The BIGGEST Review of BB Creams, EVER!

Wed, 6 Mar 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

BB Cream Review Huda Beauty Full

Hiii My Loves!!! So I have been pretty obsessed with BB Creams, as you may know and I promised you all a FULL review on some of my favorite or the most talked about BB Creams! I took notes for each one, so you can see exactly how they felt and how they blend on to skin! If you haven’t tried one yet, hopefully this will give you a great picture about which one to buy!

Remember BB Creams, brighten skin, fight wrinkles, have SPF, even skin tone, and protect against free radicals while giving you a little color! It’s like beautifying makeup, which is why it rocks!


MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35



Dries Well but then it left streaks and wasn’t blend able. A little thick, slightly dewy, but in a nice way, not greasy, not oily, Natural skin finish, slightly too pink, which appeared gray on my skin


Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 25


BB Clarins

Felt thick when you started to blend it, but blended the most beautifully! Dried almost completely matte, but seems to have a little radiant shimmer in it (VERY fine, looks natural), not greasy, every so slightly sticky, but didn’t feel bad! Coverage light, but not sheer, actually a really nice BB Cream


Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30


BB Clinique

Consistency too thin and didn’t blend well, coverage not bad, but really greasy and sticky, also didn’t really dry, so it kept moving, which I did not like Although the color tone was nice. So far the WORST of the bunch!


DiorSkin Nude Glow Skin Perfecting BB Creme SPF 10


BB Dior Skin Nude

Blended beautifully, covered well, but still was light. No stickiness, no greasiness, but also a slight sheen to it. Definitely a favorite for combination skin types. Really felt like a different class than the other BB Creams


Dior Hydra Life Enhancing Moisturizer BB Creme SPF 30


BB DiorHydra Life

Quite nice consistency, not too thick, not too thin (more on the thin side), Coverage nice, but HUGE downer, they only offer in one color, dried nicely, no stickiness, slight greasiness, coverage good


Estee Lauder Day Wear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35


BB Estee LAuder

Quite thick, but blended very well, zero stickiness, but a little greasy, Coverage quite nice and looked very natural and not heavy, not bad, actually pretty nice maybe for dry skin. Also the color tone was quite nice
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15


Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15


BB Garnier

Soooo thick, blends nicely, with decent coverage. The greasiest of the bunch so far, but not so sticky! Definitely not a matte finish, I feel that skin would be too shiny if using this.


Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream SPF 50


BB Kiehl's

A little too water coming out of container, but not so easy to blend, it was slightly sticky when blended. Although it did dry beautifully and was very natural finish. not greasy, but had a little stickiness to it, not bad, more for dry skin. I like that it has Vitamin C, so it will correct dark spots and even skin tone


MAC Prep + Prime Compact BB Cream


BB MAC Compact

Really terrible, soooo thick, felt like paste on skin. coverage was very heavy, didn’t seem like a BB Cream, Blended well, but pretty greasy. Felt like it didn’t dry, but was very thick, so it may move throughout the day


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream


BB Maybelline


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35


BB Smashbox

Really nice consistency, not too thick, not too thin, Blended beautifully and coverage was quite natural but still good. A little too greasy, but not sticky, similar to Estee Lauder, but nicer consistency


Too Faced Multi Benefit Skin Care BB Cream SPF 20


BB Too Faced

Kind of thick, but bladed beautifully! Felt more like a foundation than a BB Cream, a little orange, slightly sticky, slightly greasy, although does look natural Covereage not bad, but not a front runner


Urban Decay Naked Skin DNA Repair BB Cream SPF 20


BB Urban Decay

So far, LEAST favorite, blended into nothing! Felt like the coverage was soooo light that it made me wonder why I even bothered with a BB Cream, it also kind of felt weird when it blended, thick at first, then it blended into basically nothing! Not a fan! No Greasiness, barely any stickiness

126 Responses to The BIGGEST Review of BB Creams, EVER!

  1. so which one do you recommend? .. which one was your favourite?

  2. 2 Josephine

    You didn’t have a review for the Mabelline one – what did you think of it?

  3. 3 AlAnoud

    Jane Iredale BB Cream is the BESSSSTTTT so far….Have you tried it?

