Pick Your Favorite–Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks!

Tue, 19 Feb 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


It’s honestly hard not to fall in love with Chanel lipsticks!! The texture, the colors, they pretty much sum up everything I love in a lipstick! I love the vivid color selection and I tried 3 VERY different colors! A Very pretty light pink (112 Fantasque), a GORG bright coral (43 La Favorite) and a metallic brownish/muted red (119 Captivante)! They were all soooo pretty, so I had to add them to my collection of lipsticks! My favorite from the collection is #43 La Favorite, it’s stunning on and perfect for olive skin tones! I also loved their red (pirate), which is still one of my favorite reds of all time so both of these shades are HUGE musts for me!








9 Responses to Pick Your Favorite–Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks!

  1. rough allure velvet 42 is amaaaazing

  2. i like 119 on u.. its really nice on u :*

  3. 2 Nathalia

    You read your comments on the post you made yesterday about HAIR you responded to a comment but not my why? you had still only received three comments and you saw my safe but you did not answer my but you responded to someone else’s comment. I think it’s sad when you reply to a comment but ignores others! Grateful if you started answering them comments you get!
    If you answer to a comment you should answer everyone’s it’s a bit ugly that you reply to one and dont care about the others comment!!!

  4. 3 Bungee

    Amazing! That pink looks amazing on your lips! Baby, I have an urgent question for you:Do u think that Dior BB Cream is good only for dry skin?Is it suitable for the girls with combination skin type and can we use it too, but without any problems? Please, answer:)

  5. 4 Lara

    Hey, I wrote two comments yesterday, I wrote one, and then I forgot to mention one thing, so I wrote a comment below, but now it’s gone only one is left so you do not understand what I’ve written why it’s gone? and I have asked the same question several times but you never answer: ((you wrote sorry what was your comment read it again and when I write again so you do not answer

  6. I really love Rouge Allure too ;) #43 La Favorite – my favorite color for spring

  7. 6 Dina

    the first nude one looks nice on you. please do review on MAC Apres collection and the new pressed pigments. thank you,

  8. 7 despoina

    I love the first one….I really do not like the third,i do not know why!(I do hope that your lashes will come to my country also…)

  9. 8 Ivanna

    La Sompteuse is my holy grail red!

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