, my dad attempted it with us when we were around 10, but I’ll tell you guys. All of you here must not have tried honey in your eyes before, because you speak of it so casually!
    IT STINGS!!!!
    Worse than accidentally getting jalapeño or chili powder in your eyes! It actually doesn’t stay sticky, because your tears work to make it smooth (and kick it out probably)–but its SO painful!!!!

    • 28 Hanan

      Oh and needless to say, dad felt sorry for us and gave up after making us do it twice. So I can’t say if it worked.

  13. 29 Poppy

    Is honey bad for your eyes? Or is there any research or something? Because the thing is, I definitely would try it if it’s not bad for my eyes. Could anyone help me? xoxo

  14. honey is not harmful to the eyes until and unless it is 100%pure…..we usually don’t get 100% pure honey in cities but its easy to find it in urban areas in mid Asian countries….honey have healing properties and it have an ability to heal any sort of bacterial infections in our body as well as ulcers….it heals quickly and its combination with black pepper helps in clearing sour throat and is quiet beneficial for people having sinus….People having bacterial infections in their eyes or any other sort of eye problem, honey acts as a medicine against those problems….HONEY CANNOT CHANGE THE EYE COLOUR….eye colour is something which is decided by our genes and there can be no change in anything associated with our body’s gene pool until and unless we use something which can cause mutation in any generation….HONEY DOESN’T CAUSE MUTATION… old ages, honey was used as a medicine against bacterial infections….it is a part of our islamic tradition as well and its a sunnah to use honey for healing purposes and as an anti bacterial medicine….. <3 <3 <3 <3 K H U S H I <3 <3 <3 <3

    • 31 Leena

      well you can change your hair color hair color is also determined by genes as well. u can also lighten skin color with honey, skin tones are also determined by genes as well. i have also tried the honey method myself, and my eye color lightened from dark brown to golden brown. of course it didn’t work 4 you you just didn’t try it yet.

  15. These are actually great ideas in about blogging. You have touched some fastidious points here.
    Any way keep up wrinting.

  16. 33 Dalia

    It actually does lighten your iris pegement, the anti bacterial properties you’re talking about acts as anti oxidant too, honey acts just like lightening cream you use for skin, skin color is genetic too but definitely you can change it, one way is by reducing melanin… My Q is! Is’t haram (forbidden in Islam) as it may be permanent !!

  17. 34 igarashi

    well. i will using it in my left eyes. you know. it is about try something new. i dont think i follow new mode about changing eyes color or what because i dont do it in my both eyes

    i ve bought a half botlle of honey . i just need some reserach to it.

  18. 35 Alex Jones

    I’m actually currently doing this and I’ve been doing it for about I week. My eyes have already gotten 2 shades lighter. Within the first 3 days of doing this I could see my pupils where as I couldn’t before this expirement. And it’s not really stiky, you boil water and pure honey in a half half ratio and use them as eye drops. I don’t do good with eye drops so I bought a little spray bottle and spray it in my eyes then wipe the excess from around my eyes. I’m not going to lie it stings for the first 3 seconds when you first put it in but as you get used to it, it really doesn’t bother you that much. But if you use it lukewarm like put the solution in the microwave for like 6 seconds it works faster( lightens your eyes faster) and stings less. And as far as side effects they’ve all been good haha. My eyes are lighter and my vision has actually improved not that it was bad before but now things look more crisp and clearer.

    • 36 d

      Are you joking or what??? What types of honey did you use?

      because i have been doing this for a 2 months now but there are still no results.

  19. 37 H.

    Honey is one of the great antibiotics of nature (fantastically useful for burns and stomatitis), so there is no way it could harm anything, not even the eyes – provided you use pure, good quality honey, not some artificial crap.
    In fact, topical application of honey in the eyes is an ancient remedy for eye infections here in Europe.

    (It is not sticky once it gets in the eyes, because the tearing up dilutes it.)

    It is unclear how this colour change would work, but I am assuming that, if it does, it could be because of the natural peroxide that is released in contact with oxygen. That is probably why it stings, too. But the stinging is not too bad, and it disappears in less than a minute. (I have used it against eye irritation, so I know.)

    BTW, some people also use chamomile tea – another eye remedy – for the same purpose, i.e. lightening of the iris colour.

  20. 38 AJ

    Do you use the honey as it is or mix water with it?

    • 39 Hanan

      Mix water if you want to dilute it and make it sting less. But the more water you add the longer the process will take.

  21. 40 Aila Cleofas

    Well i started doing it today, i got a few drops of honey and a few drops of boiled water, left it for an hour until its warm, i havent seen the colour difference yet, i reckon its because i just started, but it did made my eye sight clearer! Its true, im not lying, its so clear and i cannot wait for the colour to go lighter, i love my eyes i appreciate it, but i do want to see if it actually works and it would be so cool if it does and due to the fact that i have seen lots of good reviews about it, im pretty confident it will be a success, and no this will not make you blind, and you will still be able to open your eyes and it wouldnt be STICKY, thats why you diluted it with water so it wont be sticky right? I use a syringe to put it on because i dont have an eye dropper, it works fine with it so i’ll continue, it might sting a little bit when you put it, but it will go away afterwards, its not bad for the eyes

  22. 41 vv

    doing it 2 months. had a break 2 weeks ago but doing it again. I had brown eyes not dark brown but now i can see that i a have brown/yellow eyes. I’m very happy. hope i get green eyes haha

  23. 42 Kay.

