My Review on…The Vampire Facelift (Warning, I look scary)!

Tue, 23 Apr 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Soooo I’ve told you guys already how much I wanted to try the Vampire Facelift! After reading about it and seeing results of before and after, I knew it was kind of something I needed, but I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to it! First, I have to say Dr. Mina from Dermalase Clinic in Dubai is a Godsent! I loved sitting with her and she someone that I highly recommend visiting! I’m not going to say it wasn’t painful, because it was extremely painful (I had to bite down on a towel at the end), but it was 100% worth it! I thought I would NEVER do it again, but I wish I would have let her do more and I can’t wait to do it again!

Ok, the Vampire Facelift (also called PRP or ACR) itself is pretty intense! It requires the doctor “sucking” out about 5 ml of blood (most clinics actually take around 1 ml), and putting it into a machine then spinning it until the plasma separates from the blood (the yellow liquid). This whole thing took about 20-30 minutes, but it didn’t really seem to bother me. The needle itself was fine and I have to say I really thing finding a doctor that is gentle is key! I didn’t even really feel this part!

Here’s where it gets juicy! Once they spin the blood and get your plasma, they re-inject it into your face! Some clinics mix the plasma, but Dr. Mina just injected it back into my face! I know it sounds pretty insane, but it didn’t take too long! I think it was something around 20 injections total, but they were definitely painful! The ones around the eye were the worst, BUT it’s not the needle that hurt me, it was the plasma that kind of gave me a bit of a sting! She told me a lot of people don’t even flinch when they get this done, so maybe I was a baby, but I definitely flinched!

After the procedure my face literally swelled up! I looked pretty scary, but luckily the swelling subsided the second day and I was just a bit bruised around the eye area. All in all, the treatment wasn’t too long and not too bad!

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I had the procedure done and I am really impressed with my skin! It’s sooo different! I feel like my skin is hydrated and radiant and actually more contoured than before! Around my eyes, my dark circles look soooo much better and I have a lot less puffiness! In general, the results are pretty insane, but Dr. Mina told me they would get even better after 3 weeks and I would continue to results! I’m excited considering my skin already looks so much better! The treatment should be repeated after 6 months, so I believe the results should last around that time!

I highly recommend Dr. Mina from Dermalase Dubai! She was soooo amazing, I can’t wait to see her again! Call her for appointments +971 4 349 7880










72 Responses to My Review on…The Vampire Facelift (Warning, I look scary)!

  1. cesca

    Is the last pic you after 2 weeks?

  2. 3 Brigitta

    Oh, you didn’t need this! You look gorge

  3. 4 NJ

    Mesotherapy is much easier with better results.

    • 5 hudabeauty

      I’ve tried mesotherapy, I love it, but I def feel a difference here. I like this one much better in a short time and this one I wouldn’t repeat for 6 months, have you tried both darling?

      • 6 NJ

        Oh I see. :) Yes, I’ve tried both. The mesotherapy was like a miracle for me, I don’t know why. My skin loved it. The lifting effect lasted for months after 1 application. My dr studied with the dr who invented it from France. The Vampire for me didn’t last enough. I’m so glad you love it. We are all different and need to experiment what’s best for us. Salam!

      • 7 hudabeauty

        Oooooooooh, that sounds amazing! Can you share your Dr, I’d love to try them! :)

  4. Hi Huda, Kim K had blood all over face? different styles of getting this treatment done?

    • 9 hudabeauty

      Kim’s was completely fake! Honestly it was just done for her show, they completely discard the blood, no vampire facelift uses the blood

    • 10 hudabeauty

      There were a ton of doctors who went online after her show saying her treatment was fake

  5. 11 Hm

    Does it have any side effects?

    • 12 hudabeauty

      It comes out of your body, so know side effects here! Only bruising, etc!

