My FAVORITE (Super Easy) DIY Lipgloss!

Tue, 16 Apr 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty DIY Lipgloss

The other day, I ended up mixing some crushed shadows and making some pretty cool things with them! One of things that I made and LOOOOVED was a really easy lipgloss! It was so easy and I loved the way my lips felt and looked after I made it! You can even customize it and do it with just a little pearly white shadow, a little mint extract (for plumping), and a dot of foundation, for an awesome natural nude lipgloss!

Step 1: Place broken shadows & blushers in a container
Step 2: Using a spatula, break up shadow/blush until powdery
Step 3: Adjust the color as needed (I added a neon pink pigment)
Step 4: Place Vaseline in another container
Step 5: Add in a little of the pigment and blend, add in slowly till you get a desirable color
Step 6: Cover and store!

At Home Lip Balm 1 Pink Blush Broken

At Home Lip Balm 2 Orange Shadow

At Home Lip Balm 3 What You Need

At Home Lip Balm 4 Place in Container

At Home Lip Balm 5Crush Shadows

At Home Lip Balm 6 Adjust Color As Needed

At Home Lip Balm 7 Color

At Home Lip Balm 8 Apply Vaseline in Container

At Home Lip Balm 9 Mix with Pigment

At Home Lip Balm 10 Apply to Lips

At Home Lip Balm 11 Finished

33 Responses to My FAVORITE (Super Easy) DIY Lipgloss!

  1. Zeina

    HUDA U look Gorge!!! Would you please do a tutorial on this makeup or the one you had on you post yesterday (Bamboo/Alterna)? PLEAAAASE! You contouring looks AMAZING!

  2. 1 Helene

    A great tip! As well as a stunning picture of you, Huda. You look fabulous.

  3. That’s really cool. I’ve tried something similar once. I still do it from time to time, only now I usually keep vitamin E oil around (it’s also really great for your skin and hair). Adding the pigment to vitamin E does the same job, only it naturally has repairing and SPF properties.

  4. 3 Gigi

    Love this!
    Simple and Gorg!

  5. 4 BeautyGlam

    Great idea! Love it! Xx

  6. 5 komal naze

    Love this idea, btw Huda you look lovely! So fresh and natural but still glam!

  7. 7 Humi

    Lookin soooo stunning

  8. 8 Vineesha

    Is this glow due to the vampire facial?
    You look AHH-MAZING !!

    • 9 hudabeauty

      OMG! My skin has been sooo much softer and I do have a really nice glow, BUT it’s honestly been too soon to tell, I have to wait 3 weeks, so very soon:) But I’ve honestly felt like I look 18, my skin just looks fresh again:)

      • 10 H&M

        I dont know how old are you. But i was gonna say you look 10 years younger. Amazing :) we are waiting your review about the vampire facial. Loves.

  9. 11 mariana orozco

    You look so different and not in a good looked better before,now you look fake…

    • 12 Fatimah

      I feel the same! I am so sad, your nose look different :-( I love your natural nose :((( I hope it’s just make up and not plastic surgery :(((

      • 13 hudabeauty

        Darling, it’s still my natural nose! I have never gone under the knife!

  10. 14 Beatriz

    Hey lovely! It’s me Beatriz F again. I just read your response you wrote on your two previous posts, I’d love to take it private would love to talk to you, so how can I reach you gorgeous? Please write it here so I know. Cause ur not at FB :)

    Much Love Heidi!
    /Beatriz F

  11. Wow this is a great post and you look gorgeous. Thanks for this, gonna try it tonight.

  12. 16 Suman

    Ignore that comment huda^!! You look abserloutly stunning!!!!!

  13. 17 Antonia

    Another great DTY is a brow gel (something like Mac Fluidline for brow or MUFE Waterproof brow-thing)

    Mix a brown eyeshadow in the shade that you want/need with some eyeshadow primer, et voila! Waterproof, nice and you can mix and match so that the color is perfect for your face & hair.

  14. 18 Mariam

    Love your makeup here!

  15. 19 DIna Aman

    Genius !

  16. 20 Huda farooq

    Huds, ur absolutely gorgeous and ur skin looks beautiful after this vampire facial even tho its soon to tell. Have u had lip-plumping injections or botox etc. in the past?

  17. You look gorgeous Huda! Great idea too!

  18. 22 suhair sultan

    hey hud a, what is this vampire facial, please tell us? you look amazing

  19. 23 Marwa Alsendi

    What if I replaced eyeshadow with lipstick ?

  20. 24 SABRINA

    Amazing DIY!! Where I can get your beautiful chain in Dubai
    ? You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 25 Sara

    نبي بالعربي بلييييزززززززز

  22. 26 Amira Elsawah

    luv dis idea (y)

  23. 27 Donna George

    off to buy some small containers, love it

  24. i love this idea. xxx

  25. Hey doll..needless to say you look Stunning but another thing that caught me eye was your necklace. What is it called and where do you think I can get it?

  26. 30 Enass

    Loved it..
    Will any type of eyeshadow do?

    Try next time to microwave the mixture for 2 minutes or till it melts. .and then let it cool and harden again.. for better texture. .

    Love ♥♥♥

  27. 31 ros

    i tried it such good job thanx

  28. 32 emna

    nice idea thx <3

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