Childhood Favorite! Finally in Dubai!

Sun, 16 Jun 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Anybody who grew up in the states was at one point exposed to Lip Smackers! They are awesome lip balms and suuuuuper cute! I love the scents and the way they hydrate my lips! They’ve always added a hint of color, but serious softness to my lips! This might sound funny, but they are actually fun to use! They come in really cute scents like strawberry, watermelon, and coca cola! I was just in Virgin in Dubai and I saw they actually brought Lip Smackers here! I was so happy! They really are fun lip balms to use and they come in variety packs, so I love buying them!

Has anyone tried them before? Comment below about the awesomeness of them, I would love to share your thoughts with everyone in Dubai who hasn’t tried them yet! :)











13 Responses to Childhood Favorite! Finally in Dubai!

  1. raneem

    OMG!! ITS A LIVE!!!

  2. 1 To tooo

    Where I can find it in Dubai ???

  3. 2 Term

    Hudaa plz do vedio u n Mona kattan what’s in my bag ??

  4. 3 Maarufah

    I grew up in Chicago and I loved lipsmackers because of the scent. My cousin and I once got into trouble for spending my allowance on every flavor of lipsmackers. Its nice to know they now have it in Dubai.

  5. woooooo! excited to go buy bbz

  6. 5 April


  7. 6 fzs

    I used to buy these in Dubai from Magrudy’s when I was in school (from like 10 years ago)! Such yummy flavors

  8. 7 Sharon

    OH MY GOD!! :O
    I got the Lip smacker fizzy drink set recently and its just AHH-MAZING! Its got such awesome flavours like coca cola vanilla and a variety of fanta flavours like strawberry, lemon and orange and they even taste like it! So awesome! :D

  9. 8 Jessica

    I loved them, i grew up with them when i was in the states. Where actually did you find them, in Virgin Mega store, if im correct?

  10. 9 Alya

    They’ve been available in UAE for over 15 years.. They’re available in pharmacies

  11. 10 shahbano shah

    Childhood favourite! Especially the Watermelon one <3

  12. 11 Curly Al Qubaisi

    Oooooh !!! The watermelon & the cherry were my favorite <3

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