  6. 13 BeautyGlam

    This looks so interesting! And you are soo brave for doing this haha! But your skin has been looking gorg lately! Xxx

  7. 14 Nathalie Barake

    Huda, show us a before and after please :)

  8. 15 Dee:)

    How long did the who,e thing take? And how much??

    • 16 hudabeauty

      Probably about an hour, this clinic has been doing it longest in Dubai and they have one of the best procedures for it, they charge 5,000 AED (about $1,500), but it’s worth it!

  9. 17 Coco

    Hi Huda! You are sooo brave for doing this! Just one quick question …. When can we get a new tutorial from you? We miss your advices on the camera roll!?:) xxx

  10. 18 T

    I cant believe she faked it for the show! I say that tongue in cheek, but also with a little disbelief. I mean come on, did she not think that we would find out that that is not the way it happens!

  11. 19 Jane D

    Actually Huda, Kim’s procedure was not fake. She DID do the Vampire lift, followed by a derma-roller type of treatment for a more intense result. You can see the Dr injecting the blood back into her face before doing the other procedure.

    • 20 hudabeauty

      But they don’t need her blood for this darling, this is not the real vampire face lift. They could use mesotherapy/dermaroller for a somewhat less invasive appraoch for this, but they still would have not used the blood and used the plasma (yellow) solution

  12. 21 larisa

    Your gorgeous u dnt need anything big fan cnt miss any single thing u post Huda U are my inspiration
    am new here in dubai can u plzz tell me where can i buy ortho tri cyclen pills? xx

  13. 22 Reem

    i can see change your face looks fresh mashalla…! do the filler injections give the same results as this ?

  14. 23 Reem ahmad

    your face looks really fresh,mashala ! Do fillers injections give the same results as this one? and regarding some skin product that i have seen recently write BB , what does it mean? is it good ?

  15. was it painful?

  16. 25 Sanae

    Can you show us a picture of what your skin now looks like.

    Xx Sanae

  17. 27 TQ

    Hey.. U were flawless and didnt need to get this done especially at your age! Where I work we do this procedure and the clients skin looks great as it rejuvenates your skin as to when you were younger but I honestly think you could have waited until you were in 40s .. Ur still young and this is more for people with fine lines that need some filling

  18. 28 Suroor

    am not an injection fan and I mostly faint when needles are injected in me lol so I ll give this a pass and stick to my creams :-D

    • 29 hudabeauty

      I know exactly how you feel! It was definitely an invasive procedure, but for me it was worth it! Maybe I’ll see if they can put me to sleep next time! lol :)

  19. 30 Mary Monroe

    Interesting procedure I’d love to see pics after 3 weeks! Your skin does look very radiant seems like a great procedure, are you planning on continuing with it? The centrifuge machine is awesome crazyy how the separation works

  20. 31 nooni

    hi huda i am pregnent so can i do it or its not good to do it naw ????

    • 32 hudabeauty

      Honestly, it’s fine to to if you are pregnant bc there is no unatural ingredient. However, they do use emla cream to numb the surface a little bit, so you may want to skip that if you are preggers, but honestly I don’t recommend it! If you strain at all it could cause unnecessary stress for the baby! I think this is actually perfect after you give birth! I recently lost weight and this has helped my skin look tighter and really made my face extremely slim!

  21. 33 sharareh

    hey huda can i ask u where have u done this ?! if its possible for to pass there tell no pls tanx

  22. 35 Samira

    Hey amazing Huda!!! At what age is it appropriate to start doing vampire face lifts?

    • 36 hudabeauty

      It really depends from person to person, the vampire facelift (PRP, ACR) was originally created to treat people who had suffered from severe scarring, so if you want to use it to treat scars, or just overall over radiance, than you can do this earlier, but at any rate, always speak to your doctor before you do this, they will be able to see if you are good candidate for this!

