These 3 Things Have TRANSFORMED My Lashes!

Tue, 9 Apr 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

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I know I might be the biggest false lash enthusiast, BUT I always get asked if fake lashes make your lashes worse if you use them! The truth is now I wear false lashes more than I ever have before, and even though I’ve never had super long lashes, but there are three things that I am obsessed with right now that have completely changed my lashes!

I wrote about Revitalash a while back, and honestly in the Before pick above, I had already started using it! Soooo, my lashes look better than they normally would , but now they’ve grown and become so much thicker! I’m pretty obsessed with this trio!

The Silica is great for creating loooong lashes, the Revitalash is one of my FAVORITE lash serums ever, and the Dior Primer creates long lashes while you wear mascara, but also helps encourage lash growth–pretty amazed!

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27 Responses to These 3 Things Have TRANSFORMED My Lashes!

  1. natalie D..

    Hey hun thanku for staying current &more so, relevant! Looking 4Revitalash everywhere..any ideas on where 2find it? Nat x

  2. 1 Salmah

    U kidding.. That’s a huge difference.. Amazing..

  3. 2 Marah Eldebeiki

    What bout Vaseline? I used it and it helped my lashes so muchhhh ! You should try it!

    • 3 hudabeauty

      Amazing!! I’ve tried it in the past, but will use it again:) Thank you boo!!

  4. 4 Nadia

    How do you know the Silica had an effect as well? How are you able to tell that it is not just the revitalash and the dior primer alone? I was looking into taking silicia as well, that’s why im asking…

    • 5 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! That’s a great question! The reason being I actually took each one of these in steps! I started with the Dior Primer and saw a difference after 2 weeks, my lashes just became more dense, but more importantly it protects my lashes while I wear mascara and makes my lashes look longer and thicker while I wear mascara! After about 8 months I started using the Revitalash, which I saw a difference within 5 days, very slight difference, but my lashes became VERY dense! I did get a bit of dark circles around my eyes, but it wasn’t anything too intense. They actually went away with a bit of almond oil! When I added Silica into the mix, maybe about 2 months into Revitalash, I noticed after about 10 days that my lashes just got really long! Since there was a time delay with all of these, I know what really gave me long lashes! :)

  5. 6 Mary Monroe

    I use the dior serum as well and I love it! I’m not the best at applying mascara but every time I do use the serum my lashes look great and separated but when I apply the mascara they become lumpy :-/

  6. 7 BeautyGlam

    Woww this is incredible! Love the results! Need to get my hands on the Silica! Xx

  7. 8 N

    Where can I get the silica??

  8. 9 Stasi

    I am using Lilash right now and it has made an amazing difference in my lashes. My bottom lashes are now the same length as my top ones were before I started using it. Insaneeee

  9. 10 nicky

    do you think the silica made a difference in terms of your skin?

    • 11 hudabeauty

      I honestly didn’t see a difference, but it’s supposed to help! If it did, it was minimal!

  10. 13 Anon

    I think it’s also made your eyebrows thicker! If you look closely on the arch, the hair is less scarce than in the first picture! Awesome! Could you please tell us where to find the supplement in UAE?

  11. 14 khawla

    Hey Gorge , How can I use the Revitalash ? Is it a capsule or serum? I am from Qatar have you got any idea if i will find it here somewhere ? … Thanksss

  12. 15 Hend

    Revitalash caused lashFall for me :( but sweet almond oil made it up! Thank GOD!

  13. 16 Ruby

    Hi Dear please can you tell me how did you use Vaseline and which one. THanks

  14. i m using castor oil and i see the difference ..just love it ..

  15. 18 Dezso Anna should try the Mavala treatment. I read great reviews, i am ordering one to myself aswell.I’m sooo curious about it…

  16. 19 joanie pacheco

    what’s wrong with your iris? it looks all digital.

  17. 20 Shaikha

    Hello there, beautiful! I live in Riyadh, how can I purchase both Vegetal Silica and Revitalash? Please please please :C

  18. 21 Nasra

    Hi huda where can find silica in muscat?

  19. 22 cherine

    Hi Huda where can i find the Vegetal silica.thanks

  20. 23 zara

    guys u can get silica from life pharmacy in dubai.

  21. I actually have the Dior primer and never really use it because I’m such a falsies freak lol. I need to start using it! I’m definitely gonna be all over that vegetal silica too!

  22. 25 Asma

    Try the platinum eyelash enhancer from Peter Thomas Roth (can be found at Sephora), it’s phenomenal xX

  23. 26 Ashu Mk

    Hi Huda!!! I was wondering if you happen to know the difference between revitalash advanced and revitalash nouriche?

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