    Would it work the same if you use it as eyeliner on the water line and not as drops?

  24. 43 Tanzim

    Guys boil water to purifiy it, then add half as much of honey that you used. Leave it to cool for a few minutes then pour the mixture into container that you can use as a eye drop. When I started off 4 weeks ago I used less honey because I was scared of how much it would sting. But I added more till I was uncomfortable with the amount I was going to mix. However even with the amount I use, I can see a dramatic change. My eyes were really dark brown and now they are a few shades above hazel.. I use the drops as much as I can (once every hour of every day, when I can be bothered) but I’ve had a few breaks in between due to laziness. Process works. 100% but don’t use undisputed honey straight away as you don’t know how it may affect your eye. Hope this helps :)

    • 44 Reem

      Can you explain that more please like do you make this solution once a week? or do you boil half water and half of the honey that you have and use it a whole month straight?

    • 45 didi

      Hi, nice to know it worked on you. I have tired it for about 2 months now but there is no change at all. What brand and types of honey did you use ??

  25. 46 Tanzim


  26. 47 Sophia

    It actually does work. There isn’t any stickiness because most people boil it with water. Some people add lemon, to bleach the color, or chamomile, to sooth the eyes, but I just retained some of the eye drops from the bottle I used. I’m not gonna lie, it hurts like hell, even diluted a lot, and works best at about a 1 part water 1 part honey ratio or stronger. The antiseptic qualities of the honey stop melotonin production, so you’re eyes gradually become lighter. So long as its 100% honey, the water has been boiled, and the container is sanitized you won’t get an infection. A little color warning though; my eye turned a very reddish honey color. In the past, the light has caught my eyes so they flashed red, and my family has always acknowledged them as reddish brown, but it was a bit weird. If you have reddish brown eyes, you might want to think about it seriously before you end up with red eyes. Either way, once you stop using the honey water, you’re eyes will gradually go back.

    • 48 Aqsa

      Does that mean it is temporary because it will gradually go back?
      My grandma’s eyes are still grey/hazel from when she was young? I think it varies for different people?

  27. Hi i want to lighten my eyes culd i use honey syrup the ingridents says tht it has suger and pure honey culd i still use tht

    • 50 Aqsa

      No, just pure honey or raw honey so it doesn’t have any chemicals in it or it can damage your eyes! :)

    • 51 fact monster

      no because it has sugar {[(PURE HONEY)]}boil the water just to be safe then put it in a eye drop bottle :) ;)

  28. 52 Quixote

    Actually, it does work..although, I was born with green eyes because of my dad’s genes and then they went brown as I grew older but since I came across this topic I’ve decided to give it a try for fun and lo’ and behold it has been two days that I have been mixing honey, water and lemon juice and my eyes are now getting much lighter like hazel so I’ll keep applying this method just until I get back my natural eyes –cheers lol

  29. 54 Deepika

    There’s a product called jivadaya netraprabha (excuse the spelling) available in India, I dont know if it’s available elsewhere outside of india. It has honey as its core ingredient and is very good for the eyes with lots of benefits and helps cure ailments…not sure if it helps to lighten the eye color.

  30. 55 Tania

    I have dark brown eyes. I would want them to be hazel. I want to try this method, but how do i apply it to my eye ?

  31. 56 Yung_One

    Hey everybody. Ive been triing honey eye drops for a month now and let me tell you its amazing. Of course I did Alot of research before attempting anything like this. I use to have really dark brown eyes. They looked black as a matter of fact. Now I have regular brown eyes. I plan on sticking to the drops for another 5 months. Not only is it changing my eye color but it also helped my vision. I no longer need my glasses and it has given me an amazing glow in my eyes. They look shiny and new. And yes it does sting but the stinging feels less everytime you use it and its not a huge sting. Its just. A sting. Haha. Well if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

    • Can you post a pic, before and after.. My eyes are light brown but I’d like to try it because I’m tired of contacts I wear for vision problems, it is fun to play with different shades but I think is better something natural that enhance your features instead of changing radically and help also with poor vision. Thanks :D

    • 58 john

      bro,i want to change my colour from light brown to green permanently.tell me the proper method to use honey in my eyes.honey drops are available in the market or we have to prepare it at home?i will be very thankful to u…….

    • 59 Adventurous

      Hi how often have u been applying it in a day? Are you diluting it? In what ratio?

    • 60 Adventurous

      Hi, I would also like to improve my vision (main reason to experiment with honey) along with lightening my eye colour. Please tell me how often you apply it and do you dilute it? in what ratio? also can u please tell me your vision before and after its usage? I’m tired of contacts and glasses, don’t want to try laser surgery, expensive and scary! I have also been experimenting and researching with eye exercises to improve vision…Did anyone try it before or heard of it? Thanks

    • 61 d

      I have been doing this for around 2 month now but there are still no results and my vision is still the bad. What type of honey did you use?

      • 62 Rimi

        D, you should use completely raw honey. It may work out. Oh, and keep patient. :)

    • 63 Gabrielle

      Hi, I”m planning to try this method too to lighten my eye color which is currently dark brown as well. I was just wondering how light the color of your eyes became & if it stayed permanently. Also, how long did it take before you noticed a change in your eye color? Thanks!