  4. 4 Mais

    a BB cream in general does not give a full coverage, right? i mean for someone with acne scars, you’ll need a full coverage foundation. correct me if i’m wrong please..
    i wish i had a flawless skin, but i don’t :( i have many scars and i don’t feel confident without a full coverage foundation

    • 5 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! Not really, the full coverage ones tend to be heavier since they are a combination of skin corrector and pigment, they are also a little too greasy! For full covereage I would go with a powder mineral foundation, since those are great at covering your skin and don’t have all the harmful ingredients like TALC, etc!

    • 6 Camila

      Asian bb creams tend to be more medium to full coverage but they generally have a dewy finish.

  5. Hey Huda !! I am from Pakistan ! Can u plzz
    1) tell me a way to get rid of dark upper lips ! Its so embarrasing and I have lost my self confidence due to it.
    2)tell me how to boost MY SELF-CONFIDENCE plzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Love ya a :D

    • 8 DeeDee

      Get rid of dark upper lip (like a mustache without hair) by applying Porcelana Skin Lightening Cream nightly. You will be amazed at how quickly this remedy works!

  6. 9 Kaitlin

    is it just me, or can anyone else not see the maybelline review?

  7. 10 Merisha

    Maybelline’s review seems to missing in the post. Xx

  8. 11 aishacrystal

    Where is the review for Maybeline!

  9. 12 Esha A

    Great reviews, but you left out the review for the maybelline one bimistake! :)

  10. 13 Nimra

    So which one do u prefer…??? Which one should i buy?? Ive got a dry skin!!

  11. 14 Ada

    Whooo Huda! You should enter the Guinness book for this!! Thank you! Are any of them in darker skin tones?? I’m like NW 40

  12. 15 Nia

    Hey Huda, thanks for a great review. Was wondering if you’ve tried the bobbi brown bb cream and what you think of it? Xö

    • 16 hudabeauty

      I did try it! It is a little greasy! Sorry I didn’t include it I will add it to the review!

  13. 17 Maitha AL M.

    You didnt comment on the Maybelline bb cream!!

  14. 18 Penny Kak

    So which was your favourite? You also didnt include the maybelline info.

  15. 19 shazia

    hello huda,
    maybelline review has not come up..

  16. 20 Araceli

    hi, huda! i’m not familiar with BB creams but i want to give it a try, its just that i have some skin issues….i break out easily! i have some pimple scars also to deal with. Will the cream triggers more pimples? i have an oily skin by the way and just curious if its safe for my skin. thanks!

  17. 21 Gigi

    Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream has a new version out for Combo/Oily Skin and it dries matte! The coverage is pretty good as well.
    Thanks for the review it was great!
    I was wondering if you ever tried Missha BB Creams…I have tried all the BBcreams you reviewed and Missha kinda beat them all out! LOL

  18. 22 fatema

    A lovely post ! so ur Favorite out of the bunch is ?? …….btw u forgot to rite the review for Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ! :D

  19. 23 Maddy

    What do you think about the body shop’s BB cream?

  20. 24 Kathy

    So which one did you prefer? Also you didn’t rate the maybellene? :-)

  21. 25 mitsa

    I have both the Dior ones and the Maybelline ones and I love them. I find myself wanting to use them more then my foundation. Everytime i wear the Dior Skin in oo3 i get so many complements on my skin. saying how flawless it is and all. Love it

  22. 26 Brooke

    Hello, I noticed no comments for Maybelline. How was that BB cream? Thanks.

  23. 27 Shiza Nawaz Khan

    which one is your favourite? Also, what is your maybelline review? xx

    • 28 Sola

      AMAZING REVIEW!! Very well detailed. You saved me a bunch of time and money because I have been on the ultimate hunt for my go to BB cream. I have been trying to give my face a fighting chance these days by lightening up on the foundations and moving on to BB Creams. I have had a few ‘face freak out’ moments with some of the drugstore BB creams and I moved on to the Smashbox camera ready and I really enjoyed it.However, my face looks like I dipped it into a tub of oil after a few hours of wear. With the help of some blotting sheets here and there the shine is somewhat controlled, however, I’m sure I am setting myself up for disaster when I don’t have my sheets one day.