  23. 37 Dina

    Hi Huda…thanks so much for this review. Really love how you give us detailed reviews on all the latest products and treatments. Its something I would definitely try so its great to get all the details from someone who has tried it! I just don’t get why you get people posting negative comments responding to this post here or on Facebook…i find that super rude. If you dont have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I hope these comments don’t bother you because there are millions of us out there who really love what you do and appreciate all the reviews and post you put up. Its definitely not an easy job and we know that you are 100% genuine and honest in your posts so please ignore the negative comments that do not add any insight to us or to you.

  24. 38 sally

    do you know any treatment for stretch marks? I went to several plastic surgeons they told me laser is not effective! help please!

  25. 40 HUSSAIN

    lolz ended up looking like angelina or i can say like angelinas best look ever

  26. 41 Maha

    Hey, maybe u faced this or know someone that did and will help.
    I always had clear skin and for some weird reason last year my face started breaking out like cray craay!I used retin a and had some hormone pills instructed by a doctor and im happy that no new acne is reforming.The issue now is the scars which i wish they disappear and mostly whats bothering me is that around my mouth where the laugh lines are started to always always be red like irratated. I hate it and do not know what to do to make it the same color as my skin. Any natural remedy or dermatologist suggestion would be great pleaaase :)

  27. 42 Feven

    Huda Have you ever tried Indian face massage? its noninvasive and the outcome is amazing!
    •Improvement in skin tone
    •Lessens wrinkles and expression lines
    •Softens skins
    •Releases tension
    •Increases elasticity
    •Promotes better blood circulation
    •Stimulates lymphatic flow
    i get this done once a month and i like to know your experiance on this if you ever tired it?

  28. 44 Fadwa

    I’m sorry, but this is just crazy.

  29. 45 Charles Runels

    Vampire Facelift news reviews…

    • 46 Traci Bennett

      What are the “post” instructions for the Vampire Lift? No alcohol (for how long?), wear sunglasses? sleep on your back? Others? Thanks!

  30. hey!! im so fascinated by the whole idea! But just wanted to know what if we dont get it done after 6mnths? its not going to be a complication right? or do we have to get it done twice? plus what were the charges like?

  31. 48 Mari

    They also have it in Abu Dhabi at Visage Polyclinic!! I havent tried it yet because i didnt know how it would turn out… I was reluctant to try it, so its nice to read a good review :D

  32. 49 AMH

    Hi Huda
    I just came across your very informative blog, which seems very interesting :)
    Your such a wonderful person to share your amazing personal experiences with the rest of us beauty & health conscious gals!
    I wish you all the best o betawfeeg inshallah ;)

  33. 50 Charles Runels

    Vampire Facelift procedure explained here
    Watch the video on news reports featuring the Vampire Facelift

  34. 51 Rand

    I got mine just a couple of hours ago :) so extremely happy that I’ve finally done it. My face is just a litttle bit swollen, but I have a thin face so I don’t mind :) looks absolutely fine. Of course the needles have made tiny red dots but that’ll fade away tomorrow by max! It’s already getting better..
    Let me tell u abt the pain, bcuz I was mostly concerned abt that.. I went to the clinic with butterflies in my tummy and needed to use the toilette so bad lol. I get super anxious at clinics or hospitals. I got this done in Amman, Jordan btw. An hour before I left, I had my face cleansed and washed, and then I applied Emla cream. For those who don’t know it, it’s sort of a numbing cream, but I personally don’t think it makes any difference. But anyway, still good :)
    By the time I arrived at the clinic, I put some more emla (took the tube with me), and waited for my turn. When it finally came, I was all ready and set on the bed, and just had a sheet on my chest. I didn’t have to change or wear a robe or something. They only used one tube, which was enough for two syringes. For my case, they needed no more than that ( two doctors were in the process). The nurse took some blood from my right arm vein, and the filtering process took no longer than 7 minutes. I thought it needed half an hour. And then the poking began. In some areas I didn’t feel the needle poking at all.. And in some, it was painful but not OMG PAINFUL! It was absolutely bearable and the wrong would last for a fraction of a second. Not a big deal at all. But I have to admit that all in all out of 10 for pain, if give a 7.. The plasma left a stinging type of pain.. But also bearable. If I had be chance to do it agin, I would. It’s not one of those things that I’d be like “heck no I’m never doing that again..”.. It all took 20-25 minutes. It went smoothly. The doctors were extremely nice actually. I felt positive energy going on in there lol. When they finished, they left an ice mask on my face for abt 10 minutes until the substance spread on my skins itself would dry (he massaged my face with some plasma on the surface on my face)
    My face is a little stiff now.. Especially my chin cuz he injected a little more there where I have a small scar since childhood.. Ill truly miss it lol.

