5 Moroccan Beauty Secrets To Try!

Sun, 10 Mar 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hi My Loves!! As the Beauty Editor of Savoir Flair, it’s been amazing doing out Beauty Hypes from around the world! This week we did the Beauty Hypes from Morocco! Moroccan women have SUCH gorgeous skin, hair and are pretty much just gorgeous all around! Of course it may be genetic, but a lot of it comes from amazing beauty secrets! I had so much fun sharing some of the best beauty tips out of Morocco, make sure you guys check them out on Savoir Flair!!


13 Responses to 5 Moroccan Beauty Secrets To Try!

  1. Houda

    Hi Huda,
    I’m moroccan and i love all the tips and beauty tutorials that you share with us ! I hope you will come to Morocco I m sure you will enjoy our country !! Hope to see you soon in the streets of Marrakech please let me know so i can me to share with you some places to go too !!

  2. 1 fatiha

    hi Huda, Im moroccan and i want to thank you about all your videos and tips. you are the best .I love you :)

  3. 2 Yusra

    Hi Huda, i have moroccan origins and i absolutely agree with you, the article should also talk about olive oil which is 100% natural in morocco and used for hair and skin, and also about black soap!

  4. 3 Ada

    Well! I just looooved that! I love the Moroccans too! You’re such a quadruple threat, even more! Thank you for that Huda loved it :-)

  5. 4 Sophia

    Hello Huda ! Thank you for sharing all this tips with us ! I’m Moroccan living in France and we love you here ! I would love ton find your lash collection in Sephora France !!

  6. I like the idea of beauty tips from around the world. It helps blend cultures and trends. Kudos.

  7. 6 Mary Monroe

    boiled rose pedals sounds amazing! :-) Great post

  8. 7 Joe Strandell

    My fave beauty secret will always be white strips. Dentist.net has them on sale 10% off with promo code OralCare!!

  9. 8 rose

    Hi Huda,
    Thanks for this precious blog, am addicted to it since first day I discovred it. In Algeria we use Ghasoul -we call it tfel- as a hair mask too for oily hair..

  10. 9 Sarita

    hi Houda!!
    im moroccan :) and I’m addicted to all your news, I followed all your videos on youtube and your fotos on instagram and I would really like you to come to Morocco and if you want I have many Moroccan recipes for beauty if you are interested

  11. from where can we get all these things in Dubai??

  12. 11 Laila

    That’s true, especially as far as Argan oil is concerned. Yet, a big WATCH OUT!!! Argan trees exist only in Morocco and can be planted NOWHERE else. there are thousands of products claiming to contain argan oil,please make sure it does and always check the %of it.

  13. Hi Huda where do we green clay from

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