By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty DIY Lipgloss

The other day, I ended up mixing some crushed shadows and making some pretty cool things with them! One of things that I made and LOOOOVED was a really easy lipgloss! It was so easy and I loved the way my lips felt and looked after I made it! You can even customize it and do it with just a little pearly white shadow, a little mint extract (for plumping), and a dot of foundation, for an awesome natural nude lipgloss!

Step 1: Place broken shadows & blushers in a container
Step 2: Using a spatula, break up shadow/blush until powdery
Step 3: Adjust the color as needed (I added a neon pink pigment)
Step 4: Place Vaseline in another container
Step 5: Add in a little of the pigment and blend, add in slowly till you get a desirable color
Step 6: Cover and store!

At Home Lip Balm 1 Pink Blush Broken

At Home Lip Balm 2 Orange Shadow

At Home Lip Balm 3 What You Need

At Home Lip Balm 4 Place in Container

At Home Lip Balm 5Crush Shadows

At Home Lip Balm 6 Adjust Color As Needed

At Home Lip Balm 7 Color

At Home Lip Balm 8 Apply Vaseline in Container

At Home Lip Balm 9 Mix with Pigment

At Home Lip Balm 10 Apply to Lips

At Home Lip Balm 11 Finished