Gentle & Soothing Makeup Remover (that actually helps dark circles)!

Mon, 29 Apr 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan

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It’s pretty amazing, but Aloe Vera is INSANELY beautifying! One of the best things my mom did was grow a huge stock of Aloe Vera plants outside our house making it super easy to hydrate skin and even create hair masks! One of the things I’ve been using more recently is a very natural and soothing aloe vera eye makeup remover! It helps remove ALL the makeup, dirt and oil that might be in areas that are a bit harder to clean and more importantly it just feels AhhhhMAZING!

To create this mix, I simply use equal parts Aloe Vera and Almond Oil. I mix them together in a small plastic bottle. The mixture is a bit funny in consistency, but before I use it, I just mix it really well. Then I saturate a cotton pad with the blend and just put them over my eyes for about 30 seconds. Then I start to clean the makeup off! This not only is super gentle and soothing, but it also helps de-puff eye bags and get rid of dark circles! I love this natural alternative that is beautifying as well as SUPER effective!! #awesomeness

27 Responses to Gentle & Soothing Makeup Remover (that actually helps dark circles)!

  1. Hi Huda, how do we extract the aloe from the plant to create this remove/dark circle remover…?

    • 1 hudabeauty

      You can buy Aloe Vera gel from a pharmacy or just chop off the bottom of the leaf and squeeze out the juice! :)

  2. super thnx :)

  3. oh my God, talk about awesomeness!! i have so many aloe vera plants, i must teach my mom this recipe!!! thank you so much, Huda!! :)

  4. 6 Meritxell

    I have been using 100% Aloe Vera gel to hydrate my skin, specially after waxing my legs and arms (in Spain the majority of the women wax and not shave) and it’s super hydrating. My skin is soft and silky. I didn’t know about this makeup remover. I will give it a go! Thanks for all the tips. You are amazing :)

  5. Thanks for your tip on getting rid of dark circles. Have to try that.

  6. 8 zuhra

    does anyone know where to buy 100% aloe vera gel? and aloe very plant in dubai?

  7. Definitely Trying this one!

  8. 12 Neeru Kundvani

    Any idea where we can get the aloevera plant in dubai?

  9. 13 Mary Monroe

    great tip deff using thiss

  10. 14 BeautyGlam

    I just got the plant! Ill def try this! Sounds great!

  11. Amazing!! about diy makeup remover i also love Aloe Vera, thanks for share with us your great blog… nice job..

    Bremenn Miracle Cream

  12. 16 shamma

    Baby oil Jonson is reallllyy ahhhmazing to remove make up you should try it guys !!!

  13. hi dear, where can we get the aloe vera from?

  14. 18 Safiah

    can olive oil be use instead of almond oil?

  15. 19 Neeru Kundvani

    Hey! Any idea where I can get Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves from?

  16. 20 odko

    Can coconut oil be used instead of Almond oil?

  17. This is so great! I am trying to convert to the more natural side of creams and products! This would be a good start :)

  18. and can i use it for stretch marks??

  19. 24 Afnan

    Thanks Huda for the great tip! Do you know if it could cause breaking out for acne-prone skins? (Because of the oil). Thanks much x

  20. 25 Mansoura

    Hi Huda..

    THank you dear for all amazing info you post on facebook and your blog.

    can you please help … i would like to lose some weight from my face … i got chubby face … what is the best way to lose weight dear?

    thank you :)

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