      I just recently tested the Dior BB cream at a dept store and IT IS beautiful. Love it. But, I also had a thin layer of the smashbox and a primer on already, so Idk if that warped the results. I’m sure my face won’t be happy with so much product but it held up quite well throughout the day. I haven’t gotten the chance to do a perspiration test (I sweat within 5 minutes of being outside and live in a subtropical climate) which is very important to me. How does the Dior BB hold up outside? is there need for reapplication throughout the day ( wanted to know just in case my experience was influenced by the dior and smashbox mix)? And did you apply with a brush/ sponge/ fingers?

      I have a very unconventional job that has me in the office for 8 hours straight one day to being out in the sun, digging holes and planting native plants the next. It would be really helpful to find a BB cream that can gives me beautiful (but not heavy!!) coverage and lasts even when I am working outside. Or would you recommend I look into a different form of coverage? I will be doing a service trip for a month so I need something with SPF and enough coverage to conceal my faded, but still evident dark spots. I’m proud to say that I’ve come a long way with my face ( blemishes and dark spots caused from acne) and I would hate to see them undone in a month. so any help would be grand.

      Sorry for the lengthy post and BTW, you got yourself a new subscriber ;)

      • 29 hudabeauty

        Hi darling! I really love to use it directly on skin and most of the time, I use my hands! If I’m in a hurry and don’t want to wash my hands in between, I will use a stipple brush like Sephora’s short mineral powder brush. The Dior BB Cream actually holds up the best in summer/hot weather out of all the BB Creams, mostly bc it is matte. The mac one holds up well too, but it’s so hard to blend, I honestly kind of hated that!

  24. 30 Tala

    So which one is your fav??? Which one is Best for dry skin?

  25. you forgot to comment on the maybelline one :/

  26. 32 zehrah

    hey you forgot to write about the maybelline one

  27. 33 sara

    what about Maybelline ??

  28. 35 Rema

    So which one was your ultimate favorite? Btw congratulations on your lash launch :) so proud :)

  29. 37 Mariam

    Finally a great review! Which one would you (Huda) stick to using on a daily basis in the end?

    • 38 hudabeauty

      DEF the Dior! I just love how it looks so natural but still gives good coverage!

  30. HUDA………. this is truely helpful. Cuts down anxiety for not finding the right product to 90%. Thank you so much for this much awaited review….

  31. What a great post! There are so many different BB creams/swatches here. I love when blogs include a big selection of one type of product in order to compare them. :) Was the Dior your favorite? I bet it was super expensive though.

    • 41 hudabeauty

      It was definitely on the pricier side, I did also like Estee Lauder and Maybelline BB Creams so you can definitely get one at every price:)))

  32. 42 Amna

    I didn’t like garnier either felt too thick and I had to powder it to mattify , I’d rather wear foundation than the garnier BB cream. I’ll try Dior next :)

  33. 43 MehVish

    HI Huda! Laaaoove ur blogs! ive gotten oily skin…which bb cream would you recommend? also can i wear it during summers ?

    • 44 hudabeauty

      The MAC one was nice darling! It dried completely so it should be blended quickly, but it literally had NO grease!

  34. The maybelline review is missing lol
    Would love to hear what you thought of it

    I use loreals bb cream (i thinks its called magique) it has these microcapsules that give a very nice finish and makes my pores look smaller. Also not too much coverage and its very lightweight. You might want to try it :)

  35. 46 Nada

    Hi Huda, I’m really in love with your blog, a serious question please please answer me, My only wish is to remove the dark black circles around my eyes what is the best remedy? :D Thanks xx

  36. 47 Jasmine

    This was a great review! I bought the Garnier BB Cream, and didn’t like the color or consistency of it. So I started mixing it in with my regular moisturizer- and I love it! Since it is so dry here in the winter months, the moisturizer is perfect, and it gives me a nice color, and my skin looks radiant. I will definitely try the Dior next though.