    Go for it :) don’t hesitate at all. The pain is not a killer.. I was expecting a lot more pain to be honest.. Way to simple :) uve probably gone through more painful things before.

  35. 52 Mike


    • Right….Quite Scary…me too! They took over a dozen photos trying to find one that they could show off to the next Sucker… Pun intended!
      So it’s been over 2 months for you Mike I am curious if you see any results?

    • 54 RDS

      Hi, Mike – did you have the procedure done at the same clinic in Dubai? Why do you think it made you look older? I was considering doing this, but your review stopped me dead in my tracks, and I would love it if you would share your experience & results so that I have more information with which to make a decision. I’m sorry you went through this … And thanks in advance.

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  38. dail my phone number is0931045288 call me

  39. 58 mina

    Hi Huda,
    How much did this procedure cost for you? do you know approx. price in usa too?

  40. 59 LAW

    Very well done blog regarding the detail of the procedure, but in looking at your picture it does not look like you even need any treatment. As TQ posted – it truly looks like you could have waited – you don’t have a before pic (although of all the before & after pics – most seemed “doctored”) I would like to see the true results on a someone in their 50’s, I had had laser treatment done (it took a good 5 days to be able to go out in public & then 2-3 wks before the swelling & redness toned down). This does sound interesting (but expensive for us not wealthy folk who can’t go tossing around $1500.00 ever six months – even one time of this amount is enough). I did have a PRP procedure for a torn meniscus (knee joint) & that was painful but bearable. Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Law, I am in my early 50’s and had this procedure 5 weeks ago and have no difference in my skin or neck. I took arnica to prevent bruising as well as no aspirin, vit e etc, plus ate plenty of pineapple which is too suppose to prevent bruising. I had bruising for a week that was difficult to cover.

  41. 61 suky kaur


    does anyone know that does it the UK

  42. 62 Ada

    Hi Huda I’ve had alooot of laser resurfacing for severe scarring on my face. Would you recommend this? NOTHING has helped, they’ve been here about 3 years. Would u also recommend the Derma roller and do you still use it?? Thank u!!

  43. Nice blog.It will really helpful for women’s as your blog is really informative and has helped me with a lot of information. Are there any kind of Do’s and Don’t s to be followed after surgery and what is the average cost of this surgery. For More Click Here

  44. 64 salo barbaro

    Do you have a link for pics after 3-4 weeks? I would like to do it for my eyes, but im so scared. Did it help? When did it start to work ? Sorry, for so many questíon. By the way, your so beautiful! Keep it up

  45. They took my picture right after the procedure as well but once the swelling went down I look exactly the same……if the blogger has updated photos I sure would love to see them……many doctors do this procedure adding a filler so your not really sure what is giving you the results… doctors used only my platelets and I’m on my 5th week and still Nothing!

  46. Great Post! PRP is a really good source of growth factors, we have been seeing great results with PRP based treatments in our practice. We also use PRP as a topical facial (rather than injections). We just wrote a great blog post on topical PRP as an alternative to the vampire facelift:

  47. 67 Patricia

    Is it $1500 for the PRP…. For one time? Or for several series?
    You look fab!

  48. 68 D

    Heyy honey, whats the brand and color of ur lenses in the last pic

  49. I love this post thanks for sharing such a beautiful post :)

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