Would You Try the Japanese Nose Pincher? I Did!

Sun, 28 Apr 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty Nose Job Japanese Nose Pincher

I know this first thing that most people will think when they see this–BOLOGNE! Okay, but I actually know this works! It’s pretty crazy, BUUUT the Japanese nose pincher does actually create a more “pinched” or narrow nasal tip! One of my friends used this for a month, and I was shocked with the results! I don’t think this would work on the bridge of your nose, but the softer tip seems to be a bit more flexible! I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve seen the results! What do you guys think, would you try this or do you think it’s crazy?





88 Responses to Would You Try the Japanese Nose Pincher? I Did!

  1. Sandy

    You need to show us tbe before and after :) :)

  2. 1 Ruhala

    Does it hurt? Like feeling of blocked nose not being able to breathe? And talking with ur nose lol

  3. 2 Yasmin AlBalushi

    i wish u showed after pics too.. Can u do a post on Teen Beauty and skin care PLEASE !!! And makeup on budget too .xx ! PLEASE I REQUEST

  4. 5 Maca

    Where can we get it in DXB?

    • 6 hudabeauty

      Just showed this to my sister, and she ordered some to the Dollhouse! So they will have them by next week! :)

  5. 7 huda

    from where we can get this ?

  6. 8 Rema

    Where can u buy this from? And does it hurt? Lol

  7. 9 Michelle

    Huda, do you know if the results are permanent????

    • 10 hudabeauty

      I believe they are, my friends nose looks the same as it did before, just a little slimmer at the end, it looks really pretty!

  8. 11 meme

    wow! i like where can i find this please?

  9. 12 Leila

    Where can I find this Huda?

  10. 13 helene

    I am definitely going to try this!

  11. 14 suman

    i would definately try this. but is it easier to breathe with it?

  12. 16 NJ

    How long do you have to wear it to make a difference?

  13. 17 Muji

    where can i buy this? are you going to use it every night??

  14. 18 n

    i need this
    where can i get it…. plz plz plz let me know

    • 19 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! My sister just ordered a bunch of these for her salon when I showed her this! Are you in Dubai!

      • 20 sarah

        Me I’m in Dubai, I really want to know where we can find it please :)

  15. 21 fatima

    can we get this in usa

  16. 22 zizi

    Hey huda where we can buy it in UAE thanks

  17. 23 Lise

    Be thankful for what God gave you, people. It will never give you your desired nose (it makes it thinner, but then the cartilage kind of bunches up on the top of your nose); it makes it look slightly thinner but it makes your nose cartilege bunch up. It makes the sides of your nose very very very red so it looks like somebody punched you on the side of your nose when you take the nose clip off.
    The nose clip is NOT as comfortable as the website makes it seem… you can’t breathe (you have to breathe out of your mouth) and the padding isn’t all that fantastic.

  18. 24 Sidrah

    Ahh! Was considering to buy this to sort out my “ball end” nose, think I will definately give it a go now :)

  19. 25 Sidrah

    Btw seen these on EBay for around £4 if anyone’s interested. The results aren’t permenant as the cartilage in our nose is consistantly changing so it’s something that requires continued use for (I think) 15 minutes a day. x

  20. 26 nkn

    this is fantastic ! when is the doll house gonna have these ? and can you please give an approximate idea of the cost ???

  21. 27 BeautyGlam

    Ok really off topic lol but where did you get your top from?! Xx

  22. 28 Aline

    Huda, I had already done an nose job, and I’m obsessed with an thinner nose. Can I use this stuff, because my surgery was open and I broke the nose bone to make another softer one.

  23. Hahaha my friend has one and I use it whenever I come over. She always requests that I take it off because she cant have a serious conversation with me with it on. It could be an asian thing, but my mom used to pinch my nose a lot growing up… hmm..

  24. 30 Sumaiya Saif

    Where is it available ?

  25. Nice! I’m curious about it. How long should you wear this daily?

  26. 32 Davi

    Huda does your sisters salon have Moroccan Oil products or are they planning on stocking them anytime in the future.. :)

  27. 34 Sadiya Hussain

    I am not based in Dubai but I want to purchase this. So is it ONLY available at the DollHouse?

  28. 35 dina

    How long do you keep it on? And you use it daily?

    • 36 hudabeauty

      I think as long as possible to speed up results! My friend told me she just used it for a few hours a week and noticed a difference, but I think it depends from person to person!

  29. 37 Nadia

    We’re can u find this?? In dubai?? And how much dose this coast?

  30. 38 M

    You can find it in souq.com, just got mine from there :)

  31. 39 lauren ray

    Hope it does really work ,,because I’m really considering of having a rhinoplasty “nose job” but what is holding me of is that i’am afraid that i’ll have one of those bad nose jobs + i don’t really know a good doctor …

    sooo Huda what do you recommend me to do ??

  32. 40 hafsÁ

    I checked on souq.com didn’t find it as i am not based in dubai so there is any other way I can get it I am really looking forward for your response I am based in abu dhabi

  33. wow…fab idea…where can i find this ? some real results from this?