  37. 48 Mary Monroe

    wow so many BB creams

  38. 49 Natalie

    Hey huda a perfect timing & on-trend as usual, thanku. Were u able 2try out the Bobbi brown version? I went in looking for a tinted moisturizer &they sold me BB cream. I felt it to be thick, pasty & very heavy- I literally felt like in was wearing a mask & I’m an avid BBrown supporter so was severely disappointed. Went to body shop & got their version which was soooo much lighter but since i have an olive skin tone, it seemed to make me look greyish, but the sales lady sold me a vitamin c skin boost to wear underneath & 3 days later I’m covered in breakouts (which I never ever get) so in my quest for light coverage & all-in-one-ness, I’m now back to being a spotty teen ;)

  39. 50 Mary Beth

    Hi Huda. I too am Middle Eastern (Lebanese) and have similar skin tone (olive, with dark brown eyes and hair). I just purchased the STILA Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm (recommended to me in the store by a salesperson). I was operating pretty much in the dark, because I don’t know much about BBs, but I bought it today BEFORE reading your review here. Can you tell me if you know anything about the Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm, and/or what you think of it? Thanks! : )

  40. 51 rasha

    hi Huda, i want to ask you, if Talc powder can causes damages to face skin or has any harmful sides on face because i am actually used to put it on my face after i put on my sun screen cream as an alternative of a makeup powder?? please i need you to reply this..thanx

  41. 52 Amira

    Huda what about BB cream from Bobbi brown ?

  42. 54 salma alqubaisi

    hey huda , so do you advice me to use the BB cream daily i have oily skin so what do you advice me

  43. 55 Aniee

    U tried a lot but not all:) try Lancôme and Givenchy with top of Mac mineralize skin din fish lighter shade! Plz try n let me know?

  44. 56 Carolina

    I tried the Estee Lauder Day Wear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35 and at the end of the day my face was so oily. Which one would you recommend for oily skin.

  45. 57 Aniee

    Try Lancôme you will luv it i am sure:) awsum thing and my tip is apply skin mineralize by Mac top of it! If u want more coverage!otherwise it’s enough in it!!

  46. 58 Maria Rivera

    Huda you are amazing!!!! Thank you sooo much for taking the time to share with us . Def going to try a few..

  47. 59 Maria Rivera

    Huda I do have a quick question. Not sure if you watch Kourtney and Kim take
    Miami. Anyhow Kim’s skin seems to be shiny with a nice glow a lot to the time. Do you think it has any thing to do with bb creams or something different ? Been dying to find out what she puts on her skin. That nice shiny glow it amazing.. Please share if you have any idea.. Thanks Beautiful…

  48. Pretty cool Blog – I’ll be passing it on.Also, I’m happy to locate numerous useful information here within the post.

  49. LOVE this review!!! I’m a huge BB cream fan too, and went through a tonne! LOL! Keep it up!

  50. 62 maryam

    Dior BB is the best in the market

    • LOL, i have it, just hadn’t gotten around to trying it! There are so many new ones lately! Will post a review when i do get around to it! XOXO

  51. 64 Anu

    Hi Huda! Love your blog. Just got to know that your blog is my friend’s beauty secret! Good going. :) :) I use Maybelline BB cream, but on dry days it’s hard to spread. Should I moisturise before applying BB cream? :)

  52. 65 Rand

    Thank you <3 love this review, i'm always looking for the best BB cream but so far i dont think it works, atleast for me

    • 66 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! Have you tried the Teint Visionnaire? Just did a review on my blog, honestly I’ve only been using this since I got it!

  53. 67 Aisha

    Hey Huda, Could you also check out the BB from Body Shop…i hv been looking to buy that…would love your advise on it. Thanks

  54. i tried most of them above too ( since ages a huge fan of BB cream and don’t like classic foundations at all (used tinted moisturisers for a while before BB cream came to Europe, finishing with a transparent lose powder, which im loving to fix my BB cream too)… i’m a huge Clarins fan, n i love the BB cream from them, but i tried Loréal’s BB cream too, n i must say it’s awesome, please do a review on that, im using the light skin version, as im lebanese with a very creamy white skin (which i wish it would go more into olive, but this is my naseeb obviously :D ) the consistence is awesome, it’s basicly similar to an elder tinted moisturizer from Estée Lauder, with a white cream which is including mini pigment balls, which are blending awesome on skin, and assimilating with your skin tone…. would like to know your opinion about it

  55. 69 Ridhvana

    I would like to kno abt body shop bb cream as well asmaybelline too..wch s best among them???