    • First of all, Please answer cause I’ve been searching for a way to do this for months. Hope that didn’t sound weird :) What brand of honey did you use and did it ACTUALLY work? I have medium brown eyes with a green ring in each (but very thin, not noticeable) and in some places you can see a bit of light gold green behind the “web” of brown melanin. My dad has sea green eyes and my mother’s changed from brown to green with brown flecks when she was in high school. I’m a freshman and hope it will happen, but if it doesn’t honey would be the next best thing. What do you do with it to prepare it? How much do you use a day? Could you possibly send before/after pictures?
      Sorry if all these questions seem pushy or annoying, I’m just really excited about this working!

  32. 65 Yung_One

    Oh and tania. To apply it you need an eye dropper, raw or unfiltered natural honey, and purified water. You boil one spoon full of honey and 2 or 3 spoonfuls of water and then put them in your eye dropper. Once they cool you apply one drop in each eye in the morning in the afternoon and at night.

  33. 66 Tara

    So to answer some o the questions above: yes, I use Water with it and put the liquid into an eye dropper and drop about 8 drops in a day. If you want to know more about this you should check YouTube. There are lots of people posting their progress with this beauty experiment!

  34. 67 dalia

    I don’t know where to put the mix in, i don’t have an eye dropper. Where can I find this? xx

  35. 68 ali

    hi guys! i’ve been using honey drops on and off for about a month now and haven’t noticed any real difference. i use about 1 part raw honey to 2 parts water (boiled together for about a minute) and it stings like crazy! i keep a tissue nearby but i can handle it. my cousin used my drops when he had an eye infection and it cleared up within hours. anyway, i’ve been using it more regularly for the past week, and i’ve noticed green rings around my right eye (i have light brown eyes, my left eye is green at the bottom, wanted that colour!) – just not sure if they were already there, don’t want to speak too soon. i will continue to use it regularly (few times a day) and update you on my progress. can anyone tell me how to optimize my formula? much appreciated!

  36. Any tips for making the white part of the eye clearer and bright? Will honey work to lighten my sclera (white part of the eye)? I have very dark brown eyes. I like the color but the white part of my eyes have a few small brown spots. I want to clear that. My eyes aren’t red or yellowish so Visine doesn’t work.

  37. Okay you know when a method is just too good that you need to pause and take a minute for your head to digest the whole ” What just happened?” Haha
    I read all the reviews and did a little online and traditional research it sounded real safe so I mixed a tablespoon full of pure natural honey with a table and half spoonfull of water ( use more water if you have dry eyes or you cant withstand the sting)..boiled, cooled and applied thrice within three hours. A little at a time cuz it stings like hell. Now after you drop you gotta try to open your eyes as much as you can cuz there is a little oxidation chemistry for this to work.
    Later that evening I noticed my eyes looked a bit more clearer and shinier and I was like, ” What? Already?” And as I looked a bit closer my eyes which are supper dark brown almost black where now normal dark brown to lighter. Shocked Amazed I really didnt know how to react it was just too soon. So I didnt put anything yesterday and today cuz I was wondering is this permanent? Not that I dnt like it but I didnt mind my black eyes as well as it makes my eyes stand out bright in my yellow toned deep complexion.
    So if you arent consciously ready to try this I suggest you wait and research more about it as well as the sensitivity of your eyes and start with highly diluted solution first. But those who have an idea I really would like to know if this is permanent? Xoxo

  38. 71 Lisa

    So is the results permanent, or I will need to maintain it?

    • 72 Aqsa

      Well my great-grandma used to do it to my grandma (her daughter) when she was young (3-4 years) until she was like 23 and now her eyes are grey with bits of hazel. She used to be really dark brown like almost black coloured eyes. So in her case, it was permanent but it can change for different people :)

  39. 73 Sista

    Can it be store bought honey? Or does it have to be raw honey?

  40. 74 Paula

    Hi guys!! I have been doing a lot of research about this and finally decided to try it for myself, I started two days ago and have noticed my eyes shinier and a slight change of color. I have dark brown eyes and I’m not unhappy but both of my parents have really light brown eyes, my sister’s are lighter than mine and we’ve always loved our parents light brown eyes. I sometimes use brown colored contacts but I don’t like it, it looks like vampire eyes after a while and I want them to look natural and as light as my parents beautiful brown eyes, so I started doing some research as I was told to try lime drops, I read that it would damage the cornea and I could even get cornea ulcers, I definitely don’t want that. So I came across the whole honey and water eye drops blog posts, YouTube videos and chat sites. I read more about it and did my research and now I’m doing it. The question I have is if I should keep it in the refrigerator or just in a cool place, anyone know? And what’s better raw or pure honey, cause I’m using pure at the moment. Some say raw and some pure so I’m a little confused, Anywho good luck to everyone who is trying this out and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my results when I see more changes.

  41. 75 LISA

    I’d just like to know which brand of contacts do you use Huda?

  42. 76 deeja

    hello huda.
    I can use any pure honey, right? Or must it be raw honey?
    Well, I’m interested in your experiment. And the result is super gorgeous..!

  43. 77 deeja

    Ohh yea.. will it work if my eye color is dark brown.. ?