  34. 43 Mary Monroe

    hmmm idkk lol

  35. 44 Jennifer

    Huda, from a petite blonde-haired, blue-eyed American that would _kill_ for your exotic beauty, please don’t post/support things like this. Your sweet, kind nature comes across in your informative makeup videos, so I don’t really don’t mean to attack you at all; it is just important that, especially when you are a beautiful woman with a podium of any sort, that you celebrate all forms of ethnic beauty and not perpetuate this backwards notion that one kind of nose (perky) is beautiful while flat or wide are not. Frankly, these are racist notions the beauty industry can choose to challenge or profit off of, and in this case, they are profiting from our racism. Don’t perpetuate it. Yours, a fan.

  36. Hello, Huda! I am looking for a plastic surgeon to have my deviated septum fixed… I am in love with you nose! Do you know any good plastic surgeons in Dubai that you can recomend?

    • 46 hudabeauty

      I think I might actually have one as well! I have been contemplating a nose job forever, but I personally haven’t looked

  37. 47 hafsa

    so i guess there is no way i can find this nose pincher : /

  38. 49 Kelli

    you should wear it at least 15 mins a day, if possible. You will have to breathe out of your mouth during.

  39. 50 Kelli

    also, you can order one on amazon for really cheap :)

  40. 51 nadouu

    i finally got my nose pincher :))))))))))

  41. 52 riri

    hi i like to try it

  42. 53 Ria

    have you ever tried “Nose Secret”? can you do a review on it and compare it to this?

  43. new discovery…. wow..where/how can we avail this nose pincher..
    we are here in Saudi Arabia………

  44. 55 Firdaouss

    Where did you buy it? And how much did you pay for it?

  45. 56 3lya

    hi huda! does dollhouse dubai still have this? I wanna order and how much? Thanks! xo

  46. 57 Nabba

    Hiiiii huda pls am coming to Dubai soon where she’ll I get it and where did u get ur nose pincer?

  47. 58 Paula

    I got one at amazon for like $2 – $3 last year. Really cheap!

  48. Only the Japanese could think of something like this. That’s why I love them! I believe it would alos work as well and for $2-3 looks a bargain. Great post. Might get one!

  49. 60 Gab

    thanks for this post, Huda. I purchased mine the other day and im waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
    My nose is oka but i’ve been wanting a slimmer tip since forever. Cant wait to try it! xoxo

  50. Please tell from where Can I get it I am from Pakistan?

    • 62 hudabeauty

      Try calling Dollhouse, maybe they can deliver it to you! +97143854484

  51. 63 hina

    Hey huda where can I get this in jeddah

  52. 64 Maali

    Would you please please please do a tutorial on how to contoure a face for women who wear hijab :( !!!!!

  53. I’d love to try it >>> but does it give a permanent or Temporary results ??????? and can i find it in Egypt !!!!!:* :*

  54. 66 Nouf

    Your eye contact from where? I like them so much mashallah

  55. 67 Ayesha

    hey huda from where did you get them?? thanks!

  56. 68 Mona

    I live in Dubai, should i call up the number you gave earlier?

  57. 70 Mona

    Alright..thank you Huda ^^

  58. 71 3lya

    can you please tell me how much this is loves? thanks! xxx

    • 72 hudabeauty

      I’m not sure darling, if you call Dollhouse they will tell you, 800-DOLL

  59. so huda where can i get one in ghana

  60. 74 Jazmine

    Is it available in India?

  61. Hi huda! thanks for doing a review on this Ive been looking all over for a review on this nose clip.. I was considering using this on the bridge of my nose to make it straighter and my nose to appear thinner and smaller what non surgical alternative would you suggest I use ?

  62. Can I like buy it from you? They dont sell it in Saudi Arabia, and they dont ship it here either, and im desperately wanting one.
    I’m a big fan of what you do. mwah x

  63. 77 Sofie Noueyhed

    Hi!Do you still have the nose clip in Dubai?

  64. 78 Livia

    You can buy this nose Pincher on ebay.com
    It is called “nose up”. It only costs between 1 and 2 Dollars.
    I really works. It made my tip of the nose a bit thinner;)

  65. hey huda!! thankxx for review but I m from india plz tell me how can I get it here…

  66. 80 Areeba

    Hello Huda!
    could you please do a blog on teen obesity and skin issues . Actually i went to Atlantis water park and i have got a bad suntan real bad one its been 4 months i look same i have tried almost every product but it doesnt work :( .
    Will be waiting for your response :)

  67. 81 Evangeline Rhema

    I saw this in store last week… It very cheap.. less than RM3… And i thought it was for babies..lol.. Does this really work? If it is..im going for it!!

  68. 82 Malem

    From Where can i get it ??

  69. 83 Evangeline

    i tried it..but i stopped since its hurting my nose so much.. :'(

  70. 84 soni

    U don’t need this stuff hun u r beautiful and perfect ××× lots of love from uk

  71. 85 Sonal

    Yes this does work, I bought from EBay India and after like 2.5 months I had the perfect nose shape which I dreamt of! Must try product! All the Best

  72. 86 rasha

    Hmmm dont know will ask my sister she is a doctor and she will tell me if it true or a myth

  73. 87 Salma Makki

    I need this in my life!!

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