By Huda Heidi Kattan

DIY Makeup Remover Dark Circles Gentle Aloe Almond Oil Beauty Blog

It’s pretty amazing, but Aloe Vera is INSANELY beautifying! One of the best things my mom did was grow a huge stock of Aloe Vera plants outside our house making it super easy to hydrate skin and even create hair masks! One of the things I’ve been using more recently is a very natural and soothing aloe vera eye makeup remover! It helps remove ALL the makeup, dirt and oil that might be in areas that are a bit harder to clean and more importantly it just feels AhhhhMAZING!

To create this mix, I simply use equal parts Aloe Vera and Almond Oil. I mix them together in a small plastic bottle. The mixture is a bit funny in consistency, but before I use it, I just mix it really well. Then I saturate a cotton pad with the blend and just put them over my eyes for about 30 seconds. Then I start to clean the makeup off! This not only is super gentle and soothing, but it also helps de-puff eye bags and get rid of dark circles! I love this natural alternative that is beautifying as well as SUPER effective!! #awesomeness