  44. 78 Aqsa

    Do I have to boil the honey and water together or just the water and add it to the honey?
    Where do you have to put it? Can I put it on the waterline or something because I’m very sensitive around my eyes.
    Do you only make it once or do you keep it in a jar? If you keep it in a container, where do you store it?
    My eyes are DARK BROWN almost black, and I want to try it!
    Sorry for asking so much questions…
    -My grandma done this when she was small, her eyes are grey-ish with bits of hazel around the pupil!!
    Thank you! <3

  45. 79 Aqsa

    I put it on like 3 times every hour, and there is a colour change! My eye colour is naturally dark brown almost black, but now near the pupils its only a little bit lighter.
    and the lighter parts are:
    I only tried this today, so it’s not much of a change!
    I just want to tell you it DOES work! :)

  46. 81 Shasha

    A bit scared here. :/

  47. Is it haram to use to lighten ur eyes
    pleeeeeeeeeez reply ASAP!!!

    • 83 hudabeauty

      I haven’t heard this, but check with someone you believe could advise you on this

  48. 84 Kaitlyn

    I started putting honey drops into my eyes on the 5th Aug 2013 and i’ve seen small results. My original eye color was medium brown. My eyes are getting more of orange than brown after using it. However whenever I wake up in the morning, I’ll have troubles opening my eyes because there is too much build up of the mucous. For the concoction , I mixed honey (pure and natural as it says on the bottle) with boiled water. On the bottle it says “This honey contains not less than 60% of reducing sugars calculated as dextrose anhydrous” i dont know what its supposed to mean but hopefully I dont go blind. I use the drop three times a day. Hopefully I get better results and less of hard crust in my eyes in the morning. Cheers.

  49. 85 zohaib88

    DO NOT DO THIS. I tried doing this for 2 days saw results by mixing raw honey with water. The 2nd day i was stunned and amazed to see that my eyes went from a dark brown to a lighter tint. But i later noticee that even the pure honey mixture had built up below my pupil leaving it sticky and gross. Forcing me to pick it out by a wet cotton tip.

    Also the prophet Muhammed (PBHU) I have no clue where ppl are stating that this was sunnah by putting it in his eyes, but he did drink honey with water every morning

    If you want honey colored eyes what you can do is drink 2 tablespoons of honey a day, progress will come.

    I leave you all with this , This is my advice to all. Take a moment and close your eyes for 5 seconds and imagine having permenant damage, or being fatal. That is silly and maybe you may have short term results but in the legit long run you may have to pay the price of surgery and other procedures NOT WORTH IT.

  50. 86 Janet

    But like how is the honey suppose to look like when I can put it on my eyes??

  51. 87 Anu

    hey i have alwayss wanted light brown eyes!!i use contacts nw..i was very postive abt dis experiment ven i read al d aftr reading zohaib’s review a bit scared to do it!!ny positive resultss nyone who tried!!

    • 88 datnigga1233

      How about besides browsing google and surfing the internet go and consult with any optometrist and ask for there output on how they feel about it. It will be short and direct and straight to the point if you meet with a professional.

  52. 89 Sabrina

    Can I use pure organic honey?

  53. 90 dani

    dont worry i am doing it and there are liuterally no side affcets and my eyes are lighter i love my eyes know they used to be the darkest of brown probably blakc and now they are bright blue

    • 91 d

      Oh, really… can u post before and after pics. And yhh what was your mix measurements?

  54. 92 C.C

    Who are u fooling Dani… Almost black to blue

  55. 93 Kat

    Should you do this procedure if u hav contacts, if so, be4 or after u put ur contacts on. Would drinking honey make ur eyes a lighter shade instead? Pleze help :)

  56. 94 C.C

    So im on day two and no change.

  57. 95 aida

    im a bit scared to do this. how do we know if it will damage our eyes? will the color go back? is it possible to go from normal brown to a dark green? Thanks.

    • 96 aida

      Oh yeah and is there a way to make your eyes darker again if the color doesnt look good on you?

  58. 97 Joanne

    I’ve been trying this (adding honey into my eyes) for a month and it has actually gotten a lot lighter! I had really dark brown eyes where you couldn’t see the pupil, and now it’s nearing cafe brown and I can see my pupils! It’s a very strange feeling. I don’t know if this can ever be reversed, so I’ll just fondly my really dark eyes. u_u However, this does work and honey doesn’t make you go blind. It does sting a lot for the first 15 or so seconds but then you start to tear and the pain automatically fades. So this is awesome! A change. But an advice is, make sure you want to lighten your eyes a little. You may end up missing your old eye color T_T. But a nice change is also nice too. C: Good luck! (I use regular honey…that’s it)

  59. 98 Drea

    For the people on which the boiled water with honey eye drops worked, my question for you is after you used the drops for a month, did you have to continue using the drops? How long did the effects last for? Is it permanent?

    Thanks (:

  60. 99 ali


    I have been making honey eye drops for months now but only using them irregularly, like a few times for a couple of days every week. It’s important that you boil the honey in the water, or else the yeast can cause it to ferment and have some solid buildup inside. i made some and thought it was too weak so added unboiled honey, and i could tell something was happening when it puffed up the rubber part of my eyedropper to the size of a golf ball while closed. it even smells like an alcohol. BUT oddly, after the few times i’ve used it since i noticed this, i feel like i’m seeing progress for the first time. i could be wrong. wondering how unsafe this is, it burns as usual for a few seconds but otherwise my eyes feel great

  61. 100 ernesto

    Has anyone talked to a proffesional about this for the after effects??

  62. 101 Alexx

    Can you use buckwheat honey ? It’s by honey brothers

  63. 102 Sam

    Hmmm not too sure about this one!

  64. 103 Lorna

    this is the stupidest thing i’ve heard & read in my whole life! and for what purpose is it to change one’s eye color? to look more Anglo?