    • 70 hudabeauty

      I love the Maybelline BB Cream, it’s def my favorite at that price level, but I have not tried the Body Shop BB Cream honestly

  56. 71 Sarah

    Garnier BB and L’Oreal “Youth” BB have a noxious, heavy perfume — why???

  57. Very very helpful, I picked up Smashbox BB its just awesome for my skin.. thanks Huda

  58. Thank You Huda for this indepth review…. It really Helped Darling !!

  59. 74 Jennie

    I think you should just pick ONE! Or at least one in each price range. The reason we all come to you is for you to sort them for us! Confussed tho….what did you think of the Maybelline vs the Dior?

  60. 75 Lori

    You should definitely try the Missha Signature real complete bbcream, my absolute favourite. It’s an asian one but it doesn’t give your skin an ashy appearance as those usually do. It’s spf 25 and it protects and hydrates the skin well while not being shiny or greasy at all. I could even find a true match for my skin, which isn’t easy cause I’m an extremely pale-skinned (no rosy undertones for me) redhead. The coverage is medium but I put a bit of moisturizer in it (and this after I slathered a lot on my mug too!) because my skin is very dry and because I’ve no particular skin problems except for a few little red capillaries, so I can go sheer. It’s mat but not excessively and provides a very natural finish and furthermore it’s cheap, which isn’t bad at all…

  61. 76 lucin colakoglu

    Awesome review! Extremely helpful!!! Maybe you could do one on Moisturizer next ?!?!? :)

  62. 77 tiffany gallehugh

    I am in love so far with Garnier but I have dry skin..I am looking for a lasting bb cream..I live in hot weather and the foundation I use I can swim and sweat in and it does not come off. I have heard Dr Jart’s BB creams are amazing..I agree on the reviews I have tried almost everyone there..Garnier I still stick with.Thought Lauder would be good since I use Double Wear foundation but didnt like it. Thank you for the reviews of the ones I have not tried.I have a few more myself to conquer and get samples to try from Sephora.

  63. Thanks for doing this! It’s a HUGE help! Can you also do a review of Josie Maran’s Argan Tinted Moisturizer? There are lots of mixed reviews about it, and I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks! :)

  64. The Shiseido is the N°1 EVER ! Does not name itself “perfect” without a reason :P ;)

  65. 80 Ada

    Huda have you tried the Tarte one?? I looove it!

  66. 82 Nichole

    I’ve been using Garnier’s BB cream for the past year. Just about finished with the bottle and searching for another brand to try out. Garnier’s IS a bit too thick and the “light” is borderline too dark for some people that are actually “light”. I did, however, find that by putting on my regular moisturizer (Alba’s), then the cream, it goes on less thick and less dark. Then I’d follow it up with a mineral veil powder. Although there was no review for Maybelline’s, it obviously looked horrible. I was hoping to find another BB cream from a drug store that is better than Garnier’s; but perhaps I’ll splurge on the Dior I’m hearing great things about. I also recently read about Sephora’s…. let me know if you ever try that one.

  67. 83 xiaori

    you have tried the western bb creams… if bb creams that we’re talking about, you should opt for the asian brands…skin79, skinfood, missha, encara, etc are the best ones out there depending on your skin type

    • 84 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I have tried the Eastern ones, a few actually! They are quite nice, but many of them were very light and also lightening my skin quite strongly

  68. 85 Julie

    I need a BB cream WITHOUT SPF as I sweat profusely when I apply SPF as makeup on my face. I’m also oily. Does anyone have any recommendations? So far it looks like STILA is the best for me. Id like to hear some other ideas as well!! thanks Julie, Chicago.

  69. 86 hindy

    tarte is amazing..feels like butter without the grease :)
    gives great coverage and just a little goes a long way..spreads easily

  70. 87 chandani

    you didn’t leave a review for Maybelline

  71. 88 Natasha

    Hi what is your opinion on the clarins bb cream do u think ill breakout from the cream ,i have combination to oily skin.i use clarins ever matte,as for me its the best foundtation.

  72. I every time used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of internet
    thus from now I am using net for articles, thanks to web.

  73. 90 Manwella

    Hey huda i love ur blog, what do you think about christian lay bb creme i have tried this one an i like it but you have to apply minimum 2times/day…

    • 91 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I haven’t seen this one in Dubai! Where do you get it?