    • 104 Angie Diego

      Lorna, you idiot, why would we like to look like dim-witted apes and negroids? Yes we want coloured eyes

  65. Waw I love it

  66. 106 S.A.J

    Hi I tried it and it worked my eyes were dark brown I’ve only used it for two weeks and my eyes are light brown and I notice a greyish colour around

  67. 108 uncle sam

    huda, have you tried this?

  68. Honey does help not only with eye color but also fighting off bacteria that gives you pink eye. If you are wanting to do this you must use raw hungry, because if you buy honey with sugar I’m it, it will blind you because the sugar crystals are tearing up your iris. Make sure to boil the honey with filtered water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray in the morning and before you sleep.

  69. Hello.Is this true?

  70. 113 par

    Hey Huda,
    I’ve been doing this off and on for a few months now. My eyes are naturally green with a hazel centre but they have developed a ring of gray now and reduced the amount of brown in the middle.

  71. Yes, it does work! The stinging is NOT that bad :) My eyes are bright and shiny once again!

    Put a few drops into your eyes while lying on your back. Close your eyes and let them roll back slightly.

    This allows the honey to absorb and become diluted by your tears. This alleviates stickiness.

    • 115 Omnish Singhal

      Does it really work, i mean putting honey and all that sticky stuff in our eyes ?

  72. 116 ioana f.

    hi guys , so i do not understand you put raw honey 100 percent honey with no sugar ? or u mixed with water? u boil it with water or you are just adding to the water that u have boiled? pls i am confused. thx

  73. 117 Noor Aref

    I actually tried this honey trick to intensify my eye color. At first I was sceptical about doing this; when I heard that many people in ancient times have done it as an eye remedies and people on blogs were doing it and saw results I took the plunge. (My eyes are naturally green with a dark grey rim around the boarder of my iris) I use 100% pure honey and a little bit of water to dillute the pastey constistancy(scoop out a dime size with a spoon and use approximately 1 teaspoon or 1/2 a teaspoon if your want it to be more concentrated. I used a q-tip to apply it inside my eyes. I applied the honey mixure to my eyes 20- 40 times(drops) right before i went to bed. It tingles a little but its nothing serious. I applied a little more than most people do because I wanted faster results. It does make you have a runny nose after. your eyes will get a little red but the redness usually goes away by the next day. When I first began using honey drops in my eyes they were a little sensitive and the redness lasted for about a day and a half. (I waited a few days before using it again) It doesnt feel sticky it’s basically liquid honey eyedrops. I did this for a month and my eyes became a lighter green, and the dark grey ring is slowly diminising and turning into a blue color. I didn’t notice any changes in my eye sight ( I actually think it kind of improved my eyesight as well as cleared out any impurities that were in my eyes). I took pictures ever night in the same bathroom of my eyes and I noticed my eye color slowly changing. I’m going to go back to using this because after time your eye color won’t look as bright. Remember this is my experience and opinion. I am not a doctor but if you feel like your too scared to try this you can always just wear colored contacts. I honestly don’t think this is harmful at all if you dillute the honey. I hope this helped anyone who is thinking of trying this out for themselves.

  74. 119 Noor Aref

    If you have dark brown eyes it won’t turn into a green color over night. The changes in the eye color are very slow. If you stop using it your eyes over time you will produce more melenin (which makes your eyes darker). I already have green eyes and it lightened the color slightly making it a lighter green.

  75. I am sure it doesnt work. As a child I used to use honey in my eyes as a herbal remedy for my allergy. It does have great benefits but eye color change isnt one of them. After regilar use for around 3 to 4 years I still have dark brown eyes :)

  76. omg i have glasses, and my vision is poor, im not sure if i should do this or not?! someone plz help me

  77. 122 are you kidding me??

    OMG, sorry to tell you this but you people are either insane or simply too naive. Eye colour is determined by the genes you inherited from your parents. Honey will have no effect whatsoever on that. I do not doubt it can make them look brighter and that the cleansing/antibiotic properties of honey can make the whites of your eyes look whiter but thinking you can go from dark brown to a hazel-green shade is totally unrealistic!!!

    • 123 Angie Diego

      The honey makes a natural hydrogen peroxide, like a bleach, so it WILL lighten skin, hair or eyes, jackass

  78. try the iris lightener from

  79. 125 Serenity

    I’ve been doing this for a month & I’ve gone from a very dark brown to beautiful, sparkling hazel eyes <3 I'm curious to see how far I can go with this! :3 It has also improved my eyesight & within my first week, my lashes became a lot longer, darker & thicker, too! :o I no longer need falsies! haha
    To all the people who said honey is "too sticky" and you wouldn't be able to open your eyes again.. your tears will wash it away. Be brave! :P

  80. 127 A. Khan

    Can someone post their before and after pix please ? :)

  81. 128 hailey

    Hi I have really dark eyes and want lighter ones ive looked onto the honey eye drop thing and lots of of people say good thing but some say its bad please tell me because I want lighter eyes and am willing to do the eye drops but im worried help?? X thanks

  82. 129 LoveArt127

    Honey eye drops kinda work for me, they are lighter now and my friend was commenting about it too, so I think it works

  83. 130 cool1

    Umm, i’m about eleven and a half years old. i’d love to change my eye colour which is dark brown but i’m worried. plss tell me wht u think?? should i try this or not..

  84. I think you”re beautiful

  85. 132 Amira Sultana

    How many times a day should you put this in your eyes?

  86. 133 mister goodnite

    Okay, so I’ve been doing ALOT of research and about to start this experiment on my own.
    Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

    1. Use PURE honey. Make sure it doesn’t have any sugar or additives. Check the back for ingredients and make sure it only says honey or something like that.
    2. Boil water first! Then, let it cool down a bit and mix it with the honey (use distilled water preferably)
    3. Apply eyedrops about 3 times a day (moderation people)
    4. it will sting a bit! but try to keep your eyes open! (sting goes away in a few seconds)

    I heard a friend talk about this theory today and I am extremely intrigued by it. Apparently, it’s the hydrogen peroxide in the honey that will lighten the colour. I have very dark brown eyes and from what I’ve read, those are the ones who see the most results. If it works, awesome, I encourage anyone to do so as well. And if it doesn’t, I doubt there will be any negative side effects.

    I am going to take weekly pictures. Three different ones, one in my bathroom with normal lighting, one with flash, and one in the sunlight. Then we’ll see if I make any progress. Good luck to any of you trying it as well!

  87. Hey, so its my third day using this. Well almost this, I took a q-tip pure and dapped it in the honey bottle and in my eyes. So did it 2 times each day, morning and evening. It has definitely cleaned my eyes out, they don’t hurt or get tired as much as before(big computer user). It does stink a little bit.. k maybe a lot, when you initially put it in, but nothing intolerable. Also, my eyes have cleared out little bit. The white spot is much clearer and glossy like, also I can finally see my pupil, I never could before. The colour of iris is going towards lighter brown from dark brown. So, good results so far. Too premature to speculate yet about future, but sounds promising- promising enough for me to buy a raw honey jar!!

  88. 139 Lisa

    It works from what I can see, my eyes were murky brown forever then I started using all natural honey opcon-a drops just adding honey to eye drops.. And made my eyes feel amazing I could see amazingly, I didn’t get eye booger build up as much as well as the discharge. And I could see clearly my deep brown color, I then added organic fresh chamomile tea to the mix and man immediately it makes you eyes glow. I’ll be sure to up date if I could see some more eye changing effects. Oh and it made the pinks of my eye fresher looking

    • 140 Rez

      What materials did you use like to be specific because I really need help in doing this!! Can u help me? that would be awesome. But do u think this works on Asians? Thanks. :)

  89. 141 So excited

    Hi! I started doing the honey method during June 2013. My eyes are dark brown.
    I don’t boil the water, I just heat it up and then pour 2 teaspoons of raw organic honey. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for dark brown eyes to turn light brown, then hazel, then finally dark green. :) I’d highly appreciate any responses! Thank you!

  90. 142 So excited

    I love brown-green eyes too! I purchased raw organic honey in Trader Joe’s, and I read that sugar is bad for this changing of eye color in this thread; that it damages the eyes. Somethibg like that. I cant remember the exact words. Sorry! :( Where can I find organic raw honey without sugar? Mine has sugar and so do the others at at Trader Joe’s. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase organic.raw honey without the sugar.

  91. 143 negra

    I tried the pure honey in the eyes and it stings like hell..!!! Someone needs to invent some eye drops that will change the iris of your eyes to a different colour with no side affects

  92. 144 marme

    hello!!! im from greece and i have light brown mom is from russia and she has fully green eyes.
    for the experiment.
    is it real?it works?someone to tell! and which are the ingredients,whats the process and how much i put in my eyes,a number of weeks?PLEASE!

  93. 145 Mini

    To the people asking which honey to use, you have to use real raw honey or manuka honey which is what I use. If you get manuka honey make sure it is FDA approved as some manufacturers will claim its the real deal when it’s not. I use manuka 12+, the more pluses it has the more potent the manuka honey is which should get you faster results. I the most is 20+ (not sure) but bear in mind the pluses the manuka honey has the more expensive.

  94. 146 Mini

    Also mix the honey with distilled water if you possibly can. I use normal bottled and it works okay for me. You can boil it if you wish but I don’t bother. It’s up to you how make up the mixture but I suggest adding water bit by bit until you find the stinging tolerable. Put it into an eye dropper and store either in the fridge or just somewhere dry and cool. Hope this helps :)

  95. 147 zoobadooba

    My sister is a victim of the stupidity of what people read on the internet. About two months ago she was web surfing like all of you. Did the correct procedure boil, dilute honey and now she is seeking medical attention

    My advice: don’t trust something you read on a forum. Nobody is a professional and anybody can post anything. Beware and if you are really wanting to change your eye color. You spend hours researching. Do this quick and direct method. Pick up a phone and contact an eye specialist and inquire to them. They will shock you with an answer.

  96. 148 Mini

    @Zoobadooba. I’m sorry to hear that and I hope your sister makes a speedy recovery. But there could be many factors into why things went badly for her. Did she sterilize the eye dropper first? Did she buy regular store bought honey instead of clean raw honey. If she boiled the water did she let it cool down first? She could also have been putting it in her eyes too much as I’ve noticed people want to get the quickest results so some will do it every hour which is ridiculous. I’ve been doing this for two months one drop in each eye 5 days a week and I’ve had no problems at all.