  74. HI Huda, an excellent review I loved it , I used the Garnier’s BB cream for sometime it was ok but I felt it dries the skin a little bit, not the best choice for dry skin. after reading your review I tried the Dior Hydra life and it is amazing a little thick but excellent coverage. thanks and do more reviews

  75. 93 Hend

    How about the new YSL one?

  76. 94 Omaima Khater

    do you recommend setting the bb cream with powder for combination skin?

    • 95 hudabeauty

      You can apply some powder in your T-zone, but you don’t really need to all over!

  77. Have You ever try BB Cream from AVON, I’m currently using “Shell” color and I think that is perfect BB Cream for my face. i warmly recommend it for everybody :-)

  78. 97 Sophia

    We keep asking you for the Maybelline BB review. You don’t even bother to reply!!!!

  79. 98 Lina

    Hi Huda, thank you for the review, have you tried the Guerlain BB cream and how does it compare with Dior’s?

  80. 100 Carol

    Thanks so much for the info!!! You really did a great job doing this!!! Xoxoxo

  81. 101 Ayesha

    I liked the two faced BB so far. It felt so light and doen’t clog the bores. I tried many but this BB is the only one that fitted my skin tone. I tried the nude glow. Its more like a tinted mostrizer. I like it.

  82. 102 Bersy

    What are your thoughts on the Maybelline BB Cream?! The section of your article talking about this product seem to have been deleted :(


  84. 106 Donia

    Hey Huds, I hate founuation so this seems like the next best thing. I just don’t see the difference bb creams or with blending a drop of foundation with your day cream. Or is there? Xx

  85. 107 Raya

    Hi darling, that’s was an awsm article <3 …..babe Its my wedding I am looking for te perfect foundation for my skin…..I have acne prone skin….but when I apply foundation it turns cakey….today I tried estee Lauder …..Mac……also Lancome but I liked none. Pleaseeeee suggest me something :(

  86. 108 Aleena khalid

    Dear Huda…please give review of Maybelline BB seems u missed writing about it ..i really want to know..thanks

  87. 109 Ashley Porter

    Huda- Have you tried the Loreal BB cream? I think it has a good amount of coverage without being cakey.

  88. hi dear huda….. have tried korean bb creams… like skin79

  89. Crazy post. Too bad there weren’t too many Korean brands in the review – would have loved to get your compare/contrast throughts! :)

  90. 112 MJ

    Have you ever try Missha or Hanskin BB cream? I think these 2 guys can beat all of those you’ve tried.

  91. 114 Asma Inayat

    Hi Huda
    Very nice review. But can you give me the reviews for the Pond and Bioderma BB creams too
    Best regards

  92. 115 Rafiya

    Can you tell me which where your top 2 out of the ones you tested? I’m looking for a BB cream to replace foundation for everyday wear. Thanks in advance I find your articles / reviews very helpful :)

    • 116 hudabeauty

      My favorite BB Creams are Guerlain (slightly dewy) and Dior Skin Nude (more matte) :)

  93. 117 Rafiya

    Great thanks Huda. I’m going try them out :)

  94. 118 emily

    Where’s the maybelline dream fresh review

  95. 119 Sabrina

    Huda, what colors did you use in the Dior and clarins? What nationality are you? I’ve got olive skin so I’m wondering if the colors you used in your photos will work as your skin looks like mine.

  96. So if I want medium coverage with Matte finish and yellow undertone (most make my skin look grey) which one would you recommend?

  97. 121 Asmaa

    Have you tried the CC of Stri-Vectin?? it`s amaaaaazing! and what do you think of Lingerie de Peau of Guerlain?? My Stri-Vectin is coming to its end and was thinking to replace it by guerlain`s BB!!

    • 122 hudabeauty

      I haven’t tried the Stri-vectin so I can’t compare the two but I love the Guerlain BB. <3

  98. 123 Isabella

    Which number is the Dior Nudeskin BB Cream?

  99. 124 V

    What shade are you using in dior skin nude BB?

  100. 125 Kristine

    Thank you for the review :) I have combination skin and BB creams like the Smashbox one will make my skin flaky. At the same time the Dr Jart Premium will be too shiny… Maybe I will try the Dior one. Still looking for the perfect BB cream!

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