  97. 149 negra

    Well im back I must say it still does sting but you get use to it..and I have dark brown eyes I been using it fir about two weeks or so and I defenitly can see progress in my eyes the grey is building on the outside of the iris and my brown is lightning I couldn’t see my pupil and now I defenitly can wich im loving..yes you gonna have some gook in your eyes bcos the honey is cleaning your eye it normal if your eye is sticky rinse thats expected ppl your using honey duuuh.. it aint nothing a warm wash rag cant fix..the honey that I buy it bring the honey comb in it but still manages to say it has 16% percent sugar im looking for no percent but this one is working so far I havent really had any major problems just a little dryness in my eyes but some artificial tears or some visine and u good to go..!!!! Best of luck to all and may u get the eyes u want…

  98. 150 snoby

    Don’t you worry that you will get are not alone.i got two shade lighter after using it for two months it will work but it will take time

    • 151 d

      HI… i have been trying this for 3 months but my eye are still the same. Can u tell me what u exactly do and what honey you use.

  99. 152 Santanaa Babyy

    Hiya everyone, please help clarify a few questions for me!

    1) They say to use distilled water, can you get regular tap water and boil instead?
    2) How does it damage the eye or whatever?
    3) Are the results permanent??
    4) I don’t have eye droppers so what do I do?

    Thanks girls!

  100. 153 A

    @Mini Where can I buy real raw honey?

  101. 154 A

    Hi :) Has anyone with dark brown eyes gotten hazel green eyes with the honey method?

  102. 155 A

    I’m aware that it takes a long while to achieve such a light color when one has dark brown eyes, but I want to know if anyone on this thread has achieved this. :) Nevertheless, I will continue until I achieve my desired eye color! :D

  103. 156 heaven

    Ive done this for two weeks and it worked…my eyes use to be dark brown and now they are just regular brown but they change from dark hazel to brown daily…..

  104. 157 sno

    I hove this will work

  105. 158 snoby

    Itz working

  106. 159 negra

    I was trying the honey in the eyes but the stinging was a bit I heard if you drink chamomile tea with honey Dailey twice a day not only will u loose weight but your eyes will lighten (iris)my eyes where dark dark brown and now they are just brown..!!! So if I have anymore change I will update..

  107. 160 jacob

    I’m a guy nd I’ve done it to my left eye and I can kind of see the differance but its not that much so I think I might work

  108. Well, I’ve tried it but It made my eyes blue after doing it for a year and adding water after.

  109. 164 Not a good idea

    All honey products have bacteria in them and unless you want to risk the chance messing up your eyes, I wouldn’t recommend putting anything in your eyes.

  110. 165 negra

    Well its been a month or so since I have posted and I would love to of have tooken a before and after pic just to show all the sceptics in hear that it does work I had poor vision and i still somewhat have poor vision only thing that has changed has been my color I had very dark colored eyes almost black looking not anymore I have beautiful coffee brown eyes I have my days where I wake up to almost a rich light cocoa color brown pushing amber like and lady’s if you have almost short to no eye lashes keep the honey on your lashes I promise you they will grow I had zip zero eye lashes now they are full and long don’t believe in the foolishness you will go blind that is bs..I know a women who has done it too her child and that young lady has the most beautifulest eyes along with the I hope that can assure those who are wondering rather they should or shouldn’t.. And no they stay that way..!!! I put direct honey in my eyes 1 a day no water no nothing else..

  111. 166 William

    Was just curious so i decided to try it out after several research of it being totally safe for your eyes. So far, i’ve been doing this for about a week now and and beginning to see some results but in a week or two, i will post my results.

  112. 167 Aliyah

    Hi i am confused ao should i boil the honey and water together or boil the water and then add the honey??how much honey??how much water??

  113. 168 RedGorgeous

    @negra do u think this would work on asians? Oh, while ur at it, is this permanent?? Please Reply!!! Thnx. :D

  114. 169 mirjam

    I WANT TO WARN EVERYONE. i did this thing with honey. and after a week i had and still have this horrible cough. its been 5 weeks. the cough got lesser, but only after i got antibiotics from the doctor. THIS IS NOT WORTH IT! I had disinfected the eye dro pper i used, bought the finest expensive ho ney and the water was dist illed. my eyes are fine. but inside my body something did damage. it aint fun to have this cough. i hope it wont be forever and it will go once i finished the antibiotics.

    • 170 mirjam

      if you want to do anything with honey just use it on ur skin. but not like this so that your airways get infected! im just warning. i feel so stupid i fell into this hoax. and was to ashamed to tell the doctor what i did.

  115. 171 Miss Santiaga

    I want to correct everyone and advise everyone @mirjam – the honey has got NOTHING to do with your cough, honey is PROVEN to have anti bacterial properties, it cleanses your system and bacteria, you have no proof for your above claim.

    Secondly, a man (true proven story) fought his eye infection with honey, although it wasn’t raw/organic, what is strongly advised is to use organic/raw honey – honeys like Manuka or even Yemeni Sidr (which is expensive).

    Thirdly, water goes in and out of our eyes, nothing happens and again honey FIGHTS bacteria, your eye dropper needs to be clean.

    Fourthly, Boil the water, or have distilled water, let it COOL down, THEN add honey, use three drops in each eye three times daily.

    The process is a LONG process so patience is the key. It will take approximately 3-6 months NORMALLY to see drastic results. Many people have tried this, the Greeks, Arabs etc even my friends. My friend did this for 6 months, 6 MONTHS PEOPLE she went from dark brown eyes to hazel with green specks.

    So PLEASE, provide proof for your claim and stop saying no this and no that, this is an ancient practice going on for centuries until today, there are NO side effects, EXCEPT if you use honey that contains sugar, dirty water, and dirty eye dropper. I pray that helped you all!

    Thank you! Take my advice and stop asking so many questions just do it and don’t complain, try and see it. It sometimes doesn’t work for everyone (that quick), it depends on the person etc

  116. 172 angels

    @ Miss Santiaga. Well health goes before beauty. So it is good if people experience something else and report it. Even Huda have posted in her post: “Definitely talk to your doctor first, do not put anything in your eyes (or on your body) without consulting a doctor!” God made everyone beautiful in HIS vision. And people talk about this like it works but NO ONE has REAL proof like pictures of before and after? Anybody ever saw real good before and after pictures? anywhere on the internet? But once again everyone should know for themself what they do and want to do. And once again it is good we hear both sides. The bad and the good sides of this thing what floats on the internet. Some people even put pee in their eyes to make them more colorfull. It just depends how desperate you are. And how comfortable someone is in their own skin to go for these kind of things.

    • 173 Miss Santiaga

      Hmm I agree with you love! However I beg to differ, sooo many people have done it and there’s so much proof. You obviously haven’t seen the proof or before and after pictures or are pretty new to this, I’ve seen REAL LIFE results, so I am speaking from experience darling. @Mirjam – I hope you make a quick recovery honey. Don’t say NO ONE has proof, you have NOT seen it honey so please stop saying things without knowledge, it’s really silly!

      Again girls, it’s a natural thing, it wont work for everyone. Or it will. There’s extensive proof, I’ve seen real life results, so please don’t speak without proof and bring forth the easiest arguement that people do; “I aint seen before and after pictures.” My friends mother is a medical asisstant and she has said it’s completely safe. Thank you very much. Don’t listen to people who are too quick to say, nah don’t do this, this is stupid! Etc come on, don’t say the first things that come into your mouth.

    • 174 Hayfa

      Actually, it’s worked for me, so please don’t be saying there’s no proof, just cos you aint tried it or YOU haven’t personally seen any proof.

  117. 175 Brianna Lowe

    Do u mix the honey with water? Or do u just put the honey In your eyes?

  118. 177 Khadija

    I have tried it. It does work! It’s very effective if you have any kind of eye infection. What I did is boil some mineral water like very little of it, then add honey on it, wait for it to cool off and used it on my eye.

  119. 178 William

    Hi guys, is any raw honey good to use? And what brands of honey would you recommend, because I have Aleli Honey and am currently using it but am afraid that it’s one of those wrong honey or non effective..

  120. 179 Jennie

    Hey guys it’s works. I’ve been using raw coopers honey at least 3 times a day and I’ve notice a big difference. I had dark brown eyes that almost looked black now I can see through the brown, it’s so sparkly, light and pretty, it makes a difference in my appearance all together. it’s been about 2 mts. Last mt I started mixing in manuka honey and that’s working great to! Good luck guys.

  121. 180 ashley

  122. Honey eye drops really work. I’ve been using it for over a month and my eyes are now green on the edges and lighter brown in the around the pupil. Before my eyes were light brown with two different shades (dark around the pupil and a bit lighter on the edges ) . You can see photos of my eyes before and after on Facebook. In the first three weeks I’ve been using light honey and I noticed small changes. I paused the process for aweek till I bought a darker natural honey and started using it again. Now the changes are more visible.

  123. 185 Belieberforever8

    I had really dark eyes, not black though but sort of dark brown and I’ve been doing the honey trick for a while now and oh my gosh! I can see a HUGE difference! It went from dark brown, to a medium brown and from that to a hazel color and it’s almost green! You hear that guys? GREEN! I have also gotten blue speckles on it and my iris is turning to an amber color! People ask me all the time if I wear lenses and I tell them it’s genetics (although it’s not lol)

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  125. how the way you but the hony in your eye
    i have brown i wana make her green

  126. 190 Bisma khan

    I have derk brown eyes … in how many day I got hazel eyes after useing this?

  127. 191 Bisma khan

    I am in pakistan so do you tell me wich brand of honey i use …

  128. 192 dagonet

    So I’m black i have dark brown eyes and did this today a few mins actually put quite a few drops i like fast results and I’m already noticing a blue ish golden ring around my eyes and they look slightly lighter

  129. 193 Kayla

    It is not sticky at all, but it has to be raw organic hone,no preservatives. The water should also be boiled before its mixed with the honey (wait for it to cool down before you use it of course). The mix should be about half water- half honey. I have been making my own honey eye drops and I have blue eyes, I have noticed a change, my eyes seem more white and green towards the center and outer ring of my eye. I love it!

  130. Hiiiii. My eyes are a really dark brown almost black and I’ve always wanted my eyes to have a bit of a green colour because I’m tanned with dark drown hair. I think it would go lovely :)I would love if i could make my eyes a hazel/green EXACTY LIKE HUDAS. -mostly with an olive green tint with tiny flecks of dark brown and/or gold to make it match with my skin tone and hair (like a natural look):)
    How many times a day and also how often do I hv to apply these honey eye drops? How many drops do I put in if I want this change frm black brown to a beautiful hazel?! Also what can I use alternatively to an eye dropper cos I hv none – any ideas????
    I’m so excited! Someone help plllllease! See most of these comments are from agggges ago. But if you’ve done this before and had EXPERIENCE …..PLEASE HELP ME COS IM EAGER!! Thnz

  131. 195 Jazmine

    Can you use honey flavored syrup?

Tell me what you think Gorgeous?!

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